Saturday, October 15, 2011

CIA Infiltration into America's Churches Today


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

"We don't go to church anymore, because we don't know WHO TO TRUST!"

(Candid admission of Jeff and Marsha Baker, founders of AMERINET broadcasting network, now defunct due to government black ops putting them out of business.)

I had the privilege recently of talking to a retired CIA contact of mine, who adimtted many sobering truths in this conversation, that every Christian in America needs to understand. This man worked for the CIA for 30 years, including the PHOENIX PROJECT.

I asked him, "Isn't it true that every church and Christian institution in America is infiltrated by the CIA?" He actually laughed and replied, "It's true...there is not ONE that isn't infiltrated by the CIA to a greater or lesser degree..."

I then made the statement, "D___, because I report to a lot of Christians about the NWO agenda for America, and so many are ignorant on this subject and refuse to believe some of the things I share with them, would you mind confirming the following things I have researched?" He agreed.

"Isn't it true that there are prisoner boxcars with shackles now positioned across America to take people to the FEMA detention camps under martial law?" "Yes," he replied.

"Isn't it true that there are modern guillotines here in America to behead NWO resisters, even in some prisoner boxcars?" He replied again, "Yes."

"And isn't it true that these camps are to terminate NWO resisters, and that Christians are high on their list for removal to the camps and to be terminated?" Again, yes was his reply.

"And isn't it true that the churches and Christian institutions are all infiltrated by the CIA?"

And again, he laughed and said "Yes!"

If only my friends, Jeffrey A. and Marsha Baker in Tampa, Florida, had realized this back when they were trying to start a Christian patriot radio broadcasting network there! Jeffrey had also authored a book exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER. An excellent book,  it is still available through AMAZON.

Jeff and Marsha Baker are two fine Christians, who were doing their best at one time  to help wake up America with their new broadcasting network. However, as they informed me personally inside their radio station one day, the Federal government and NWO cronies did not appreciate their efforts!

"At night, we have seen black helicopters fly over our station, where we sleep at night, and spray us with MALATHION." And I noted that during the day, their vehicle is often fired upon: I saw several bullet holes in their SUV. So bad was the MALATHION spraying one night, that Marsha was trembling and had to be taken to the hospital, and almost died. I personally witnessed this.

I finally asked them, WHY don't you GO TO CHURCH and get prayer for your situation?" They both looked at me and said sadly, "We don't go to church anymore, because we don't know WHO TO TRUST!"

They then shared a most revealing account of how they discovered their church was infiltrated by the CIA. It is a lesson for every Christian to learn from their tragic experience. Marsha spoke:

"We were attending a Pentacostal Church in Tampa for a while. The pastor invited us to the church picnic one Sunday. We came. He offered my husband a cup of Kool-Aide. Jeff accepted it and drank it. And a few hours later, he started to DIE! I rushed him to the hospital emergency room. They treated him and examined him. They finally determined HE HAD BEEN POISONED, and the agent of the poisoning WAS THE KOOL-AIDE!"

"We realized what had happened and conducted a background check on the 'pastor.' We found out THE PASTOR WAS AN ACTIVE CIA AGENT! He was apparently planted in our church to spy on us and to TERMINATE MY HUSBAND!"

To add insult to injury, the Feds then used one of their plants within the Christian/Patriot radio community to deal the final death blow to their radio ministry.

"This man S___ Q____ lured us into a survival foodcanning operation. We handed him thousands of dollars, fully expecting to get it back. He then pulled the rug OUT FROM UNDER US, CANCELLED THE CANNING OPERATION, and kept all out money. He then told us we would NEVER get the money back if we told anyone. He even said to us one day, "Hell, ALL I care about is the money!"

They never recovered financially, and had to sell their network and leave the country. They finished by saying, "Pam, everything you have concluded about this man, we have been forced to conclude as well. He is working secretly for the Federal government, he is corrupt, he is a liar....."

And yet, this deceitful man continues to this day to broadcast within the Christian Patriot radio broadcasting networks, hawking his items, and secretly turning in names and addresses to the Federal government. Many people I have interviewed regarding him have admitted being burned by him. One man who is involved in Law Enforcement and detective work admitted that this man worked for intelligence. And soon after I worked for him for a season, and then  found out the sad truth regarding him, he began to circulate defamatory statements about me to cover for himself, using the old and well known CIA tactic of "DENY EVERYTHING and then COUNTERACCUSE".

 I grieve deeply whenever the Body of Christ is deceived and burned by operators like this man.
Or deceived by "pastors" who are really plants into churches and working for the CIA and other "alphabet soup agencies".

However, it is up to Christians in America to become more observant, better informed, and to spend more time in fasting and prayer seeking God's divine revelation as to WHO TO TRUST, and who NOT to trust in this hour. As this nation is being increasingly turned into a "police state" we find ourselves being increasingly being spied upon and infiltrated at MANY levels and in EVERY sector of society.

