Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Christian Outreach Beginning Already in Asheville Area

Back in Western North Carolina
-Asheville, NC-

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Starting in the nursing home where my brother is receiving excellent care, and now beyond to other local establishments, God is already using me to witness salvation through Jesus to others. I have been able to share what Jesus has done throughout my life with workers in the nursing home, and today with a person in a local health food store.

I must admit, my personal testimony of salvation is perfect for this pagan mecca of the southeast. Long before I found Jesus, I was searching for God and power in other areas. Finding my local church quite dead (and spiritually it was) I decided I would find God outside the church. And so I began to look for God and answers in the tragic world of the occult.

Of course, I didn't realize it was dark and sinful. The way the world packages the occult, it seems benign and friendly and quite plausible. And not knowing the word of God and Jesus' teachings, I began to read and accept the spiritual darkness as if it were the truth.

Soon I had dozens of books on the occult. I read about Jeanne Dixon, alleged prophetess, and decided I would get a crystal ball just like hers, at the very same magic shop in Washington DC she purchased hers in! I was so proud of that genuine Austrian leaded crystal ball! (UNTIL I became a born-again Christian, that is.)
Beware of crystal balls, tools of divination and witchcraft

One form of darkness influencing my life was overtaken by another. I then turned to a OUIJA BOARD for answers. And ASTROLOGY. And palm reading...reincarnation and karma and more...quite a smorgasbord of pagan and occult teachings! And none of it provided any peace, healing or lasting answers and fulfillment. NONE. How could it???

In fact, when I developed serious illnesses in 1967 during high school, pursuing these alternative belief systems only created greater fear, depression and turmoil in my life. My father's cruelties and oppression only added to it all. And finally, when my doctor in New York City told my mother that I was going to die and that there was no hope for my conditions, that was the final blow. Something had to change in my life!

My mother and I flew home from NYC to our home in Northern Virginia. As soon as she entered our home, she began to cry. "Oh, God, if you are there, please help us!" And within two weeks, we found ourselves in a small church outside Washington DC, where for the first time in my life I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ being preached.

In that one hour sermon, I learned several things I never knew before. I was a SINNER, separated from God because of SIN. I learned that HEAVEN AND HELL ARE REAL, and that I would spend eternity on ONE of TWO places. I discovered that Jesus Christ died for my sins, and that He was the ONLY way to God the Father and Heaven.

And finally, that IF I received Him as my Savior, I would receive SALVATION at last. He also had the power to heal the sick as well...something I desperately needed.

Instantly, my mother and I knew we had found what we both had been looking for. We both went to the front of the church, fell on our knees and prayed for Jesus Christ to forgive us and save us.

-Jesus died for the sins of the world-

And He DID....marvelously.

It seemed like heavy oppression was lifted off me immediately. A divine joy began to fill me, driving out deep depression and fear and sadness.

We returned home that day. Immediately, I began gathering up all my books on the occult and spiritual darkness. A fire in the fireplace was built. I tossed every single one of those books into the fireplace! Finding my OUIJA BOARD, I took it outside, poured gasoline on it, lit a match, and soon it was reduced to ashes.

I later grabbed my crystal ball, heated it over a flame and then poured cold water over it, causing countless cracks to form within. I then took it outside and smashed that abomination on the driveway, shattering it completely into a million pieces, or so it seemed that day.

I renounced every tool of darkness, and abandoned every false teaching I had ever researched, and asked Jesus for forgiveness for these sins. And from that important time in my life, I pursued Jesus Christ and His truth instead of the darkness. What a great difference this made in my life immediately!
"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."

We then began attending local Bible studies and prayer meetings. After several months of prayer for healing and attending special meetings to pray for miracles, I was healed completely of what two doctors said previously I would never be healed of. 

One doctor, Dr. Samuel Getlin of Trenton, NJ (now deceased), ran tests on me, and they all came back negative. He declared in his office that I had received a medically unexplainable miracle. "No doctor and no drugs could ever do this," he said.

When my mother and I told him that God had done this miracle through Jesus Christ, he replied, "I don't care what you have have received a miracle!" He then wrote a letter for my mother to keep, confirming in his hand writing that I had received a miracle from God.

My life has never been the same ever since my salvation and miracle in 1971, thanks to God through His Son Jesus Christ.

However, throughout these mountains of Western North Carolina, there are countless deceived souls on the same path I once was, the HIGHWAY TO HELL. Broad, seductive and enticing is the way to hell and perdition. And many there are that enter therein, warned Jesus Christ. There are many on the path to perdition here in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

So please pray for me to have many open doors to share the good news of Jesus Christ and His wonderful salvation available to ALL. The priority of Heaven itself is to reach as many souls for Heaven and the Kingdom of God as possible. And to do this, God must have His willing servants, people like you and I who have God's priorities in our lives. It is so wonderful to touch the lives of others with His truth and love.

I wonder where I might be today, if someone had not taken the time to share the Words of Jesus with me so many years ago. And if I had died without Jesus, I certainly know now where I would have ended up. May all of us make the most of every opportunity to reach out to a lost and dying world with the glory of His salvation. The souls of the redeemed from this world are the only things that will be left from this creation when it someday passes away, just as Jesus said it would.

Thank you for your prayers. Although I am typing in pain and having to pause frequently until it subsides somewhat, I am choosing to press on and to overcome every obstacle to finish what God has called me to do in this world. America's time is short, potentially, as we watch disturbing events unfold all around us. And even worse are to come.

In the rush of prepping for the times we face in North America, never forget that we are called to be Christ's witnesses in this perishing world as well.

This is an excellent time to remember this Christian phrase:

"Heaven and earth shall someday pass, 
and ONLY what's done for Christ shall last."

Brother John and I both thank you all for your prayers and support at this time!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, 
but MY WORDS shall never pass away."
~Jesus Christ~


  1. Matthew 24:35 KJV
    [35] Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

    Mark 13:31 KJV
    [31] Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.

    Luke 21:33 KJV
    [33] Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.

    God Bless! From, Brother John
    (Isaiah 28: 11-13.) Don't stumble.

  2. 2 Corinthians 5:10 KJV
    [10] For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

    God Bless! From, Brother John
    (Isaiah 28: 11-13.) Don't stumble.

  3. hey nice post meh, I love your style of blogging here. this post reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog: Joys and Fulfillments Of Personal Improvement .
    keep up the good work friend. I will be back to read more of your posts.


  4. I'm thankful someone is reaching out the those blinded by the occult. For years I've looked for local churches in the area who are willing to reach out to those trapped in mysticism, but to no avail. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Asheville. It's where I did most of my drinking and partying and simply throwing my life away. But God made a change in me one night and now I can't walk by a mystic bookstore without being close to tears. I don't know why God is calling me to Asheville(I live an hour away, not a local), I don't have a background in the occult, such as yours. But I know he's called me and my family to minister to the lost and leftout and to bring freedom to their lives. It's good to see fellow laborers in Christ who are willing to stand up to this principality that tries to seize the city of Asheville. I pray that God increases your ministry, and that His anointing equips you to fulfill Isaiah 61:1.

  5. I so enjoyed your post... I am seeking a church now and wonder that the Christians don't seem to reach out to anyone any more... can you recommend one in Asheville?