Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Larry Yeatts recently contacted me by email and directed me to his website. He too is a concerned America who is monitoring the ominous direction in which our nation is being taken. And as every concerned America, he believes it is important to uncover and discern the forces and people behind agendas which endanger our Christian American heritage, our Constitutional freedoms, and more.

Often, the truth is not pleasant, neither to read or hear or comprehend. It often goes against our commonly held misconceptions based on government misinformation/disinformation and other sources as well.

Much of what I have uncovered throughout the years is neither pleasant nor popular to comprehend. But it remains THE TRUTH.

How important is TRUTH?

The very Son of God, Jesus Christ, declared to mankind: "You shall KNOW THE TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you FREE." Freedom and truth are therefore inseparable, according to Jesus the Christ. The Bible declares the God of the Bible to be "the God of ALL TRUTH." Jesus Christ further declares of Almighty God, "Father , THY WORD IS TRUTH."
Whenever I research and publish an article dealing with corruption inside Christian circles, I am NOT being "anti-Christian," but rather FOR THE TRUTH. 
Whenever  I research and publish an article regarding people behind Communist/NWO agendas for America, and at times publish known links between certain elements of Jews and this subject, I am not being "anti-semitic," but rather being an honest journalist FOR THE TRUTH.

It is as simple and honest as that in the world of honest and forthright journalism that shows favoritism to  NONE but exalts and promotes the TRUTH.

Larry Yeatts, in an effort to expose the NEW WORLD ORDER and various people groups he has been able to link with the  anti-freedom agenda for America, has selected and published many articles dealing with this. In doing so, he is simply being FOR THE TRUTH and the right of the American people to KNOW THE TRUTH in this hour.

For TRUTH and FREEDOM are inseparable.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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