Your PHONE is being monitored continually(even when it is turned off), your EMAILS and FAXES are being monitored continually. Your computer is being used to spy on you continually.You are being spied upon through your CABLE BOX and your TELEVISION. The list goes on and on of how you are being spied upon continually.

Don't begin a "witch hunt" either! Unconfirmed rumors and "urban legends" can hurt the innocent deeply. Furthermore, the Federal government is always using COINTELPRO operations to defame or malign "enemies of the state, " including attacking Christian journalists like myself, to attempt to discredit us in the sight of the public.

If you have reason to suspect someone, whether in a church or Christian institution, etc., spend time in prayer and fasting and asking the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth: the Bible promises that He will do so. Ask for God to exposé all hidden darkness in your church or ogranization. Follow Biblical admonitions.

Seek to obtain documentation before you accuse anyone of anything! In the case of Jeff and Marsha, they paid an investigator to perform a background check on that suspected pastor, and found out factually he WAS a CIA operative. However, such background checks will not always produce the truth: often their background is carefully concealed by the US government and nothing will show up in any background check.

Take the time to go to that person personally expressing your concerns, whenever possible. They MAY have a valid explanation for what may at first appear suspicious.

Recently I was falsely accused to other Christians. Someone made a foolish presumption that, because my bike was "nice and shiny" and my backpacking equipment was " too new, " that I must have just bought it to use as  a cover to spy on local Christian survivalists!

Apparently, they must have been drinking too much fluoridated water lately, or chewing on leaded paint chips. (In other words,"brain-dead.") If ONLY they had come to me first, before then going to the church they attended, to falsely claim  I was somehow an infiltrator "because my bike and  equipment were too new!"

Had these people come to me FIRST, and ASKED me WHY my bike was somehow NEW, and my survival equipment NEW, I could have told them that it was because I had just received long-needed support money through one website reader, finally enabling me to get much needed survival equipment and a bike for future emergencies.

To add insult to injury, they then falsely accused me, based on this unsubstantiated  idiocy, to the pastor of this church, and he asked for them to perform a background check on ME! And the person who performed the bogus background check used "GOOGLE" to type in my name for that "background check"!

And what did he come up with? Government COINTELPRO misinformation planted to deliberately mislead people!

Hmmm...let's see just how accurate and reliable GOOGLE really is! 

Let's perform a background check on JESUS CHRIST Himself through GOOGLE and see what we come up with!

 Well, it says here on ONE website that  "Jesus is in HELL", according to this website teaching THE TALMUD. Another website declares that " JESUS IS NOT THE MESSIAH." And yet another delcares that " Jesus was a homosexual and all his disciples were homosexual followers."

Uh-huh. Really. Funny that my Bible teaches me NONE of the above about Jesus Christ!

But rather, my Bible teaches me JUST THE OPPOSITE! He IS the Messiah, the Son of God, reigning gloriously in HEAVEN, and He was/is HOLY and SINLESS!

Does this mean that we can't trust EVERYTHING ON GOOGLE and the INTERNET as being "Gospel truth?" You got it.

Well, so much for "THE GOSPEL TRUTH" according to GOOGLE! You get my point by now...

CONFIRM EVERYTHIING you read on Internet.( I am thankful that so many other websites and authors confirm what I have been investigating and reporting on for many years now.) And take the time to document or confirm your suspicions regarding as being an infiltrator or spy.

Be aware that we are being infiltrated and spied upon continually. But also be cautious in the conclusions you come to regarding suspecting anyone of being an infiltrator.

And be careful in deciding  WHO YOU TRUST in this hour. The TEAPARTY MOVEMENT is infiltrated, the MILITIA MOVEMENT is infiltrated, the PREPPER MOVEMENT is infiltrated, and so on. Christians, it is time to seek God for revelation and wisdom as never before. As under communist regimes, many good and innocent people can be hurt through government spying and infiltration. Beware.

Remember: it is never His will that THE ELECT be deceived.

(Do I personally recommend that you no longer go to church because of this? No. Because yes, there ARE still some good churches and honest pastors in America today. Be discerning and cautious in WHO YOU TRUST however.)

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Is the mentioned S Q. Steve Quayle?

  2. Pamela, thank you for this article. It seems that our North American Union has lost any kind of hope for people who want to live peacefully and with trust, due to the horrid nature and tyranny of these Bilderberg globalists, the financial elite who are controlling our society. It is really insanity on their part that they think because they are so powerful and controlling they can hinder, threaten, manipulate and do away with anyone who differs in intelligence or opinion. They are truly mentally and psychologically very sick and wicked beyond greed and power hunger, they are an abomination to Almighty God who created them all in His image. God can judge and will do so.Praise be to Christ the Eternal King. Amen.