Thursday, March 10, 2011

God's Call to the NEW WORLD ORDER to REPENT...ALL of You!

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

God is calling the NEW WORLD ORDER advocates and funders and movers/shakers to REPENT and BELIEVE in Jesus Christ God's Son and His TRUTH NOW. From the White House down through the ranks of many Americans and international people as well, God is lovingly and mercifully calling and moving many of you to REPENT and to turn to the truth and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior instead of deception. You know what you are doing. You know where you are taking America and her citizens. REPENT. (And this is not a is simply the WORD OF GOD being preached to you, and that is all. God does not work through violence or threatsnor do I nor have I. This is the Word of God.)

NWO, Repent of your abominations.Repent of your sins.Repent of your murders of the innocents. Repent of your boxcars, shackles, guillotines, deathcamps and re-education camps and body organ harvesting agenda of the future victims. Repent of yours plans to deliberately trigger the NEXT BIG ONE to usher in MARTIAL LAW.Repent of your plans to murder millions of innocent Christians and Americans/Canadians in North America.

CIA, (and all other intelligence communities involved in this)repent of your many murders of the innocents, your many abominations, the terrible things you do to innocents including infants and children, your mind programming of victims and setting up terrible scenarios for gun control (such as using programmed mind control victim Matthew Murray to shoot the YWAM victims, plus mall shootings, etc.) Repent of your drugs agenda that have destroyed the lives of many in America. Repent of the torture of the innocents. Repent of your plans to torture and murder innocents including Christians under martial law. You know all about the NWO scenario and former CIA operatives have told me so.And you wholeheartedly support it, with people such as former directors as the BUSH Illuminati NWO faction.

US military, REPENT of your role in this NWO horror to come to our nation. REPENT of your terrible military deathcamps and training your troops to process and terminate fellow Americans under martial law, repent of your microwaving camps, your role in training military to operate the modern military guillotines and the AGENDA for our US and foreign troops on America soil ( and worldwide.) Fort Lewis, Fort Bragg, Fort Hood and many other military bases which train our troops to operate the modern military guillotines with CHRISTIANS especially the target in the future, REPENT.Repent of your MILAB mind control victims and terrible human experimentation in your underground bases and your creating of monstrosities in your genetic nightmares agendas.

Police and Sheriff departments who have sold out your fellow Americans to this terrible agenda, repent.

Elected politicians and leaders in this nation, those of you who have sold out your fellow Americans to this terrible agenda for filthy money and more terms, REPENT.

Jews who tragically believe that the NWO is your future messianic world reign, repent, Your false messiah is NOT the true Messiah, JESUS CHRIST to ONLY messiah and Savior of the world. You are believing in a LIE that will damn your precious and eternal souls to hell. Those of you who rejoice in the thought of Christians being BEHEADED by your NOAHIDE LAWS and guillotines, repent. These are the very CHRISTIANS who actually LOVE Israel, and are praying for the Jews with love. Do YOU REJOICE IN THE THOUGHTS OF THE DEATHS OF THOSE WHO LOVE YOU AND ARE ACTUALLY YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR ONLY REAL FRIENDS IN THIS DARK WORLD???

People of spiritual darkness, REPENT. Believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God and your only Savior and hope of forgiveness and salvation. The Bible makes it clear your NEW WORLD ORDER is doomed eternally, and you with it., Jesus Christ the Son of God SHALL reign and establish His eternal kingdom on this earth and in the hearts of the world, And you shall be DAMNED. The Bible tells us so. GOD'S WORD IS TRUTH!

Russia and China, repent of your dark role in world globalist domination and your role in America's future as well. Your troops will indeed operate guillotines on American victims. Many of the people on the lists of round-ups to be taken to camps and eliminated under martial law, their names were directly dictated over INTERFAX from MOSCOW and BEIJING of Americans to be rounded up and eliminated as threats to your future communist world takeover, the NWO in North America being part of this, Repent of your deadly roles in the "NEXT BIG ONE" (s) to trigger martial law in America. Repent of your Communist NWO oppression and murders of the innocents and your horrible camps for resisters.

Illuminati families and Sabbateans REPENT.You know what you do and who you do it for, and the blood of the innocents remains upon your guilty hands. There is no hope for any of you apart from JESUS CHRIST GOD'S SON.

Big military/industrial complexes complicit in this agenda and companies such as HALLIBURTON, KELLOGG ROOT AND BROWN (deathcamps manufacturers among other things) and companies such as GUNDERSON INC making prisoner boxcars with shackles at BIG profit to kill your fellow Americans/Canadians under martial law, ...ALL of you profiteering off the coming horrors, REPENT. Your money will turn to dust and the wrath of God in the end.

ALL of you, REPENT OF YOUR DEADLY ROLE IN THE NWO AGENDA. Your judgment and eternal damnation will be greater than you can imagine IF YOU DO NOT.

Jesus Christ, God's eternal Son has provided forgiveness and eternal salvation for your and your sins.HE IS YOUR ONLY HOPE and your NWO is DOOMED IN THE END and from the beginning. THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO!

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