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Communist Protests Surge NATIONWIDE-Guest Article

"Occupy Wall Street" Protests Spread Nationwide; Where is it Going? A Closer Look...

Published: Wednesday, October 05, 2011, 5:00 AM
Cliff Pinckard
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Anti-Wall Street demonstrators march in downtown Los Angeles. The demonstrators at Los Angeles City Hall say they're planning to continue their action as long as it takes to build a national people's movement against corporate greed. 
[NATIONAL PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT SPELLS "COMMUNIST". Understand their "doublespeak."-PRS]
As the Wall Street Journal notes, it began with just a few dozen people on Sept. 17 trying to pitch tents in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Three weeks later, there are now hundreds of demonstrators, and protests are emerging in other cities as well:

In Manhattan, hundreds of protesters dressed as corporate zombies in white face paint lurched past the New York Stock Exchange clutching fistfuls of fake money. In Chicago, demonstrators pounded drums in the city's financial district. Others pitched tents or waved protest signs at passing cars in Boston, St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo. 
The arrests of 700 protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge over the weekend galvanized a slice of discontented America, from college students worried about their job prospects to middle-age workers who have been recently laid off. Some protesters likened themselves to the tea party movement -- but with a liberal bent -- or to the Arab Spring demonstrators who brought down their rulers in the Middle East. 
"I've felt this way for a long time. I've really just kind of been waiting for a movement to come along that I thought would last and have some resonation within the community," said Steven Harris, a laid-off truck driver in Kansas City.
Protests are planned for other cities. In Memphis, a group called Occupy Memphis is planning its own demonstration, which could begin as soon as this week (Memphis Commercial Appeal). Occupy Philadelphia had an estimated 900 to 1,000 people attend a meeting in which the group plans to protest near City Hall beginning Thursday (Philadelphia Inquirer). 
There are even plans for protests in Missoula, Mont. (The Missoulian).  [MONTANA FREEDOM LOVERS, TAKE NOTE-why not organize a COUNTER PROTEST FOR FREEDOM in USA and MONTANA in MISSOULA!-PRS]
And now a website called Occupy Cleveland says a demonstration is planned here for noon Thursday at Willard Park downtown. The website says protesters will march to their "final occupation destination" and set up camp indefinitely.

Another boost for the demonstrators ... several unions say they endorse the movement and will join the protests (CNN):

Transport Workers Union Local 100 spokesman Jim Gannon said the Occupy Wall Street movement, which denounces social inequities in the financial system and draws inspiration from the Arab Spring revolutions in Africa and the Middle East, has advanced issues that unions typically support. "Their goals are our goals," Gannon said. "They brought a spotlight on issues that we've believed in for quite some time now. ... Wall Street caused the implosion in the first place and is getting away Scot-free while workers, transit workers, everybody, is forced to pay for their excesses. These young folks have brought a pretty bright spotlight," Gannon added. "It's kind of a natural alliance."
Who are the protesters? Many are young people, and like so many events these days, it's being fueled by social media. It began with no real organization, and there is no list of demands. But there seems to be general theme of anger at corporate money and its influence in government (USA Today):

"It's a very odd mixture of people," said New York City Councilman Dan Halloran, who dropped by Tuesday. "It's not just one group of discontented social strata." But he felt the protesters would be more effective if they had policy proposals. "You can't fix problems without solutions. They'd be better served sending their message with a specific plan," he said. Some protesters Tuesday said they had come to the park to bring diversity. "The media has been branding us spoiled kids who dress from Barney's," said Chris Guerra, an artist from Newark, whose shoes were splattered with paint and whose leather jacket, he said, was a gift from his mother. "I just want the government to be held accountable for their ties to corporations and (for) helping corporations when they're supposed to be helping people."

Comparisons to the more conservative tea party protests are inevitable. Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post says the Wall Street demonstrators could take some lessons from their tea party counterparts:

What (Occupy Wall Street organizer Harrison) Schultz couldn't say, and what the declaration lacks, is a clear path for changing the policies that have engendered so much justified rage. Until the movement identifies specific pieces of legislation that are languishing in Congress or proposes its own, House members and Senators inclined to hop on board might not, lest they be seen as trying to co-opt the movement. And then bring that anger in full force to Washington. This is what the Tea Party movement has done to great effect.

With the protests gaining more media attention, it also is gaining both praise and criticism. Brendan O'Neill, who says he leans to the left politically, offers a scathing rebuke of the demonstrators in the London Telegraph:

Occupy Wall Street claims to be a mass workers' movement, but it's nothing of the sort. It is in fact a tiny, self-selected group of self-righteous, mostly middle-class activists who have failed to win over large sections of the American public to their "cause" - which isn't surprising when you consider that on the rare occasion that these trendy banker-bashers talk about the American public, they do so with a metaphorical peg on their snouts.
Sean Firko writes in the Huffington Post that he believes the protesters are on the right track:

When a movement swells up at an epicenter of this malfunctioning system and presents itself as a radical alternative to the prescribed modes of political engagement -- those modes that have been failing us so completely -- many commentators turn up their noses and say that nothing serious is being done, that these people aren't making a "real" political engagement. These commentators, for one reason or another, are ignoring the fact that their "real" political engagement requires the utilization of a slimy, inefficient, and, recently, ineffectual political machine. They forget that Congress has proven, especially since the financial collapse, to be completely insulated from any rational appeal from the citizenry for major regulatory or structural reform and that, consequently, any effort to lobby for specific policy exposes itself to the rot that is eating away at our entire system of law-making.

Will Occupy Wall Street succeed, and what will it consider a success? Who can say? But there's no question the movement is gaining traction as it gets more media attention (Yahoo News):
( director Justin) Rubin says that such outlets are actually gaining more ground on the left end of the spectrum -- [Note-LEFT means COMMUNIST.-PRS]noting that the wave of such protests actually dates back to the demonstrations that flared up in Wisconsin this winter in opposition to GOP Gov. Scott Walker's budget cuts and against public unions. But he also concedes that the real political clout has yet to be tested. "The tea party has been extraordinary successful at wielding electoral influence that then has given it power over the national debate," Rubin noted. "That's the key task for this movement." Does (author Barbara) Ehrenreich think Occupy Wall Street will succeed? "I have no idea," she said. "I'm a lot more interested in this than I am in the election."-END
Note-WHY such a surge in COMMUNIST protests in OCTOBER? REMEMBER the "OCTOBER REVOLUTION" staged by the Bolsheviks  so many years ago!

And remember that there is a HUGE element of Satan/Lucifer worshiping supporters of COMMUNISM, due to it's historical roots of THE ILLUMINATI (Rothschilds.) OCTOBER is a major satanist month, containing 3 days and night of HALLOWEEN rituals. (October 30, 31, November 1st.)

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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