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The following is a reprint of my important article, "THE FOUR STATES SECRETLY AWARDED TO RUSSIA." This vital information came to me directly from a well known Pentagon source who has lectured for many years to expose the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America. His name is AL CUPPETT, code named "Mr. 'C' or "Mr. SEA."

                                                  Al Cuppett
I have personally known Al Cuppett since 1996, having met with him and others in Washington DC to discuss the NWO dilemma we face. Throughout the years he has received information from various insider sources throughout the US military and the  Pentagon, and passed such pertinent information regarding the NWO preparations for America to me to republish.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=43a2a4b3e26d172a&biw=1228&bih=583

At one time, I received this interesting piece of information from Cuppett. Because of Russia's clandestine assistance in preparing America for NWO takeover, Russia was secretly awarded four states in appreciation: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and MONTANA.

I speak Russian to a certain extent (I studied at the Institution of Slavic Studies in Wheaton IL at one time.) I have worked in social work and Christian work among Russians and Slavic peoples for many decades now (Chicago, NYC, and Connecticut.). I have many contacts throughout the Russian communities nationwide.

When I go to Oregon or Washington, I never ceased to be amazed at the high volume of RUSSIAN IMMIGRANTS FOUND THROUGHOUT THESE STATES. I attend Russian Churches in Oregon and Washington, in fact. RUSSIANS, RUSSIANS EVERYWHERE throughout these two states. I have also encountered Russians to a lesser degree in Idaho and Montana. BUT THEY ARE HERE.

When I was traveling several years ago across Washington state, I met a woman with the Constitutional Party. I told her about my alarming discovery of this state being secretly awarded to Russian jurisdiction in the future. She replied, " That explains what my friend told me in Moses Lake. She said that there are Russians strutting around, acting as if they owned the state. They are making statements like, 'BE CAREFUL what you say...BE CAREFUL what you do, because this is no longer AMERICA!'"

One American militia group I interviewed in Washington informed me that there are MORE Russian spies (KGB/FSB) in Washington state than are found in any other state. Also significant, is that Michael Gorbachev had a DACHA ("summer house" or vacation villa) built in Washington state. Hmmmmm!

My Russian Christian contact in Spokane, Olga, told me: "Russian spies are bragging to us Russian Christians here in Spokane. They are saying, "HA! STUPID AMERICANS! As life WAS in RUSSIA, so shall it SOON BE IN AMERICA!"

 Sadly, I am convinced through years of research that they are correct.

Montanans I have interviewed throughout the years, have frequently told me of encounters by hunters or hikers with RUSSIAN MILITARY REHEARSING IN THESE MOUNTAINS OF MONTANA. One woman working Glacier National Park recently told me, that she had known from childhood that Russian military were training in these mountains.

                     RUSSIAN MILITARY
Al Cuppett related how, at one lecture he held, a Montana state trooper came to him and shared how he had encountered Russian military with official Department of Defense ID badges. They were traveling in a large convoy in Northwest Montana. Hepulled one truck in that convoy over and the driver flashed his DOD badge to him...but this driver WAS RUSSIAN!

The trooper followed this suspicious convoy until they came to a truck stop for a meal. While they were inside, the trooper went over to one of the trailers the truck was pulling, pulled up the tarp, and discovered A MODERN HOWITZER CANNON.

Let's now become sleuths and put "two and two" together logically. The US government and military knows that they cannot possible seize America for their NWO agenda, without the assistance of foreign troops. There are simply not enough American troops willing to become traitors to the American people and our Constitution. And so foreign troops are being brought clandestinely into our nation for the hour of martial law. This has been documented as to be going on for a long time now, in fact.

Russia has known all about America and the NWO (communist) agenda for a long time. They have always played a major part in it beind the scenes. Russian knows they have already been awarded MONTANA and three other states as well (the entire PACIFIC NORTHWEST.) Russian intelligence knows, as American intelligence knows, that this entire region is filled with American Patriot resisters of this NWO agenda for our nation. They have sought refuge in the vast wilderness regions and mountains that comprise this Pacific Northwest region. MANY  AMERICANS have sought safe refuge against the coming times IN MONTANA. And I meet such people all the time.

With Russian and American military intelligence knowing what I also know, that these committed American Patriots are prepared to fight to the death for their freedoms to continue, and  are determined to defeat the NWO agenda for America, I believe that it is obvious why heavy military artillery is being brought into these mountains of Northwest Montana. 

I believe that the US military and assisting foreign troops plan to BLOW THESE ARMED PATRIOTS OUT OF THESE MOUNTAINS. Just like UN/NWO forces in former Yugoslavia have been blowing the Patriots against UN domination out of their mountain refuges for years now.

Montana freedom fighters, please take note and prepare accordingly. Your mountain hideaways may not be as safe and secure as you once assumed. Do whatever it takes to secure YOUR mountains and YOUR state from these NWO butchers.

(Wait a minute...did I just state that? Yes, and without apology. I know what these NOW murderers and traitors plan to do to the Patriotic American people.)


-Pamela Rae Schuffert

The Four American States Secretly Awarded to RUSSIA

America has truly been sold out to our enemies...while America slept.

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

According to well known Pentagon information source AL CUPPETT, there are four states that have been secretly awarded Russian takeover completely in the future, and the Russians living in those states know this...and many are openly bragging about this as well to bewildered Americans AND resident Russian Christians.

