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Once Again, Dealing with INTERNET GRAFFITI Regarding ME

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

While I was surfing through YOUTUBE for people broadcasting my  NWO information through their videos (and there are numerous people doing so) I stumbled upon more INTERNET GRAFFITI.

Actually, I am always incredulous when I encounter people professing to be "Christians" who are guilty of reading things on the Internet, allegedly exposing other people, and then parroting or republishing such articles blindly without even having the courtesy to GO TO THE PERSON SO ACCUSED and ask them simply, "IS THIS TRUE?"

From a journalist's standpoint, this is unprofessional and unethical as well.

The misleading YOUTUBE  information was posted on a video by a "EZRA1JESUS1Disciple" from Ethiopia, and the UK. It was entitled "PAM SCHUFFERT EXPOSED" plus some other good names as well (including an honest pastor from South Africa). When I did my research, I discovered that the source was once again none other than false prophet and heretic LINDA NEWKIRK. This "EZRA 1" doesn't even know me, has never contacted me, and was blindly parroting the slander Llinda Newkirk had previously written against me. Now tell me, WHAT is "Christian" about that?

I don't have to run to other websites for information on Linda Newkirk. I knew her personally and tried to be her Christian friend at one point. Until she rejected me and turned against me because I called a spade a spade, and told her kindly on the phone one day that REINCARNATION AND KARMA are not Biblical doctrines. Linda falsely teaches that they ARE Scriptural, and teaches furthermore that she is some reincarnated Bible saint of old (!)

Linda is also guilty of PLAGIARIZING, taking research from other people like myself, and then turning it cleverly into "prophecy" she claims to have received herself from God about the coming tribulations to America. She then publishes this in her books filled with false prophecies allegedly from "God," which always glorify her as "Gods' chosen and elect" darling, and villainizing ANYONE who dares to challenge her heresies and tactics.And of course, it is always hatred for anyone who exposes her is cleverly disguised as "God told her so," and that the offending person will perish in the lake of fire because they dared to offend Newkirk! She has created for herself quite a false god who says whatever she wants him to say, for HER glory and against anyone who dares to TELL THE TRUTH about Newkirk!

But of course Newkirk must defend herself, hiding behind her self-made god, because there are BIG BUCK$ in hawking her books filled with  false prophecies on the Internet to the unsuspecting!

And when NEWKIRK and FBI asset STEW WEBB went to South Africa to hawk their garbage, the Pastor (Dirk Van Vuren)caught on immediately, as I found out. I read an email from him revealing that his church finally realized that  NEWKIRK and WEBB were deceivers and not of God. These South African Christians were not deceived by Newkirk and her accomplice WEBB. And so of course Newkirk had to slander this good pastor as well in her diatribe and writings, then parroted by EZRA1 on YOUTUBE.

Linda Newkirk runs quite an Internet scam with her books filled with self glorification (allegedly from "GOD," calling her all sorts of wonderful names) and plagiarizing from honest and hard working journalists like myself and others, and then republishing it and selling it under HER name and allegedly HER prophetic revelations "from GOD" of things to come. When the Twin Towers fell under 9/11, Newkirk even openly claimed that SHE caused them to fall through her curse prayers! (Nice person.)

I recently was in contact with a friend of mine that went down to see Linda Newkirk personally. She was very disturbed by what she found. The "child of God" Newkirk portrays herself to be in her books she hawks on the Internet to the unsuspecting, she is definitely NOT in person! My friend also told me that Newkirk literally "hissed like a serpent" when she talked about ME to Newkirk. Linda's hatred of me spewed out like a snake's venom as my friend brought my name up to Newkirk. Nice Christian response, eh?

