Monday, May 9, 2011

From My Heart, to the NEW WORLD ORDER Pagans with LOVE

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Maybe I am a different kind of Christian, and not the kind you may be used to. You know, the kind that might put you down for your paganism with an arrogant hint of "I am better than YOU!"

I can never have this kind of attitude towards those people into pagan beliefs or NWO teachings. Why? Because I once was lost in that world of darkness! And having been there, I can only have the deepest compassion and understanding for those who are now involved, as I once was.

For "...I ONCE WAS LOST, but NOW am FOUND, t'was BLIND, but NOW I SEE~!"

One of the greatest reasons as to WHY I turned in my teen years from the church I attended, to seeking answers in New Age paganism, was because my former church was spiritually EMPTY. NO serious preaching of the glorious words of Jesus Christ, words of power and peace and healing and joy and love. NO prayers for healing or miracles. I felt so empty in that church!

As many churches in the Washington DC area, it was only nominally "Christian." The Power of the Gospel had been exchanged for  a "Sunday morning social club." Flowery "feel-good" messages designed to offend NO one were substituted for the  life-changing and eternal Words of Jesus Christ.

And so, not finding the power I so badly needed to change my life, I tragically turned to alternate religions and paganism and the occult, never realizing at that time that such beliefs and teachings were considered "sin" by the Word of God.

Because, you see, my former church never really taught me ANYTHING from the Word of God. Tragically, there are what I now call "DEAD CHURCHES," that do NOT minister from the Word of God and save NO one! They are in fact PSEUDO-CHURCHES and NOT the church of the Living God as defined by Jesus Christ and the Bible.

I was blind, spiritually blind and about to head down a slippery slope that almost destroyed me in the end!

Oh, the wonderful mercy of the true and Living God I now know and love and serve! In His sovereign will and purposes, He allowed me to go for a period in my life into that dark world, only to then BRING ME OUT in His mercy through His Son Jesus Christ, so I  could later become a Christian light and witness to those yet lost in that dark world.

My New Age readers, I can now testify to you that there is NOTHING to be found or gained in that dark and dismal world of sin, of pre-Christian pagan beliefs or New Age alternate religion teachings, including reincarnation and karma and false promises of a "glorious" New World Order to come.

When I found myself dying at the age of 18 from epilepsy, brain damage and other complications diagnosed by my two doctors (who both considered themselves to be New Age metaphysicians in fact), my crystal ball remained darkened and blank, my Ouija board did not move, nor were there any "voices from the beyond."

As I faced death, I discovered that there was NOTHING from the world of the occult to give me any comfort, any hope for the future or healing for my broken body and mind. NOTHING!

It was only when I turned to the true and Living God of the BIBLE, by receiving His Son Jesus Christ into my life in 1971, that  His radiant light began to pierce the darkness and slowly shine through the dark clouds hanging over my life at that time.

My first genuine encounter with the Word of God bringing salvation to me through Jesus Christ, occurrred in a little church outside Washington DC, called the King Street Church of God, with a Pastor Abbott at that time in 1971. My mother and I had recently flown home from New York City, after visiting my Park Avenue physician, Dr. Isaac N. Kugelmass. He had told my mother,  following five years of treatment and therapy from him, that I was going to DIE. There was no hope for my future!

(Dr. Isaac Newton Kugelmass: )

And in fact, the final prescription he wrote for me, turned out to be ultimately a PRESCRIPTION FOR EUTHANASIA! This is what our local pharmacist told us as he read the prescription and became alarmed:

"I can't fill this prescription: to combine these drugs together will cause certain death!" We told him to tear it up, and we walked out of the drug store together, shaken.

We returned home. My mother then began to cry and said, "Oh, GOD, IF You are there, PLEASE HELP US!" God heard our hearts' cry, and within a few weeks we found ourselves in a church different from our previous one. THIS Church of God believed God's eternal word, practiced it, and their pastor preached it!

