Friday, March 18, 2011

URGENT CALL to Christian Intercessors:TIME TO FAST AND PRAY!

...Because of the terrible tragedies we now face in North America and around the globe.

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

PRAYER (to God the Father in Jesus Christ's Holy Name and based on the eternal promises if the Word of God) CHANGES THINGS! Prayer shapes the destinies of nations and saves the souls of mankind!Prayer raises the dead and heals the sick. Prayer saves souls, marriages, and many other things as well.


The many terrible plans and events I have outlined now for 15 years, that have been planned to come to this nation by the purposes and plans of wicked men determined to destroy our Christian heritage from North America and to bring it into a slave nation under their communist/world globalist NWO agenda, HAVE BEEN HELD BACK many years by the cries of God's people to restrain their agenda a little while longer.

I was in a prayer meeting in Portland OR, in the home of the wife of a high executive of GUNDERSON INC. She had invited me to come and lecture to her and her friends about PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES and their purposes, and the NWO agenda. GUNDERSON INC was under secret government contract to produce thousands of prisoner boxcars and shackles for MARTIAL LAW. MILLIONS of dollars were given to GUNDERSON INC to produce these tools of cruel oppression and death against the American Christian/Patriot under martial law.

She began the meeting by saying, " I have called this meeting in my home to announce that my husband, a high executive with GUNDERSON INC, finally admitted to me that GUNDERSON was under secret contract with the US government to produce thousands of prisoner boxcars and shackles..." I interrupted, " haul people Nazi style to the FEMA camps under martial law!" She admitted, "Yes....and they even have a satellite factory in Texas to produce MORE prisoner boxcars with shackles as well." Col. Jim Ammerman confirmed this to me over the phone: he lives in Texas.

Some people who worked at Gunderson INC attended the meeting as well and confirmed the prisoner boxcars and their extra height. They admitted special platforms had been built to accommodate working on them.

We prayed after my lecture at this Christian gathering. One person received a WORD OF PROPHECY and said, "Thus saith the Lord: had it not been for MY PEOPLE PRAYING that I WOULD HOLD MARTIAL LAW BACK, your nation would be under it now!" I remarked, "I KNOW it, Lord..I know it!"

Friends, we are living under GRACE in a free America. We HAVE been living in a grace period before all that wicked people have planned to destroy our freedoms in North America (and worldwide)finally comes to pass.

BUT that may change VERY soon!

Have YOU been one of those prayer warriors crying out to God for our nation and this generation? Have YOU been praying against the NWO agenda for North America and the globe?

IN an hour when warnings are being sounded about the NEW MADRID FAULT ZONE potential for a major earthquake soon potentially, what should the response of the Christian Intercessor be? Especially when it is indicated that powerful PROJECT HAARP frequencies of the military may be implicated, even as with HAITI and JAPAN?

Your prayers and fasting is needed greatly NOW! Please make the difference for the glory of God and the destinies of MILLIONS in this urgent hour.

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. Hi Pamela,

    I have been writing prayers and will be posting them online soon.

    It has some of the most powerful, sterning Bible verses that God use to rebuke the wicked, especially the ones in the Old Testament.

    This is an older written prayer of blessing that I wrote in respond to one of your article in 1.5 year ago.