Friday, May 13, 2011

References to My Reports All OVER YOUTUBE...Amazingly!

Finally, I give up.

(Huh? Pamela, what do you mean? Give up WHAT?)

 I give up in the ever-vain attempt to quietly walk away from 15 years of in-depth hard core investigative journalism to warn my fellow Americans of what is to come to our nation! To somehow TRY forget everything I have uncovered, and to somehow pretend it doesn't exist. The quest for a "normal" lifestyle continues to elude me.

I find myself being confronted with my reporting wherever I go. For example...

Today I was surfing through YOUTUBE, hoping to find  more glorious videos of  America's most beloved national parks, like GLACIER NP or YELLOWSTONE NP. Viewing such magnificent scenery ministers to my deeply saddened mind. The National Parks of America have become my "escape zones" from the grim realities of where America is being taken by the NWO agenda. One can find peace, solace, comfort and rest by disappearing among the millions of tourists who fill our national parks every year...maybe for the same kind of reasons that I do.

But SOMEHOW I stumbled upon videos of MARTIAL LAW and FEMA CAMPS and GUILLOTINES today. Curious, I watched one. And to my shock, I discovered IT WAS MY FORMER REPORT being read VERBATIM by the poster of that video! This video was about my report on the GUILLOTINES NOW HERE in America, waiting for martial law and the enforcing of the NOAHIDE LAWS on the tender necks of millions of Christian resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER who will refuse to deny their Savior Jesus the Christ and be BEHEADED (in fulfillment of Revelation 20:4).

Nervously I began to read through other titles of YOUTUBE videos posted exposing the NWO. And in video after video that I viewed, I was shocked to note that MANY had included references to MY REPORTS on this subject, whether about PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES or MODERN GUILLOTINES or FEMA CAMPS, etc.

Apparently my reporting has had a far greater impact on millions of Americans, than I ever imagined. And THIS is what makes ALL I have ever endured and sacrificed throughout the past 15 years during my investigations and reporting, WORTH IT ALL.

Americans ( and OTHERS) ARE WAKING UP to the TRUTH about NWO takeover of our nation!

And I finally realized, as weary and saddened by my reports and investigations as I may feel at times, there is simply NO WALKING AWAY from the truth they contain. Nor is there any option of walking away from  my responsibility to get this information out to my fellow Americans and fellow Christians. And thank GOD for the concerned people out there who are reposting my reports on their websites or blogs or YOUTUBE videos as well.


Yes, the modern military GUILLOTINES ARE HERE. Our own military (as well as UN/NATO/PfP troops in other countries) are being trained to operate these modern guillotines on future NWO resisters, with Christians RANKED HIGH ON THE NWO LIST for extermination. And this suits the NWO advocates just fine.

However, the modern guillotines they will haul out and display are not their only tools of elimination of the NWO resistance. I have long reported in depth about the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES, manufactured by many companies under secret contract with the US government, that will be used to haul political and religious prisoners to the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY/Halliburton KBR/military detention and termination camps located throughout the North American Continent (Canada and Mexico included.)

There are microwaving death camps. There are human body organ harvesting death camps (much like the human organ body harvesting death camps in CHINA now). These NWO advocates without conscience have devised many means to attempt to eliminate the NWO RESISTANCE.

My reports are sadly all accurate and very true. ONLY the fasting and prayer of the saints of God, beseeching Almighty God to HOLD THIS NWO INSANITY BACK A SEASON LONGER, have held their NWO agenda back this long for our nation and throughout the world in fact.

People across America, please KEEP ON FASTING AND PRAYING for the hands of God to restrain their madness, for the sakes of millions of innocent victims in the future of ..."Amerika."

Below are just a few of the YOUTUBE videos in which my reports are referred to in their contents:
-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Wait a second....

    Did you say microwave death camps?????

    Can you please point me to any and all information and reporting you have done regarding this particular piece?

    I ask because of a dream the Lord gave me many years ago...

  2. Good series on the Noahide Laws:

  3. From Pamela Rae Schuffert-There is reportedly at least one microwaving termination camp facility in the Colorado Springs area, possibly at one military facility, Fort Carson. But for every such facility we believe we have located, there may be many more in undisclosed locations.-Pamela Rae Schuffert