As I sat in that little church outside Washington DC, I heard for the first time in my life from the pulpit, the WORD OF GOD. As I listened to those wonderful words, I began to slowly realize that I WAS A SINNER, lost and separated from God because of my sins. And that JESUS CHRIST had been sent by God to bring salvation to ALL, because he died for ALL on the cross as He bore the sins of the world on His shoulders.

Conviction fell upon me, as  I realized that both HEAVEN and HELL were real places. And that ONLY BY REPENTING OF MY SINS and receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior could I ever hope to escape the horrors of HELL, and eternally enjoy the GLORIES OF HEAVEN and an eternal relationship with Almighty God.

The pastor also shared that through faith in God  and His Son, I COULD BE HEALED of what my doctors could not cure me of!

Finally...HERE was a God of MIRACLES! Of HOPE! The God I had been looking for but could not find in my former "dead" church, and could not find in New Age paganism and alternate religions either.

I found hope in the GOD OF THE BIBLE and His Son JESUS CHRIST instead. And that very hour I came forward to the front of the church, knelt and received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Instantly, God's Divine Holy Spirit came into my life, and lifted the depression I had been struggling with OUT OF MY HEART AND MIND and replaced it with HIS love and JOY!

Anger arose in my heart that day as well, as I began to realize that had been deceived for five long years by the false teachings of paganism! I went home and immediately pulled all my books on new Age and the occult from my bookshelves. They were thrown into the fireplace in our home with a vengeance. And soon, they were going up in smoke! I burned my Ouija Board, and smashed my crystal ball into pieces.

I prayerfully renounced everything belonging to the kingdom of darkness that I had formerly been involved with. And peace filled my heart as never before. Peace also came into our home as the darkness of sin and unbelief and pagan practices left our home finally, once and for all.

I began to attend Bible studies and prayer meetings. Soon I was attending miracle services and praying for healing of my illnesses. And soon, I was healed completely! A visit to my doctor in New Jersey, Dr. Samuel Getlen, confirmed after many tests that I was now completely healed. And he admitted he had NO MEDICAL EXPLANATION for my complete recovery! "Only GOD could do this, " he stated to my mother and I. "You have had a complete MIRACLE and I have NO MEDICAL EXPLANATION FOR THIS WHATSOEVER," he exclaimed.

I told him that I knew it, and that GOD HAD HEALED ME THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. That very day he wrote a letter confirming my miracle.

That was forty years ago. Since then, there have been no more epilepsy, no more seizures, no recurrence of any of my former symptoms or illnesses. And no more doctors or prescriptions either.

Halleluia! All glory and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ my Savior!

No NEW AGE teachings or gurus healed me. NO crystal ball or Ouija board provided any help or answers. It was indeed the GREATER POWER of the TRUE AND LIVING GOD  OF THE BIBLE through His Son Jesus Christ instead.

If you are into New Age teachings...if you are entangled in the Craft or the Brotherhood, the Illuminati and other forms of spiritual darkness, I can testify that THERE IS HOPE! Jesus Christ has the power to set you FREE from such darkness and organizations and futile, soul-damning belief systems. "He whom the SON SETS FREE is FREE INDEED," declared Jesus the Christ.

The Gospel message that will set you free is so very simple: REPENT of your sins and RECEIVE JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior. Come OUT of the darkness and walk INTO THE LIGHT! Jesus Christ did not come to CONDEMN you, but rather to FORGIVE and SAVE YOU.

The same Living God Who had mercy upon ME when I was so lost in that darkness, will also have mercy on you, forgive you and set you free at last.

Please, won't YOU come now to Jesus Christ YOUR Savior today??? The NEW WORLD ORDER is doomed from the beginning. And everything of spiritual darkness is destined to be destroyed forever. Come and be saved, come and be healed, come and be forgiven, come and receive love and comfort and help and mercy TODAY!

You will never regret making this wonderful  and eternal choice.What He did for ME, He will certainly do for YOU!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believes on Him shall not perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE." ~John 3:16

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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