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Soul-Damning Heresies From The Pulpits of Our Nation's Capitol, Washington DC

National Cathedral
Washington DC
Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

                           National Cathedral, Washington DC

"But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them--bringing swift destruction on themselves." II Peter 2:1
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Today a sermon went forth from the pulpit of one of our nation's most prestigious and well known cathedrals, the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. I listened intently as the Dean of National Cathedral addressed the large audience before him. And once again, I was saddened but not totally surprised to hear yet another sermon attempting to distort the teachings of Jesus Christ, to then proclaim that Jesus is NOT the ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER.

It was a New Age, NWO agenda message attempting to meld the religions of the world together to live in harmony as ONE yet maintaining their own belief systems and traditions. And all apart from Jesus Christ and the salvation that ONLY HE ALONE can provide for every soul.

In this sermon, the speaker also used the tactics of false reasoning, that "...because God is a good and loving Heavenly Father," He could not be "kind" by sending millions of souls to hell because they did not believe in Jesus Christ as the ONLY way to God. In other words, what kind of a "good God" would do this to His children?

This is the reasoning of mere men, apart from the truth and greater wisdom of Almighty God. The Bible declares that God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours.God's Word declares that ALL HAVE SINNED  without exception, and therefore ALL NEED TO BE SAVED. God's Word declares to us that God is holy-we are sinful. We cannot come to a holy God apart from repentance of our sins and being SAVED by the Redeemer, Jesus Christ His Son. Furthermore, God's Word declares to us that not ALL people are God's children.

We become children of God by receiving forgiveness for our sins and becoming born of God's Holy Spirit through faith in His Son and His redemptive work for mankind on the cross. Jesus Christ paid the just penalty for our sins when He took them  and their penalty upon Himself, died for OUR sins in OUR place on that cross. He was then raised from the dead to never die again with a glorious immortal body. to show that sin and death's power has been broken off mankind by His atonement for ALL WHO BELIEVE.

This speaker also declared that when Jesus said, "In my Father's House there are MANY MANSIONS..." it meant that there are many people from different religions who will also be in heaven. (This is also deadly heresy.)

In other words, according to the reasoning of this speaker, Jesus did not REALLY mean what He said, when He declared, "Broad is the path that leads to destruction, and many there be that enter therein." (Matthew 7:13)" and "I AM the WAY , the truth and the life , and NO MAN comes to the Father BUT BY ME! (John 14:6)"

And according to the reasoning of this speaker, Jesus did not REALLY mean, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life...He that believes in Him is not condemned, but He that does not believe is condemned already because he has not believed in the only begotten Son of God..."
(John 3:16, 18)

In fact, in these passages Jesus is emphatically declaring that WITHOUT HIM, there is NO SALVATION for ANYONE. NONE!

 I am here to declare to you today, that JESUS CHRIST MEANT EVERY WORD HE SAID! For He declared that HE IS THE WORD OF GOD! And the Bible states that GOD IS THE GOD OF ALL TRUTH. Jesus the Christ, as God in the flesh, IS the INFALLIBLE AND INERRANT WORD OF GOD.

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, BUT MY WORDS SHALL NEVER PASS AWAY." (Mark 13:31) And therefore, Jesus Christ meant every word that He ever stated to the world.

If ALL people and all religions are saved APART FROM JESUS CHRIST, then that means that God did not have to send His Son into the world to save the world!

However, Jesus declared, "For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that THROUGH HIM THE WORLD MIGHT BE SAVED." There would have been no need for Jesus the Son of God to suffer and die on the cross to bear the sins of mankind and to SAVE us, were a "Buddha" or a "Mohammad" or a "Hare Krishna" enough to save people eternally from their sins and from hell.

BUT IN FACT God sent His Son Jesus Christ to this world to speak God's words to this world and TO DIE ON THE CROSS AND TO RISE AGAIN, to redeem lost and fallen mankind from their sins and to provide THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER!

This type of sermon I have outlined above, spoken  from the pulpit of National Cathedral, is nothing less than soul-damning HERESY. Yet it is the message of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT And the NEW AGE/NWO agenda, with their agenda to compromise the Christian Gospel in order to attempt meld all world religions together as ONE, peacefully, under the coming ANTICHRIST and NEW WORLD ORDER.

Having been born in our nation's Capitol, and having lived for many years only 1/2 hour from Washington DC ( in Alexandria, VA) I have previously attended many churches in the Washington DC area.

