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Communist REVOLUTION Referred to in MISSOULA MT

 "Don't be afraid to say it," Eckert said.  



Missoulians Join "Occupy Wall Street" Movement-

Nearly 30 people pledged support for Occupy Missoula at a meeting Tuesday

Published: Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Updated: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 02:10
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OccupyMissoula Riggs
Megan Jae Riggs / Montana Kaimin

From left; Meghan Eckert, Debby Florence, a member of the group Anonymous and Tayln Lang assemble in the Free Speech Zone outside of the University Center Tuesday evening as part of Occupy Wall Street. 

Nearly 30 people participated by signing an email list for the initial planning of Occupy Missoula. They will be protesting at the XXXXs Saturday morning during the farmers market.

[Note- "THE XXXX's are near the old train station, where the farmer's market is held weekly. They are large metal beam free form metal art scultures in the shape of X's.-PRS.]

Everyone who gathered Tuesday evening at the University of Montana Free Speech Zone had a different background, but all claimed to share one thing — being a member of the poorest 99 percent of U.S. society.

And just like those who have camped out in New York for nearly three weeks as part of the Occupy Wall Street protests, the group decided to protest in Missoula against the wealthiest 1 percent's privileges and influence in politics.

UM senior Meghan Eckert helped organize Occupy Missoula's first meeting, and she said her objective was to sort out the logistics of future protests. But first the group introduced themselves and why they're passionate about Occupy Wall Street.

Allen Seelye, who graduated from UM in 1999, said the recession has made him feel disillusioned."I grew up believing in the American dream," Seelye said. "The whole thing is falling apart in the past five years. It's all gone."

He said he lost his job, which had paid $50,000, and now gets paid $19,000 a year. As a result, he lost his house. Now he wants to do something about it.

"It's time to quit sitting on the couch," Seelye said.

When UM senior Geoff Elliot heard about Occupy Wall Street, he immediately wanted to get involved.

"I grew up in Connecticut among much of the 1 percent," he said.
Being From the East Coast, Elliot can easily imagine protesting in New York City and rallying with the occupiers, but he's willing to settle with Missoula. He's one of about five who said they would camp out somewhere.

And Anonymous attended. Wearing a "V for Vendetta" mask, he represented the global group that attempts to ignite revolutions through the Internet.

And that's what they call it — a revolution, not just a protest.
Eckert doesn't think Occupy Wall Street, or the branches of it that have spread throughout the country, will fade quickly.

"Don't be afraid to say it," Eckert said. "Revolution."
Occupy Missoula will hold a general assembly at 10 a.m. Saturday at the XXXXs. Everyone is invited to attend. Well, 99 percent of everyone, at least.

Hey, ever since I came to Montana many years ago, Montanans let me know that they feel MISSOULA  is a commie city, very liberal. I am not surprised therefore at this communist protest in MISSOULA.

Especially in light of Missoula's Dennis Washington and his MONTANA RAIL LINK playing a suspected role in MONTANA UNDER MARTIAL LAW with hauling NWO resisters under martial law to FEMA camps, etc.

Readers, never forget: the goals of world globalist COMMUNISM and the NWO are inseparable, and one and the same, and from the same roots. And they NEVER spell economic growth or freedom, but rather extreme poverty and loss and tyranny. 

Let the tragic history of communism worldwide speak for itself, worldwide.

Well, those of you who declare yourselves to be freedom loving Montanans, WHERE is your COUNTER-protest to let Montanans know where you stand in all this! 

Never forget: people GET what they work for! When NWO communists are willing to work HARDER, sacrifice MORE and SPEND more to accomplish their insidious goals, they WILL accomplish their agendas in the light of the lack of visible or effective PATRIOTIC AMERICAN RESISTANCE!

Think about it...

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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