Saturday, October 29, 2011


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Saturday, October 29, 2011

There is no more terrible a time across the globe, than SAMHAIN or HALLOWEEN.

True occultic Halloween consists of 3 days and nights of HALLOWEEN HORROR, in which "SATAN'S BIRTHDAY" is perversely celebrated by the "Satanists/Luciferians/Illuminati/Sabbateans/the CRAFT/the BROTHERHOOD."

The above are all terms that those who worship Satan/Lucifer for corrupt earthly money and power call themselves.

Universally, the dark world of satanism/Illuminism teaches that for EVERY ACT OF HUMAN SACRIFICE, Satan will give them more money and power. Specifically, POWER to bring forth HIS NEW WORLD ORDER!

Many of you are aware of the series of books by Dr. Rebecca Brown about the life of former satanist high priestess ELAINE KNOST, former satanist high priestess of Indiana for many years before coming out to become a Christian. The book, HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE is very well known in Christian bookstores, about Elaine's testimony.

But after she and Dr. Rebecca Brown parted ways in 1990 as Brown got married and moved away, I became a close friend of Elaine when she lived in Okeechobee, FL. She lived with her daughter Claudia and  her son in law, Danny, and a personal health care assistant, Brenda. (Elaine was very sick from leukemia and other health problems.)Elaine was also undergoing professional Christian counseling from my friend, Dr. Chuck Lakin of Dunklin Memorial Christian retreat as well. Dr. Lakin now works and resides in Canada, with "Biblical Christian Counseling Ministries."

I lived with her for one entire month, in fact, to interview her. Insider revelations she never dared to reveal in her previous books, due to legal reasons and fears of repercussions, she felt compelled to share with me.

I have published much of her information in my former reports and my book exposing satanism in America today. n fact, I challenged her to be honest enough to reveal these shocking insider revelations to the American people. She never dared previously to reveal, for example, her years inside the CIA as a female assassin under Bush Sr. (The CIA is always hiring satanists for assassin job, due to their ruthlessness in killing. Several of my now-Christian friends, such as Steve Campbell, were previous assassins for the CIA and former satanists, and confirmed all this.)

 Nor did she dare previously reveal her grim participation in human sacrifice, including of Christians: in the books she stated she always managed to get out of the rituals before sacrifice happened. This misleading information she had published in this series of books was an effort to legally protect her, as she admitted to me in her home.

It was this very Elaine that told me all about her CIA involvement in the NWO, the planning of detention camps to terminate Christians in America under martial law, and the truth about satanist involvement in the NWO. She admitted to me her involvement countless acts of human sacrifice while she was the leader in Indiana. She said, "The satanists are the backbone of the NWO, satan is the head of it, and this is WHY the Christians will be attacked and killed under martial law as the NEW WORLD ORDER comes down. We hated the Christians who stood in our way of the NWO...."

Satanists/Illuminati are taught that the more innocent a victim is, the more helpless the victim is, and the more pain and torture they inflict on the victim, the more power satan/Lucifer will give them as well. This is why they are so brutal with their victims.

I have sat with former satanists and Illuminati, now Christians (such as Elaine above), who have admitted to  me in detail all about this. And every satanist worth their title knows all of the above in true.

These doctrines of demons, believed and practiced by the satanists/Illuminati worldwide, have been responsible for the brutal suffering and deaths of UNTOLD MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of innocent victims of SATANISM/ILLUMINATI throughout the centuries, including here in America.

I wrote a book some time back, called SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY. I have visited and interviewed many former satanists, now Christians, and many surviving victims of that dark world. They told me all about HALLOWEEN HORRORS.

Christians, WHY should you be fasting and praying throughout this time from October 3--November 1st? Read the following true accounts, given by former satanists and survivors, and shudder...

"We skinned that baby alive to the screams of 'hail Satan!' we then cannibalized it's flesh...I later took home that skull and used it to burn a candle to Satan on..."

