Sunday, May 8, 2011


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Okay, okay... I know the FEDS are waiting with baited breath for my NEXT provocative article. I have been boring the Feds lately, who monitor my emails and websites.

Frankly, faithful readers, I have been trying to tiptoe away from any more provocative articles for a while.  I admit I am worn and weary from 15 years of non-stop reporting on the subject of THEIR New World Order/Martial Law agenda for America. I desperately WANT to talk about NICE JESUS! Or other peaceful subjects.

They are not interested in the subject of "EMERGENCY SHELTERS" for the American people. (They could care LESS about suffering Americans.)

They are not interested in my "Jesus Saves" articles (though these very lost sinners OUGHT to be!)

The Feds want to know WHAT "WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" think, or KNOW, about their nasty NWO agenda and strategies...and HOW we plan to respond to it.

How many of you, my readers, have been listening to or reading articles about "THE DEMISE OF BIN LADEN" recently?

More importantly, how many of you are actually naive enough to BELIEVE the lying government/military about something as ridiculous as this?  Does the US government have an "IN" with HOLLYWOOD script writers, who help them SPIN these incredible tales of a long dead BIN LADEN somehow being still alive and now being "courageously" terminated by our crack troops??? Does Hollywood actually train the major news media to stage and film this kind of spin to the satisfaction of the White House and the Pentagon, etc.?

This Bin Laden spin just like "9/11" spin fed to the American people stupid enough to yet believe the Government and their news media pawns.

Most of us researchers believe that the government is setting the stage carefully for ANOTHER FALSE FLAG "TERRORIST ATTACK" designed to further plunge us into MARTIAL LAW MODE. And that the "BIN LADEN" fiasco is a carefully staged/planned black op to set the stage for their "NEXT BIG ONE" to further their MARTIAL LAW agenda. Or to further justify our actions against various Muslim elements at home and abroad.

READ the many articles now appearing across the internet suspecting that this indeed is another FALSE FLAG TERRORISM act to prepare the mids of the American people for what the government is planning to do next:

Did any of you notice how HITLERY Clinton came on the national news after the "demise of Bin Laden" and state that "the potential for a terrorist attack" is very real now??? Indeed it is...and from our very own traitorous GOVERNMENT/MILITARY TERRORISTS who WANT AMERICA TO COME UNDER MARTIAL LAW!

Oooops...did I just vent? Again...?

Drat! And I thought I could finally tiptoe away for a little vacation...a little rest from the battle scene. A break from looking over my shoulder constantly or in my rear view mirror as I drive down the interstates of America. I time of respite from worrying about the strange bleeps that come over my phone when I talk about these kinds of subjects with others.

I was wrong. Events like the  phony Bin Laden termination have plunged me back into my saddle once again.


Here it comes! Look out, America. And don't say that investigative journalists like myself didn't TELL YOU SO! Something foul is coming our way...I can smell it in the air. And EVEN MORE SO, now that I am only 2 hours way from WASHINGTON DC and the WHITE HOUSE itself now.

 Sniff-sniff. Whew...Get me outta here! TOO close to DC for comfort!

Even though I was born in Washington DC and raised in that area for many years, the FURTHER AWAY I get from Washington DC, the BETTER I FEEL.

But then, should that really be so amazing, considering what we have there...???

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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