Friday, October 18, 2013

Your Prayers Are Being Answered Mightily!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

If your prayers for me were not being answered, I would not be able to type this article with two hands today, or even at all. All this week, I have been forced off the Internet because of deep pain in my neck, shoulders and arms/wrists. 

And then, a miracle occurred. My hands and wrists are immensely improved, and able to be mobile at last, although for limited times. While still experiencing pain in my left shoulder and neck, it has reduced considerably. And I know it is because of PRAYER. Brachial plexus injuries can take a long time to recover from completely. The same is true with carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

I admit I still have lingering numbness in sections of my left forearm and left thumb, but yet am able to use them.

But I have been pleading with God all week long for a miracle and divine healing. Many severe challenges and hardships are inevitably coming to our nation. I have a brother who needs my assistance. I frankly admitted to God how difficult it is to think of facing these things, with such debilitating pain that is so limiting to my activities. I reminded Him that I could not continue blogging or performing music for His glory, nor work to help support my brother, without healing. And then, I stood on His eternal word of promise.

Based upon His eternal word that cannot fail, I knew that eventually healing would come. Sometimes God chooses to heal miraculously and instantaneously, and other times He works gradually through natural healing processes. But regardless  of how He chooses to work and be glorified in our lives, He remains the Lord God Who heals us through Jesus Christ His Son. I am now so much better! Halleluia!

However, an even greater miracle has occurred, that of my brother's gradual but steady recovery. His doctor at the excellent new health care facility, Dr. Culver, visited John today. He was quite pleased with his healing progress.

Dr. Culver with my brother John today

Dr. Culver is a committed Christian doctor, who makes no effort to hide his Christian faith and commitment (thankfully.) He gives God the glory for my brother's excellent progress in recovery. John is doing very well today, in fact. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for John's recovery and excellent care in this quality health care facility!

Dr.Culver examines John

Committed (and pretty!) nurses also make John's life better

I remain forever thankful to my wonderful readers for helping this miracle possible. Had I not been able to check up on John when I did, he would have died from gross negligence and malpractice at his previous nursing home.  I am following up legally on this as well, having contacted his social worker, and ombudsman for this region.

 No helpless patient should ever suffer from neglect in any nursing home, ever. But sadly, it does happen at times, worldwide. I remain outraged that neither his former nursing home nor social worker ever informed me of his life-threatening condition previously. I had been falsely reassured that "John was just fine."

But now, thanks to the mercies of Almighty God, John IS doing fine.

And I am slowly but surely recovering from my injuries as well.

Praise God for His wonderful mercies and kindnesses! And thank YOU ALL for your continuing prayers that helped to enable these miracles of grace to happen, because God DOES answer prayer!

God bless you all, and bring you and your loved ones safely through America's future.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert and Brother John-

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  1. Praise God from whom all blessings flow--the blessing of timely and appropriate care for Brother John and the blessing of a speedy recovery for you, dear Pamela!
    I pray, also, that the Giver of All Good Things will see to it that you find a nice warm place to reside in before winter.