(Admission of Jackson Clemmons of Asheville, NC, after coming out of satanism. He admitted to me of  ultimately sacrificed his girlfriend when she began reporting to law enforcement after giving up her baby for sacrifice and regretting it.)
 Skyline of ASHEVILLE, NC pagan mecca and a modern "Babylon" of the southeast-much satanic sacrifice occurs in these mountains

"I watched as little children, abducted, were chained to altars, and then chain- sawed alive into pieces. I can never forget one little girl's screams as they cut through sections of her, beginning with her feet. She did not stop screaming until they cut into her stomach..."

(Admission of Paula of Asheville, NC, area, survivor whose parents forced her into satanism from birth until she later exited may years later.)

" ..A Christian woman who was praying against us was finally abducted by our van and abduction team as she walked home in the dark. She was injected with a knock out drug, bound with duct tape, and they took her to our satanist caverns in he Smoky Mountains of Tennessee."

"When she came out of the drug's effect, she found herself chained naked to their altar. They tempted her to deny Jesus and joining the satanists and they would let her live. and if NOT, the would kill her. She only replied,


"I was then forced to watch as she was tortured to death. They finally finished by inserting a gun into her vagina, and pulled the trigger. the bullet exited out of the top of her head...and by then she was dead. But never did she deny Jesus ..."

(Admission again of survivor Paula, undergoing therapy from my friend Christian counselor Sharon Syputa in Asheville, NC , area)

"I watched as a young man,  only 8 years old and abducted because he was the son of a minister, was brought before Satan's golden throne. Satan manifested on this throne during the ritual..and the little boy pointed his finger a Satan and said, 'satan, in the name of Jesus I REBUKE YOU!' They ordered his tongue to be cut out for his disrespect of Satan, and he was then sacrificed..." (Admission of survivor/observer Sean Morgan, Cleveland, OH)

Oh, there is so much MORE I could tell you....

About pregnant women abducted for sacrifice, their unborn children ripped out of their wombs first to be sacrificed, and then the hapless mother...

About Christians abducted because they are Christians, and NAILED TO LITERAL CROSSES and tortured to death for their Christianity, all to mock out Jesus' death on the cross...

About ABORTED INTACT LATE TERM FETUSES obtained from local abortion clinics by satanists, then used in rituals and cannibalized....

About ABORTIONISTS who ABORT BABIES BY DAY, and by NIGHT are the high priests who OFFER HUMAN SACRIFICE to Satan with their coven...

And so much more. It is estimated  by former FBI and former satanists that up to ONE MILLION VICTIMS DIE at the hands of satanists in rituals EVERY YEAR ACROSS NORTH AMERICA. And will the news tell you? NO! The vast majority of cult crimes are deeply censored and hidden from the public view intentionally, because MANY of the biggest satanists in America, can be Presidents and Vice-Presidents and Congressmen, the billionaires of the world and the owners of huge newspaper and media companies, etc. They can be sheriffs and policemen, lawyers, mayors, DA's, and more.

In their delusional mindset, such Illuminati/satanists even refer to themselves as "...the RICH, the ELITE and the POWERFUL!"

Yet God's eternal word more accurately describes them truly as the wretched, the accursed, and the damned eternally! Amen!

Such people ALL network together to censor this kind of information from ever reaching the public knowledge. And satanists infiltrated deliberately into law enforcement and courthouses work hard from inside law enforcement and courthouses to ensure that satanic crime is almost NEVER successfully prosecuted.

I know much of this personally, because I have worked closely with law enforcement in the past to help expose and fight satanic crime, especially in the mountains of North Carolina around Asheville.

AND SATANISTS/ILLUMINATI ARE THE BACKBONE OF SATAN'S NEW WORLD ORDER! Even the Bible in Revelation 13 confirms this completely. "And THE DRAGON gave to him his throne, power and great authority..."speaking of Satan giving his demonic power to the beast of the NEW WORLD ORDER. (Revelation 13:2-4)

THINK ABOUT IT, CHRISTIANS: such people boast of being "the backbone of the NEW WORLD ORDER." If these satanists do this to innocent victims including abducted CHRISTIANS by NIGHT, think what they can do to YOU under martial law, when THEIR  NEW WORLD ORDER comes into full control over AMERICA!