As I attended different churches in our nation's Capitol, I began to notice a tragic pattern in some of the more well known and publicized churches in Washington DC. For example , in the church that my parents got married in, Foundry United Methodist Church on 16th street (in fact the very church that Hillary Clinton proudly announced to be HER choice of church when Clinton was in office and President) the pastor preached from the pulpit that "...Buddhists and Muslims are SAVED APART FROM JESUS CHRIST. Because you see, when God made MAN, the CHRIST SPIRIT was put into man, and therefore Buddhists and Muslims are already saved apart from Jesus Christ...." 

This Christ-denying, soul-damning heresy spoken from the pulpit of yet another prominent and influential church in Washington DC was a typical New Age/NWO agenda "doctrine of demons" attempting to explain away Jesus' statement that "I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, and NO MAN comes to the Father BUT BY ME." The truth is, however, that Mohammad did NOT die on the cross to redeem mankind from sin. Buddha did not die on the cross to redeem mankind from sin. But ONLY Jesus the Christ DID! And ONLY those who put their trust in Jesus Christ are therefore saved from their sins!

The NEW WORLD ORDER/NEW AGE agenda has always been to comfortably meld all world religions together into ONE, into their false ONE WORLD RELIGIOUS SYSTEM to be then controlled by their antichrist religious world leader to come. And the NWO MUST destroy the true doctrines of Christianity. They realize, and have told me so personally, that the ONE religion that will never accept their Luciferic based NEW WORLD ORDER is the CHRISTIAN RELIGION. And they are totally correct. We as Bible believing Christians cannot and will not accept a world government under Satan/Lucifer's and his followers' reign. NEVER!

And in order to destroy the true Gospel message, the NWO must fabricate lies and heresies, even distorting the very words of Jesus Christ Himself, trying to convince the parishioners that somehow Jesus Christ is NOT the ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER. And that there are MANY different ways to God.

The NWO agenda therefore works hard to infiltrate their highly indoctrinated and well-trained false shepherds into powerful religious organizations and in to the pulpits of the most influential and prestigious churches and cathedrals in North America today (and in fact worldwide) to then exert a powerful influence over the hearts and minds of people. And to preach a soul-damning FALSE GOSPEL that CANNOT save anyone from eternal damnation.

But this IS the agenda of the NWO!

And Washington DC, being the Nation's Capitol and exerting a powerful influence over  the entire nation, is just the place for the NWO therefore to plant their people to preach their New Age/NWO doctrines of a one world religion.

I have particular hatred for this kind of false doctrine. It was spoken from the pulpit of the church in the greater Washington DC area, that I once attended many years ago, before I became a born again Christian and knew the Word of God. That church also did not emphasize that Jesus Christ was the ONLY way to God and salvation, and was working for the realization of a NEW AGE WORLD RELIGION as well.

When I was lost and becoming involved with New Age occult deceptions and looking for answers and salvation, that church only led me AWAY from the truth of Jesus Christ. Had I remained in that church, I would have perished eternally. This is how dangerous such false churches and shepherds really are.

We as true Bible-believing Christians know this kind of false message to be nothing but SOUL DAMNING HERESY. Both the false shepherds who preach this deadly kind of lie, and the people who hear and believe it, are in danger of eternal damnation. It is a false gospel that CANNOT save any soul. The Apostle Paul stated "Let God's curse fall on anyone, including us or even an angel from heaven, who preaches a different kind of Good News than the one we preached to you." (Galatians 1:8)

The Bible declares to us that those who deny Jesus Christ by teaching such heresies shall bring swift damnation upon themselves. "But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them--bringing swift destruction on themselves." (II Peter 2:1)
Reader, are YOU a member of a false church, teaching destructive heresies such as I have outlined above? Then pray for God to lead you to a TRUE church that preaches the inerrant and true WORD OF GOD today! Do NOT be deceived into the false religious system of the NEW WORLD ORDER and NEW AGE!
There is in fact ONLY ONE WAY to God, that He has ever provided. The ALMIGHTY GOD IS NOT SCHIZOPHRENIC! He is NOT the author of MANY different religions with MANY different gods and MANY religious leaders of differing faiths! In fact, His Word makes it clear that He HATES idolatry, false prophets and false religions. He remains ONE God, Who has provided THE ONLY WAY to be redeemed from our sins and to obtain salvation and eternal life. And that way is indeed JESUS CHRIST HIS SON.
The religions of the world, whether formed before Jesus Christ appeared on this earth or after, are merely MAN SEEKING TO FIND GOD, and through many and diverse ways and teachings and leaders. NOT ONE of those religious leaders of such cults and alternative religions can be called "the perfect and holy SON OF GOD." NOT ONE of these religious leaders lived a holy and sinless life, and died on the cross and rose again according to Bible prophecy to redeem mankind from sin.

