Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Personal Interview with Greg Voetsch of "POISONED AMERICA" Book

One Victim Shares His Grim Account

I was elated yesterday afternoon to finally get into contact with one of the many victims whose tragic life stories are revealed in Loretta Schwartz Nobel's book, POISONED NATION.
If you do not have this book, I recommend that you purchase a copy or obtain it at your local library. EVERY AMERICAN WILL BE EVENTUALLY AFFECTED THROUGHOUT OUR NATION BY THE TOXIC POISONING OF AMERICA. It is just a matter of time and exposure.

After I read her book the first time, I spent time in prayer for the families who have become victims already of corporate greed, corruption and government cover-up. One family I began to pray for was that of Greg Voetsch of Rancho Cordova, California.

IN the second chapter of her book, Loretta interviews Greg and his wife about the terrible repercussions of the deadly PERCHLORATE poisoning of their region's water supplies (the American River) by the AEROJET company.

It has now been 3 years since the book was published. Greg explained to me that since he had met with Loretta, his precious wife Doris, so filled with cancer and suffering from the perchlorate contamination by Aerojet, had died. His voice was sad but kind as he shared with me some of his experiences. Greg is a Christian, as are many other victims in this book. But being "Christian" did not automatically exempt them from great suffering as the result of the gross indifference, negligence and offenses of others.

Often Greg's voice broke as his sadness came through in the conversation with me. I will share more in the next post about his experience when his wife died, as he related to me.

Please pray for Greg. He excused himself from our conversation finally, stating that he had a doctor's appointment because of more emerging cancers and illness from the perchlorate exposure over the years.

In the following post, I will share more in detail about this incredible encounter with Greg of POISONED NATION.

-Pamela Schuffert

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