Here is what previously mentioned Elaine, former CIA satanist, admitted to me personally in her home as I interviewed her in Okeechobee, Florida:

"We satanists within the CIA lusted for the HOUR OF MARTIAL LAW, when we could FINALLY get our hands ON THE CHRISTIANS! We satanists in the CIA hated the CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA more than any other group, because we KNEW they stood in the way of our NEW WORLD ORDER...we KNEW they would never accept a world government under our SATAN!"

When I remarked to my friend Elaine that, "Well, if it is the satanists BEHIND the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, it will not be a very easy death for THE CHRISTIANS, once they begin to arrest them under martial law and take them to the camps, in prisoner boxcars...will it? Because I KNOW what they do to Christians in satanic rituals..."

Elaine then told me with great intensity, as her eyes burned into mine, that I can NEVER forget as long as I live,  

"I tell you, it will be brutal rape, torture and death for the Christians, once they get their hands on them, under martial law in America!"

Many other satanists have admitted this grim reality to me as I have interviewed them across this nation.

Christian readers, do you ever wonder what drives me to continue in this important research and journalism, so filled with danger and sacrifice at times, and yet so little financial recompense, throughout these years?

It is because of horrifying revelations such as the above, of what these NWo madmen and murderers plan to do to MY fellow Christians and to MY nation's cherished freedoms and against her decidedly Christian heritage.

HOW can I remain indifferent, in light of all I have uncovered??? I tell you, the rocks would have to cry out if I remained silent at such as time as this!

AND against their NWO as well???

Woe unto ALL of us if we do NOT fast and pray in this hour!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting

Postscript-I remember discussing all  this with my father's former satanist high priest, "Jericho, " as I interviewed him in Bradenton Christian Retreat in Florida some years ago. He knew Elaine and she knew him. He smiled knowingly when I mentioned the NWO prisoner boxcars I was researching, at that time in Asheville, NC.

 I said to him, "C'mon, Jericho, admit it: there ARE prison boxcars with shackles in place in Asheville to take the Christians there to the camps under martial law, right? AND THEY EVEN HAVE THE MODERN GUILLOTINES IN THESE BOXCARS TO BEHEAD THE CHRISTIANS UNDER THE NWO..."

He replied, "You are correct...and they even have one more thing in them there in Asheville besides guillotines....SATANIC ALTARS!"

I responded,"So the Christians will not even reach the camps alive...and they will be sacrificed before even reaching the camps, all as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to get power from him to bring down the NEW WORLD ORDER...right?"

His response was affirmative.

Oh, targeted and endangered Church across America, what does it take to shake you out of your apathy and deadly slumber of ignorance??? When will you start waking up and believing Bible prophecy and THE TRUTH that people like myself publish about what is coming to your nation???

When will  you start standing in powerful spiritual warfare against these murderers and their intentions in our nation?

Pastors, when will you finally become the HONEST watchmen on the wall to warn God's people under your care, and shake off your fear of repercussions from men and instead FEAR GOD?

How much more must faithful Christians like myself suffer and sacrifice, to research, investigate, expose and WARN YOU OF THINGS TO COME, before you finally WAKE UP???

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. Hello Pamela - I know what you write is true. I discovered the NWO before repenting and coming to Christ. Due to the pre trib rapture lie, most lukewarm church goers shall deny the faith to save their skins.

    I live in south florida and are there any true believers in the area? I am a volunteer chaplain and not a sell out.

    Interesting you mentioned Elaine of Dr Brown's book. A nurse I knew in Hollywood (Ft Lauderdale) said she met her and she talked some about her experiences.

    Feel free to share my contact info with any true believers. I have a youtube site until it is taken down.