Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Presenting a Very Special Family in NC

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Foreman


-Christian verse on their front door-

This article is written as a tribute to a very special family that I have known for over 20 years, who has blessed me every time I come through this region of America. It is appropriate to take the time to express my appreciation publicly, because without them my journalism could never have continued.

Today I just enjoyed a very special reunion with a wonderful family, the Foremans. The elderly Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Foreman have provided much love, prayer and support for my ministry throughout the years. 

While I was traveling throughout Germany for 6 months in 2001, to investigate the NWO further, my mother suffered a terrible accident in our RV. She fell from the top step, almost severed her leg, and had to be immediately hospitalized. In order to cover immediate medical expenses, both our truck and RV had to be sold.

However, the people assisting never informed me, and never consulted me. It was my home and vehicle as well. I was later contacted, and told of the tragedy. I flew home to discover that I had no home, no transportation, and no one even had the courtesy to save my personal possessions, some very costly such as my copier and printer for ministry, a computer, and more.

As my brother, who was with her at that time, admitted to me later, the couple that had "helped"her, had also helped themselves to everything in the RV, including all my ministry materials. And when my webmaster, living in the same city, went to their home to try and collect all my possessions for me, they threatened him and said they would call the police if he did not leave.

I was devastated. In a moment of time, I had lost my home, my truck and my personal possessions. I now had no family to live with, no home to go home to, and nothing financially to fall back upon.

This precious couple pictured above came to my assistance at that time.
The Foreman Manse

With many bedrooms in their grand old mountain home, they kindly made room for me, and let me live there until I could finally obtain another vehicle and make it on my own. I was ever so grateful for their kindness at that sad time in my life.

The Old Red Caboose

I was soon to discover that their homestead was as colorful in history and settings as they were. For example, one year they decided to have a red caboose hauled up that mountain road, and mounted on railroad tracks built especially for this purpose.

The grand piano in the living room

They loved having me play their old grand piano by the hour in their colorful living room filled with decades of  cherished mementos from their missionary journeys that included years in CHINA as well.  They were in China when the Communist Revolution took place, and found themselves arrested and held for a year as Christians missionaries before finally being released to return home to America.

Their son, Joseph L. Foreman, Christian pro-life leader for many years

I got to know Dr. and Mrs Foreman through their dedicated son, Joseph and his wife Anne. I was involved intensely in Christian pro-life outreach from 1988-1992 with OPERATION RESCUE. Joseph Foreman was one of the leaders at that time.

In spite of having 8 children ultimately, this wonderful family traveled all over America to save the unborn children from abortion. Their children were participants as well. I watched them all grow up, and was in fact their nanny in three different states during those pro-life years. I was deeply inspired by Joseph and Anne and their selfless dedication to rescuing America's unborn repeatedly.

And so, through my years of pro-life outreach, I not only met Joseph and Anne, but eventually Joseph's parents as well. Knowing their entire family has been a wonderful influence and blessing for over 20 years now.

Joseph and Anne operate a delightful Coffee House in Swannanoa, NC, near Asheville, NC. They named this establishment "MOMENTS."

MOMENTS on Highway 70 in Swannanoa, NC, just outside of Asheville, NC

MOMENTS boasts a WIFI, a coffee bar that includes smoothies and special creation beverages, and a bakery with her excellent pastries and sandwiches. Anne is know for her skill in catering weddings and large gala events, as well as providing lunches delivered to businesses.

Anne with one of her daughters, working in her kitchen

Her son loves to help in the kitchen
Even her grandchild's dolly wants to help!

Great meals and baked goods...

Pleasant surroundings...
Great WIFI space...

All of this makes for a delightful experience when you visit MOMENTS in Swannanoa, NC, on Highway 70 near Asheville, NC. And so, if you are traveling through these parts, or live in the Asheville area, come on by and treat yourself to some great beverages and pastries! This is how Joseph and Anne support their family and their ministry in the area as well.

Please pray for the health of Dr. Kenneth Foreman and his wife Chick. They are both in their 90's, and he is no longer able to drive anymore. They need our prayers at this time.

Please pray for Joseph and Anne to prosper in their business and ministry. With their children walking with Jesus, they are a bright light in this community and region of America.

Yes, I have previously written about ASHEVILLE SATANISM and the dark side of this region. But now, it is nice to be able to write an article about what is RIGHT about this region also. Their are beautiful Christians living here as well, thankfully, countering the spiritual darkness all around them. 

And the FOREMAN FAMILY stands as one more beacon of light, shining the way to eternal life through Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind...and of Asheville as well.

God bless you, FOREMAN FAMILY, and be with you ALL throughout the times we face together, sheltered in His love and mercy and grace. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from the Asheville, NC, area

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