Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I need your prayers for A MIRACLE today.

We can see crises coming! We face terrible things to come worldwide and throughout NORTH AMERICA as well.

MANY people are preparing rapidly, such as the PREPPER MOVEMENT, modern SURVIVALISTS, and more.Yes, people are preparing!

It is a terrible thing when you know what is to come, and yet have nothing with which to purchase survival supplies. It is torment in fact.

I am in this very situation. I have sacrificed for 15 years now to TELL AMERICA THE TRUTH and to research and document all these things for millions of readers nationwide and worldwide. And now, facing these crises, I have nothing with which to purchase any survival and food supplies. Nothing.

I have refused to charge for my reporting and research. I sold everything I had to obtain the gas to keep going on the road, living under terrible circumstances at times to perform my research.

While many others sell books, DVD's etc, to support their research, I made all of my reporting FREE so that NO ONE would be deprived of the truth for lack of money.

This has resulted in my living on the extreme edge!

And in November 2010 my brief home health care job ended, because I refused to stop witnessing Jesus Christ on the job!

It is almost impossible for me to get hired due to my controversy and notoriety in my reporting, my name when GOOGLED up, with numerous GOOGLE reports appearing and my blog and history.

I am virtually stripped of all things in this world except an old donated car, some clothes from Salvation Army or Good will, a Bible and a few fringe things.

I am personally amazed that only about 1 percent of the millions upon millions of readers throughout the past 15 years have supported me financially in any way. What has cost me my life and all that I have, they received free of charge.

For this reason I am asking YOU my readers to consider the meaning of COMPASSION and CARING for people like myself who have cared for YOU by my work for years. Don't let this tragedy continue.

You can send your gifts of caring and mercy to me at :Pamela Schuffert, PO Box 494, Montreat, NC, 28757

God bless YOU for CARING at this critical time!

-Pamela Schuffert

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