Furthermore, my friend told me she was disturbed about two people that had previously come to visit Newkirk, only to mysteriously disappear afterwards. No one knew what happened to them. She said there was a locked trailer behind Newkirk's trailer, that had a terrible stench coming from it. She frankly wondered if they might have been murdered (as in sacrificed) and the bodies concealed in that trailer. "Linda got angry with me when I got too close to that mysterious trailer, " my friend emailed me after visiting Newkirk. "she told me to STAY AWAY from it!" SO concerned was my friend about this, that I took the time to report this to the local FBI office there. I have not heard anything back yet.

My Christian friend told me she is convinced that Newkirk is a witch. I know from my contact with her that she is posing as a "Christian" to get sales of her books filled with her false prophecies.

I sent a kind email to this "Ezra1," challenging this person who republished misinformation against me on YOUTUBE written by NEWKIRK, to get to know me first and ask me about myself, rather than blindly republishing slanderous information without even having the courtesy to ASK ME FIRST.

I have zero respect for anyone professing to be "A CHRISTIAN" who lives thousands of miles away from me, blindly republishes slander regarding me without even taking the time to get to know me first! Especially when I am so easy to get into contact with.

I  frankly become so weary of people professing to be "Christians" who do this. And they do it all the time.

So in case you stumble upon this set of videos on YOUTUBE,  you know know the truth behind these allegations and slander. It is one more person blindly parroting misinformation put out by people like NEWKIRK. People like NEWKIRK, desperate to cover up the truth about themselves  (cuz they gotta make  BIG BUCK$$$!), must vigorously attack ANYONE who knows the truth and exposes what they really are. And use anything they can, including LIES.

In fact, this is a known CIA tactic as well. CIA are taught to DENY anything exposing one of their operatives, and to COUNTER ACCUSE to throw the attack back upon the person exposing the truth.

We as Christians know this to be LYING. And the Bible clearly states  in the Book of Revelation that all who make LIES shall face eternal damnation in the LAKE OF FIRE. Not my words, but that of Almighty God.

Got any questions regarding me that you would like to know the truth about? Just ASK me!

So now you know"...the REST of the story." (Sigh...)

BELOW is a previous article I posted exposing the truth about Linda Newkirk, with an email from the Pastor in South Africa exposing her as well:

Numerous people across America have come across the website of false prophet LINDA NEWKIRK, and are disgusted with her lies and books filled with God's alleged lavish praise and kudos to NEWKIRK.

In fact, immediately after 9/11, NEWKIRK and her New Age witchcraft posing as "Christianity" TOOK THE CREDIT FOR IT!

You can read all about this below.
Newkirk makes big bucks off the American people by publishing her alleged "prophecies" and also filling her publications with curses and "THUS SAITH THE LORD YOU ARE DEAD IF YOU CRITICIZE NEKIRK" type rantings.She has also brought false acusations against people like myself, Pamela Schuffert, and others.

I personally much time with her on the phone, sharing from The Bible how she was INTO GROSS heresy as she teaches REINCARNATION AND KARMA and ASCENDED MASTERS and that "JESUS IS JUST ONE MORE ASCENDED MASTER".

Newkirk then turned on me viciously when I would NOT accept her false doctrines, and began to publish lies masked as "prophecies" against me, joining with COINTELPRO accomplices Fred and Katy Sasse of MN and CIA Barbara Hartwell to character assassinate me.

In one email, she even went so far as to CLAIM "PAM SCHUFFERT IS DEAD" because she, Linda Newkirk, cursed me.

Quite obviously, I AM ALIVE. You ARE quite the liar, Newkirk! And those that go to you for your information, like Fred and Katy Sasse (CIA COINTELPRO accomplices to Barbara Hartwell), are also the deceived.

This type of false teaching undergirds the NEW AGE/NWO movement, and is utterly UNSCRIPTURAL and without basis.

Newkirk was thrown out of churches in South Africa when she tried to pass herself off on them as a "true prophet from God." Included in this post is one email from South Africa exposing her lies.

With the volume of her publications being sold on her website, filled with doctrines of demons and heresies and false prophecies that have actually hurt people by her false accusations in the past, it is time America understands the truth about such false prophets as LINDA NEWKIRK.

