Sunday, October 6, 2013

Medical Horror: NEEDLE Discovered in John's Foot!



By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

(Please note: the name of the hospital and the doctor caring for John is being withheld until we leave this facility, for safety reasons to prevent unwanted people from coming to this facility and creating potential problems, due to my history in this region. Once John leaves this facility, I will proudly share with readers the name of this health care facility and the doctor who literally saved his life by ordering the x-rays and then performing life-saving surgery on John today.
The staff has been professional and wonderful continually.-PRS)

Yesterday, 10/5/2013, the doctor in this excellent hospital near Asheville, NC, ordered an MRI for my brother. When something strange appeared in his badly infected left foot from the MRI, he then ordered a series of X-RAYS for John as well. He admitted that the strange imaging of John's foot indicated that something METAL was somehow embedded in his foot, but that further x-rays would be needed to confirm this.

Imagine our shock as John and I heard that the x-rays revealed THERE WAS A BROKEN HYPODERMIC NEEDLE EMBEDDED IN HIS INFECTED FOOT! This is incredible, because John is not a diabetic and does not use hypodermic needles in his regular health care protocol.

NO WONDER JOHN HAD BEEN IN SUCH TERRIBLE CHRONIC PAIN IN HIS LEFT FOOT! And no wonder his foot and leg had remained infected for so long. IF ONLY the nursing home had taken him for diagnostic testing and x-rays from the very beginning of his problems. But they did not. The doctor performing surgery today on John admitted that this was clearly a case of gross medical negligence and malpractice by the nursing home and staff

The wound care doctor had seen my brother the day before I ordered him to be taken to the hospital immediately. The nurse on duty the night that John went to the hospital, admitted to me that the wound care doctor had done  NOTHING for John's serious medical condition.  I was stunned. This is clearly medical negligence, incompetence and malpractice on the part of the nursing home and the wound care doctor on call for that facility, who examined John only the day before.

Please continue in prayer for John today, Sunday. It will take time for him to recover from this surgery and heal completely and properly.

Pray also that we can locate the right nursing home with quality care for John as well. IF I HAD A HOME OF MY OWN, I would take him in immediately and set up home health care for him and become his primary care provider, with my previous years of experience as a care giver. But I do not. However, I am planning to become his primary care giver at this time anyhow, to make sure that this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN due to facilities providing incompetent care.

Will my blogging and journalism continue? Absolutely. I can never stop what God has called me to do. However, I AM my brother's keeper as well. And so, life takes on new meaning and a new and different purpose also, that of ministering to John and helping to restore his health.

John looked at me before surgery today, and thanked me for helping to save his life. Truthfully, I must take the time to THANK YOU MY READERS for helping to SAVE JOHN'S LIFE! Because if it had not been for YOUR financial support and prayers enabling me to come out to be with John, he would have been DEAD by today from the infection, according to his doctor.

I told John that it was because of wonderful readers like you who came through, that I was able to come out and be with him. JUST IN TIME.

I want to cry and cry and words can effectively express my deep gratitude for the people who came through at this time of genuine life-threatening crisis. May our God and Father come through for YOU in YOUR time of crisis as well. This is my prayer for you who prayed, you who gave and you who cared at this time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
And above all, thank you Father God and JESUS CHRIST, 
God's wonderful Son, for making this all possible. 

Thank you for lifting my brother up from certain destruction,
 for your glory and purposes. 

To God be all glory, both now and evermore.

And may all of my readers who helped 
to make this all possible, 
now receive the promises of God 
which cannot fail:

"Blessed are the merciful, 
for they shall obtain mercy."
~Jesus Christ~


  1. Our prayers are with you both, Daily...we pray John may heal quickly & get rid of the fever, and soon he will feel better.

  2. "Praise God!" He is truly faithful to those who are faithful in return! Thank you Pamela for sharing your testimony. I have been a new reader to your blog and it has been a blessing!