Tuesday, March 1, 2011


BY Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

There is no life and no hope and no salvation except through the LORD JESUS CHRIST! EVERYONE must come THROUGH HIM and BY HIM and by HIS GRACE to the LIVING GOD, the ONE TRUE GOD. You must give your life to HIM for SALVATION, because there is NO OTHER HOPE in this world or in the world to come. Your sins can only be forgiven through faith in HIM and NO OTHER WAY. HE IS your only hope of life!

You will never find peace or hope or life through any other religion. There is no hope of eternal life or salvation through Judaism that rejects Jesus Christ as their only Messiah and Savior.

In fact, Communism and the planned destruction of Christianity worldwide and the introduction of a very Jewish led/inspired New World Order and communism is a direct product of Jews rejecting Jesus Christ as Messiah and continuing the persecution initiated from the very days of Jesus Christ, their rejection of Him, and persecution and martyring of His disciples who preached Him.

OF course, not ALL Jews are involved, and this is not a stereotyping of Jews. God BLESS the wonderful Messianic Jews nationwide, in Israel and worldwide! God BLESS those who are working for justice among the Jewish people and inside Israel.You have many MANY Gentiles, groups, organizations, etc., who are walking in darkness who are working hard for the NWO agenda worldwide.

But many Jews by their own admission are involved, and Communism was directly inspired and the the Bolshevik revolution funded and raised up by Jewish rejecters of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Rothschilds and supporters from NYC), leading to the brutal persecution and martyrdom for tens of millions of Christians in communist regions, beginning in Russia and spreading beyond. I have experienced Jews bragging to me that my reporting is correct on the GUILLOTINES of the NOAHIDE LAWS, and that "...the antichrist you Christians fear, will be our NEW MESSIAH to get RID of you Christians and bring forth our 'Messianic' world reign!"

THIS bogus "messiah" will indeed be the antichrist of Revelation 13 and the "MAN OF PERDITION" of II Thessalonians.

This is the type of communist NWO government they hope to impose on North America as well, with Christians arrested and sent to camps by boxcars, as they were in Russia for decades to the communist gulags. This is why Christians will be among the first to be arrested and condemned and sent to the camps I have reported on under martial law.This is why FEMA will seize churches under martial law, like the communist seized churches under their Bolshevik revolution.

Under Jewish written legislature of NOAHIDE LAWS, Christians will be condemned for breaking two of them, declared guilty of idolatry and blasphemy against God. They will be EXECUTED BY BEHEADING, and the modern guillotines are HERE TODAY in the world, as I have reported extensively. They are in prisoner boxcars with shackles. They are in military bases worldwide. Our military and foreign miltary are being trained to operate them even as your read this.Yes, Christians will die by the millions worldwide under distinctly Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS and their modern guillotines.

Communism, Noahide laws, sabbateanism, the ACLU that seeks to take away all Christian freedoms in America today and much more, they are all direct products of Jews who reject Jesus as Messiah and Savior and Lord. These are the sad fruits of a people who reject their only hope and Messiah, Jesus Christ.

And certain Jews today are now preparing and raising up their "NEW MESSIAH" whom we know to be the antichrist, and some Jews have bragged to me that their new Messiah will bring in their Jewish world reign and get RID of the Christians who stand in their way! This IS their New World Order of antichrist and persecution and martyrdom of the Christians. What sad fruits of a people God loved from the beginning and called into fellowship with Himself through His beloved Messiah and Lord Jesus Christ!

IF you are Jewish, COME to Jesus your only hope and Messiah today. Your life will be changed and you will never be the same, and miracles will come into your life. There is no hope in the false "messiah" they are preparing! The Bible says that all who follow the false messiah will be condemned eternally. The Bible further states that the NEW WORLD ORDER will fail, will be judged by the Lord God, and all it's promoters and followers will be condemned eternally.

There is no hope through ISLAM, with a false prophet and a false religious doctrine and a false "moon god" Allah. There is no hope through idolatry, Hinduism, Buddhism and pagan doctrines of other religions. There is no hope in the occult.There is no hope in the doctrines of the NEW WORLD ORDER. There is no hope in COMMUNISM or world globalism, nothing but death and destruction of everything GOOD and Godly.

There is only hope through JESUS CHRIST, SAVIOR OF THE WORLD and SON OF THE LIVING GOD. HE is YOUR LIFE, HE IS YOUR HOPE, HE is your only SALVATION, period.


REPENT of your sins and be FILLED with the DIVINE HOLY SPIRIT of the LIVING GOD! The Holy Spirit gives LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.

Be washed in the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST TODAY, and saved from yourself and the wicked world as well.

HE is your only hope both now and forevermore.

Jesus Christ is MY Lord and Savior and will remain so throughout the coming times of persecution and martyrdom of the saints of God under the NEW WORLD ORDER.

And if we suffer with HIM we will reign with HIM eternally. "Be thou faithful unto death..." and HE WILL GIVE YOU the crown of LIFE!

DON'T be afraid of the prisoner boxcars with shackles, the modern military guillotines (Revelation 20:4) or the FEMA/Homeland Security camps or any of the coming tribulations. BE afraid of "Him who can destroy body and soul in HELL eternally.Be afraid of DENYING HIM Who bought you with His blood, Christians!

Remember..your body is destined to DIE! It's cell's are NOT immortal! They are all programmed to slowly expire and DIE. You will LEAVE this old body behind and join Jesus Christ eternally for your REAL life and REAL home and REAL reward. We are destined to die, to reign with Christ forever. Without death of that which must pass away, we cannot enter into life.

Think of your body as merely a placenta housing your eternal SPIRIT redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. The placenta must die for the baby to be released into life. And your mortal body MUST die to release your NEW CREATION spirit into eternity...the very purpose for which Jesus Christ redeemed you! Think of death as a wonderful gift and passing into LIFE ETERNAL!

I remind myself of this every single day...every day...every day. I know what I face...and what many of YOU will also face. Prepare yourselves TODAY for what is to come, both good and evil.

God bless you all.

-Pamela Schuffert

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