Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You SHALL Recieve POWER When the HOLY SPIRIT Comes to DWELL in YOU!

"But you shall receive POWER after the HOLY SPIRIT IS COME UPON YOU..."

The FLESH profits nothing: It is the HOLY SPIRIT THAT GIVES LIFE!" ~Jesus Christ

"...Be FILLED with the Holy Spirit!" ~Apostle Paul

I am FILLED with the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD and Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit is REALITY in me and my ONLY reality and strength and power! HE is MY LIFE! HE is my FLESH AND BONES! He dwells in EVERY atom of my being...even every RNA/DNA is filled with His life and holiness and health imparting HOLY SPIRIT, giving me Life in my mortal body! I am FILLED with the Blood of Jesus Christ my Savior as well! His Divine spiritual Blood flows through my LIFE and my veins and my very heart muscles! The very LIFE within me is JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR, dwelling within by HIS HOLY SPIRIT!

His new LIFE brings JOY, PEACE, RIGHTEOUSNESS and wonderful graces and gifts and strength and POWER!


Fellow Christians, I am confessing this good confession of faith to YOU to encourage YOU to do the same!

We must always do our practical part to bring life to our bodies as well: health food and nutrition and exercise is very important!  You can't abuse your body, neglect it, and then expect good health."Faith without works is dead."

But NOTHING is more important than HIS NEW LIFE ABIDING IN YOU!

Is His NEW LIFE abiding in YOU? Ask Him for LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY today! And DO those things that MAKE FOR LIFE! And RECEIVE those things from God that make for LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY! Come, HOLY SPIRIT! Come, QUICKENING SPIRIT OF LIFE!

"If a man keep MY COMMANDMENTS, He shall NEVER SEE DEATH!"~Jesus Christ

-Pamela Schuffert

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