Here are several links:

(From Sherry)

...I met Linda Newkirk in 2001 as well as her husband. After we met, her true spirit was exposed, especially on 9/11/01 after the destruction of the twin towers in New York. We were to go grocery shopping together and instead I prayed non-stop for days, interceding for the victims.

Linda Newkirk got furious with me, for she said SHE CAUSED THE TWIN TOWERS TO BE DETROYED, for she used the rod of judgement the day before on the phone on it as well as calling the wrath down on the Pentagon.

The day before, NEWKIRK was on the telephone with me and as I was praying, she picked up a broom and hit the floor of her trailer and said she was using the "rod of destruction."

I just thought she was being stupid and did not realize she was operating under occult power. I instead interceded for the innocent people of New York and told her that I don't believe she caused that destruction, and the Spiritual rod given to me was not used for evil like she claims hers was being used for.

I have much to say, but to make it short, I agree with what Pam Schuffert has written about her...
False Prophet LINDA NEWKIRK Creates HAVOC in South Africa!

Please read the following email I just received from my website reader, Dirk. (Below this comment .)

Many of you have asked me if alleged "prophet" LINDA NEWKIRK is indeed a false prophet, and I have repeatedly confirmed BY HER OWN WORDS that she indeed is a deceiver and teaching DOCTRINES OF DEMONS, sandwiched behind her smooth sounding words of alleged "END TIME PROPHECY."

She is in fact also a plagiarist, stealing the valuable in-depth research of journalists like myself, then rewriting them to sound as if "GOD HAS REVEALED TO HER THESE EVENTS TO COME TO AMERICA."

And of course, a FALSE PROPHET always writes false prophecy to glorify themselves, to mislead readers.

NEWKIRK is infamous for doing this, painting glowing words "FROM THE FATHER" in her prophecies that seek to glorify her, how great she is, etc.

But even Jesus Christ Himself declared that He came to to SEEK THE GLORY OF THE FATHER! Every true servant of God will seek to GLORIFY GOD and NOT THEMSELVES!

And as I have shared previously, NEWKIRK teaches the DOCTRINE OF DEMONS of REINCARNATION AND KARMA, referring to Jesus Christ as "MASTER JESUS". This is an occultic, eastern religion "ASCENDED MASTERS" teaching, going right along with REINCARNATION AND KARMA.

When I personally confronted NEWKIRK on this heresy by telephone, she became livid with anger and insisted that REINCARNATION IS TRUE! And that "Master Jesus" told her so!

Sorry, but NEWKIRK'S false doctrines have been proven unscriptural and to be lies again and again. And her many false prophecies that have never come to pass also condemn her. "By your words you shall be justified and by your words YOU SHALL BE CONDEMNED."-Jesus Christ.

For example, her "due date" of WINTER SOLSTICE of 2003 for when I was SUPPOSED TO DROP DEAD for daring to call her a FALSE PROPHET, of course NEVER CAME TO PASS! Yet she declared "GOD TOLD HER" He would kill me by then!

Linda is truly of her father Satan, the father of liars and lies. And her end shall be in the LAKE OF FIRE, as with ALL liars and false prophets that seek to deceive the elect.

Sincerely, Pamela Schuffert
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Meail from South Africa:

From: "koerier"

To: Pam Schuffert

Subject: RE: Linda Newkirk

Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 13:01:27 +0200

Dear Pamela Schuffert,

My name is Dirk van Vuuren and I am from South Africa. I was involved with the Afrikaans translations of the books of LN, from the Mountain. Therein she (LINDA NEWKIRK) curses you to death and said to me personally that you are now dead.

Could you verify that you still live, please, it is very urgent, because this woman is now in South Africa and is creating havoc with our people. We are presently compiling a file of her false prophecies and downright lies.

Regards, Dirk Van Vuuren

SO once again, NOW you know "...the REST of the story!" And the truth finally.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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