This is what makes Christianity distinctly different from the other religions of the world.
Christianity, based on the words and life of Jesus the Christ, is GOD'S WAY of REACHING OUT TO HIS CREATION, THIS WORLD, WITH SALVATION. Jesus declared that He had been sent by God into the world  "...to seek and to save that which was lost." (Luke 19:10)That means that everyone apart from Him is indeed lost! Or, there would have been NO NEED for God to send a Savior into the world.
While world religions are merely man's futile attempts to find God in various ways, Christianity consists of GOD HIMSELF REACHING DOWN TO US TO REPRESENT HIMSELF through His Son Jesus Christ, and to provide salvation from sin and eternal life to all who will receive God's Son and believe in Him.
Therefore, BEWARE of "wolves in sheeps' clothing" who come to you, preaching ANOTHER GOSPEL other than that which is clearly revealed in the word of God. Such false preachers and pastors distort the word of God to their own agendas and purposes, to not only their OWN damnation but also unto the deceiving and subsequent damnation of those who hear and then BELIEVE such heresies.
The false doctrine of "MANY ROADS LEAD TO GOD AND HEAVEN" and that "...people of world religions are saved apart from Jesus Christ," is NOT the true GOSPEL OF SALVATION OF JESUS CHRIST, but rather the heretical message of the NEW WORLD ORDER and the NEW AGE! It is in fact DENYING JESUS CHRIST. And such a message comes not from the heart and the Word of God, but from Satan and the spirit of antichrist instead.
True Christians throughout the centuries have suffered and died as martyrs of Jesus Christ, for adhering to Bible truths and refusing to compromise the precious and eternal Word of God. Such Scriptural Christians refused to conform with a compromised and heretical false world church, such as the Catholic Church which arose out of Rome and eventually  became corrupted in certain doctrines and practices, and which finally launched Inquisitions against those who adhered  firmly to the Word of God. These brave Protestants suffered and died rather than compromise the precious Words of Jesus Christ.

I myself am a direct descendant of such Protestants, the PILGRIMS. They fled the persecutions in Europe for their steadfast faith, and arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620 to found a true nation UNDER GOD and His eternal word through Jesus the Christ, His Son. This is the true foundational heritage of my nation and my people, America.
Many hundreds of years later, Christians in our generation in North America must be willing to pay the price for standing up for "...the truth of the Lord which endures forever."
"But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you." I Peter 1:25
 Mark those who preach such doctrines of demons, and stay away from such churches (and denominations).Seek out pastors and congregations where the Word of God is being preached in truth and sincerity, glorifying God and Jesus Christ and only emphasizing the TRUTH OF THE WORD OF GOD instead.

Pray for the conviction and salvation of such speakers such as I have outlined above. Pray for people who attend such services to become enlightened unto SALVATION by the Holy Spirit and the truth. Pray that the pure Gospel of repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ ALONE will be preached from the pulpit of not only National Cathedral, but from every other church pulpit across North America and in fact the WORLD.

You can listen to his sermon of May 22, 2011, spoken from the pulpit of National Cathedral in Washington DC, by clicking on the following link. Listen carefully and judge for yourself from the Word Of God, whether this is heresy, or not.

Jesus Christ declared that the Word He has spoken will judge people in the end. He also declared that "For by your words shall you be justified and by your words you shall be condemned." (Matthew 12:37)He declared that whoever acknowledges Him before others, He will also acknowledge before the Father God. But whoever denies Jesus Christ before others, will be denied before God.

"Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven." (Matthew 10:32)"But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven." (Matthew 10:33)

To declare before men that Jesus Christ is NOT the ONLY way to God and ONLY Savior of mankind, is the equivalent of DENYING HIM  AND HIS TRUTH AND REALITY BEFORE OTHERS. And to distort the true meaning of the Words of Jesus Christ, so that people are mislead into thinking that multitudes are saved apart from repentance and believing in Jesus Christ, is deadly heresy.

In fact, it is soul-damning for those who teach this lie, and for those who BELIEVE this lie. This is the Word of God.

"Father God, we beseech You to have mercy on this Christian leader in National Cathedral, and open his eyes to the truth from your Eternal Word. Bring the Gospel of Salvation through repentance and believing solely in Jesus Christ Your Son to ALL who attend National Cathedral. Convict the hearts and minds of all other priests, pastors and preacher from the pulpits of America, that '...Thy word is TRUTH,' even as Jesus Christ declared to us. Convict their hearts and minds to understand that  Jesus Christ IS the ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER, and that there is SALVATION FOR MANKIND THROUGH HIM ALONE. Bring the churches of America and their leaders and followers back into the grace and power of the true Gospel and message of Jesus Christ, delivered unto us ONCE AND FOR ALL.

In Jesus' holy Name, Amen."


-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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