Thursday, March 10, 2011

Please...Go VEGETARIAN/ORGANIC for Your Life's Sake!

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian and well-researched perspective-

I have been performing many years now of research on the value of the foods you eat and drink. What I discovered through research shocked me thoroughly.

We live in a polluted society filled with deadly foods down every supermarket aisle, in every fast food outlet chain and popular restaurant chains as well.Artificial ingredients and colors, altered foods, dead food with no nutritional value but lots of empty calories. Nitrates and nitrites causing cancer and leukemia abound in our processed meats.


Deadly mercury and toxic metals in many popular fishes, especially TUNA. ONLY wild Alaskan SALMON (NOT farm raised salmon or other fish), and small fish like sardines(because they live a short life and do not accumulate toxins so much)are safe to eat on a regular basis,

Terrible chemicals and antibiotics and abnormal hormones abound in most milk and dairy products and beef and meat products, unless organic.Harmful chemicals abound in eggs unless they are organic. Baking products containing wheat stripped of all health benefits through refining, and filled with artificial colors and flavors (about 15000 different chemicals in fact!) abound on various shelves. Processed foods with all natural nutrition removed and replaced with artificial synthetic "vitamins." and the horrors of genetically modified foods making people ill who don't even realize they are the culprits.


And the horrors of the terrible soft drink industry, with the chemicals, artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors and sugar, phosphoric acid and other harmful ingredients...creating diabetes due to high sugar content. This includes popular drinks in jars and cans, such as processed juices with no real nutritional value at all and added sugar, etc.

Instead of these, I JUICE! And get the purest bottled water I can find,

After reading dozens of websites and books on this subject, I am forever changed on the subject of eating and drinking. I no longer ever go to fast food chains or popular restaurant chains. I avoid most shopping market aisles and stay around the fresh vegetables and fruits and related items and quality bottled water.

I personally a mostly vegetarian/organic/raw food eater. I will eat wild Alaska salmon and occasional organic pasture raised buffalo with no hormones antibiotics, grains, etc.Occasionally I will eat organic farm raised eggs. When I cheat and eat "junk food" when eating with friends, my body feels it afterwards. I JUICE DAILY WITH ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. I also fast periodically and monitor all the water I drink for purity and safety. Walking long periods is good also, as well as other kinds of exercise.
I also fast periodically on water only, safely and responsibly.

Christians reading this, this is not legalism. You can eat or drink whatever you want and many of you do...and your health is suffering because of it! Because we are Christians we are not exempt from responsible health practices. Faith without works is dead...and so are many of you as well. I shudder at church picnics that are poisoning God's people with toxic hot dogs, and soft drinks, and junk-junk-JUNK including brownies, cakes and pies all made with unhealthy ingredients. No wonder so many Christians are having problems with OBESITY in churches today...but wish they weren't!And not ONLY Christians, but people in the world as well.

Many people are sick and dying because of poor food and drink choices and poor lifestyles. CHRISTIANS INCLUDED!Children and adults and infants are dying every day because of the terrible food quality in today's choices in supermarkets and restaurants and fast food restaurants.

Save your spouses' your children's YOUR health as well!

There is too much I could say on this brief post, so do the following:

GO to websites on this subject. RESEARCH and CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLES while you can,,,before it may be too late! Treat your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit it deserves to be treated as, for the glory of the Lord God of Hosts and for you very own sake.

MUCH ARTIFICIAL DEPRESSION IS CREATED BY POOR FOOD CHOICES AND LIFESTYLES! The chemicals will make you feel sick, lethargic, depressed and you don't ever understand WHY until you DO YOUR RESEARCH!

GO to your local library and check out books on this too will be shocked at the truth about the processed food and drink industry.


-Pamela Schuffert

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  1. Excellent blog post. I couldn't agree more that people are needlessly suffering mental depression and physical ailments that are not necessary, simply because they are eating meat and G.M.O. foods that are being poisoned.

    I recently switched over to 100% raw vegan just two days ago and it's amazing how much of a difference I feel. My mind is becoming much more at peace, more focused and my dreams are becoming very vivid, memorable and occasionally even lucid.