Thursday, May 5, 2011


NOW YOU can purchase AT DISCOUNT PRICES the MONTANA WALL TENT and heating/cooking units, outdoor toilets, and more. These tents are EXCELLENT for those who have recently LOST THEIR HOMES in the terrible tornadoes that recently struck America.

These people were tragically caught by this crisis without EMERGENCY SHELTERS or EMERGENCY PROVISIONS for this tornado. People who WERE PREPARED simply evacuated the area with their portable mobile shelters and emergency supplies when weather warnings came and WERE KEPT SAFE! They could RETURN with their portable shelters and emergency supplies, EVEN IF their homes were devastated.

But thank GOD, for survivors THERE IS HOPE for people who remained, survived the tornadoes  and whose homes were destroyed. YOU CAN NOW ORDER the MONTANA WALL TENT at discount prices to provide shelter for YOUR FAMILY and yourself TODAY.

Many survivors need emergency homes or trailers and FEMA CANNOT PROVIDE ENOUGH AT THIS TIME for everyone in crisis. This is WHY the MONTANA WALL TENT provides an excellent option and immediate emergency HOME FOR YOU that you can set up even on your property.

MONTANA WALL TENTS also provides a TENT OUTHOUSE for you, as well as cooking/heating stoves for your tent, all at DISCOUNT PRICES through a special distributor.

Here is MORE INFORMATION on the Montana Wall Tent. This wonderful emergency home comes in different sizes to accommodate your needs. It includes a FLOOR. You can also add on a KITCHEN UNIT (thought not necessary for cooking.) It also comes in different fabrics (sturdy canvas is excellent)and colors. WHITE is excellent for reflecting the summer sun and heat. WHITE also reflects lanterns in your tent more effectively.

This MONTANA WALL TENT can be used effectively in both HOT AND HUMID CLIMATES or in  SNOW and WINTER SEASONS. Built of durable CANVAS, with a sturdy aluminum frame that can be easily set up and taken down, it last s from 4-6 YEARS of continual year round use, including in harsh winter climates OR hot summer climates.

You can add furniture, cooking and heating stove, a front porch unit if you desire, and purchase an outdoor toilet tent unit as well. There are many accessories you can add to the basic unit in fact.

Below is an excellent MONTANA WALL TENT for one person use, complete with camp stove and floor, etc. You can buy different sizes of this kind as well.

Richard, the MONTANA WALL TENTS distributor I am working with to help provide his MONTANA WALL TENTS at DISCOUNT PRICES for YOU, especially for those in EMERGENCIES like the tornadoes that struck recently in ALABAMA and other states, is happy to work with you to supply your needs for EMERGENCY SHELTER at this time.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on how you can obtain a MONTANA WALL TENT at Richard's excellent


-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. I am in urgent need of one of these shelter. Please email me at or if anyone knows how to contact them directly.