Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Miracle from GOD-First Normal Conversation With Brother

What a glorious miracle. Your prayers for my brother John are being answered nationwide! I spoke to my brother's nurse at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, today, and she said that they removed the tube interfering with his being able to completely speak normally. "John is having a wonderful day today, now that he can normally communicate with us" she said.

Wonderful, I thought? In spite of having numerous tubes, being hooked to a breathing machine, and recently enduring surgery that cut through several ribs to remove an abscess on his lungs and more? But as I spoke to John today in a normal conversation for the first time since he succumbed to double pneumonia and went into a life threatening coma, John personally informed me that he WAS having a wonderful day. And all because of his infinite faith in the Infinite God and Jesus Christ His Son!

I was personally feeling downcast today, in part because of my not yet being able to locate a donated vehicle so I could travel to take care of him, and begin the work of setting up a home for John and begin the lengthy process of preparation assist him in Tulsa, OK.

Normally, it has been me, his "Big Sis" speaking faith and encouragement to John throughout the past years, as I lived to serve Jesus, while he lived very much as the world does. But in recent years John finally abandoned his life of reckless sin and this world's pleasures, and came to know Jesus Christ personally as his Savior and Redeemer.

To my utter amazement, in spite of all the pain and suffering John had just come through, my brother was upbeat and even gently laughing, and telling ME that "...God will take care of everything...don't'll see...everything will come into place as we need it..." Wow!

Thanks, God and John, I needed that today. I promised John I would never let him down and that I would be out to help him as soon as the hands of God's grace moved to provide transportation and finances making this possible.

Will you please help to make our miracle happen?

I have no vehicle expired months ago. The work I have done in the past (professional home health care)to financially help enable me to continue in missionary and radio work has been impossible to maintain without a vehicle. It is impossible both to travel a thousand miles away to my brother John, or to even work to obtain finances to provide care for him without a vehicle.

Please consider the years (14) that I have labored ceaselessly to bring investigative journalism to millions of America continually, free of charge, laying my life down on behalf of my fellow Americans and Christians in this hour.

Your reciprocating compassion,prayers and support is now needed, urgently.

You can direct any support to make this possible to: Pamela Schuffert, C/O Rev. Kenneth Foreman, PO Box 488, Montreat, NC , 28757.

John would love to hear from my Christian readers! You can send postcards or letters of encouragement to John at this address: John Schuffert, C/O St Francis Hospital, ICU #7513, 6161 South Yale Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136.
His nurses in intensive care can then read them to him.

Thank you, faithful readers, for your continuing prayers and love. And praise to You, Lord God the Almighty, for your miracle in John! God ceaselessly works to show forth His infinite love and power through His Son Jesus the Christ, in the most desperate of situations in our lives. He will ever be faithful!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting to the American people

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