I was given this information by none other than Pentagon source AL CUPPETT some time ago. I finally decided it was far past time to write an article uncovering this tragic betrayal of our nation and her citizens. Especially after visiting the Pacific Northwest region extensively and discovering the large Russian populations in each of these four states.

Those four states are: WASHINGTON, OREGON, IDAHO and MONTANA.

According to insider information given to Cupett, these states have been secretly been awarded full Russian control in the future under martial law to RUSSIA, as a gift of appreciation from the NWO elements of our US government, for Russia's cooperation, both presently and in the future US martial law takeover agenda. Their Russian/Ukrainian/Slavic troops will be used heavily against resistant Americans under martial law.

These Russian troops will be used under martial law to break into homes and seize weapons, march Patriotic/religious America people off to prisoner boxcars to be taken to the detention camps, Bolshevik style, to be eliminated.

In Washington state some Russians are openly bragging that Washington state no longer is AMERICA, as up in Moses Lake, according to one member of the Constitutionalist party there.

This member personally admitted to me that military type Russians are strutting around, looking at every American suspiciously, stating, "Be careful what you say, be careful what you do : THIS IS NO LONGER AMERICA!"

Russian Christian immigrants in Spokane WA, told me that Russian spies are bragging to them privately, saying,


These four states admittedly are filled with many Russian immigrants, Washington and Oregon especially.One patriot group told me that there were more confirmed Russian KGB/FSB spies in WASHINGTON STATE than in any other, to their knowledge.

I have spent time in Oregon, noting the huge Russian population there. I also attended Russian churches there as well.

I have personally lectured in two Russian churches in Montana on the subject of MARTIAL LAW. They were very attentive and very concerned.

This is a major reason why Russian troops have been rehearsing in military practices in the high mountains of Montana, according to eye witnesses I personally interviewed. Russians will have to work hard to uproot and remove the strong and often militant Patriot community from those cherished mountains and remote wilderness regions of "BIG SKY COUNTRY."

This is a major reason why one Montana state trooper admitted that he observed a convoy of Russian military with US military DOD badges, hauling heavy military equipment up into the northwestern mountains of Montana. he pulled one over who showed him his DOD badge and admitted he was RUSSIAN. The state trooper peered into the trailers they were hauling and noted the heavy howitzer type cannons they contained among other weapons of war. It is believed that these powerful weapons were being hauled to a permanent secret military location(s) for future use against Patriot resisters of the NWO under martial law, heavily entrenched in the mountains of Montana, as my years of research uncovered.

So many preparations for NWO/martial law takeover are going in in those four states, I noted as I toured and researched for years in this region. Also there are so many sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES have occurred by locals throughout that region as well.

I used to wonder WHY there was seemingly so much NWO preparation throughout that region, UNTIL I remembered the words in one report of AL CUPPETT some years ago, of Russia's future annexation of those four states.

Although I cannot prove this, I suspect that ALASKA has already been secretly awarded to Russia as well, for obvious reasons. It is the one state closest to RUSSIA. A military tunnel has been created between Siberia and Alaska, bored by nuclear melting equipment. Russian insiders including one Russian pastor in Denver told me personally about this. The largest detention camps known is the one located in Alaska. It is only accessible by train or plane, can hold one million prisoners, and has a human crematory oven to dispose of those terminated under martial law. This camp flies joint RUSSIAN-AMERICAN FLAGS and is under the control of RUSSIAN MILITARY ADVISORS. (WELCOME to "GULAG AMERIKA"???)

Prisoner boxcars with shackles are heavily entrenched in Alaska. One welder I interviewed in Montana (Ken) told me that he met with three welders from three different states, who told him that they had all been to ALASKA for recent work, that many welders were going to Alaska for special work to weld SHACKLES INTO BOXCARS.

The Alaskan railway had been extensively renovated around 2000, upgraded at feverish speed and using high tech modern railway equipment to replace miles and miles of worn railroad tracks and ties.

Several former American military bases have been closed in recent years in Alaska including Camp Greeley, and I was informed they would be used as PRISONER DETAINMENT CAMPS in the future. (Can Alaska become AMERICA'S FUTURE GULAG, as SIBERIA was to Russia?)

Russian military are building detention camps on the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska, as Lenny Bloom informed me a while ago while I was being interviewed on his radio broadcast CLOAK AND DAGGER.

Russian Communists are experts in using their railway systems through past decades of oppression under communism, to transport millions of hapless political and religious resisters of their communist NWO takeover of Russian and Eastern Europe as well.

It is not surprising that Russians will play a major role in the NWO globalist/communist takeover of America. Their pattern is being followed here in America with the building of hundreds of modern detention camps (FEMA/HALLIBURTON, KELLOGG, ROOT AND BROWN/ HOMELAND SECURITY and military camps as well) for detaining of political/religious NWO resisters in North America. All these camps are accessible by rail or planes, and many relying on the infamous prisoner boxcars with shackles for prisoner transport.

I will never forget standing next to Militia of Montana leader JOHN TROCHMAN on time as I interviewed him in Noxon, MT. He pointed up into the air and said, "SEE that high altitude plane flying overhead? I have viewed many of them with powerful binoculars, and they are RUSSIAN planes!

Canadians living in that same Pacific Northwest region told me that they have witnessed huge planeloads of Slavic military troops coming off their planes, destination unknown, in Abbotsford, BC at the international airport located there.

There is so much more I could say about all this.

American Patriots and Christians living in thes four endangered states, be aware and pray fervently for divine intervention in your states at this time and in the future.

And prepare accordingly.

-Pamela Schuffert

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