Monday, February 8, 2010


Greg is one of countless Americans who has been deeply and adversely affected by the terrible Industrial/military poisoning of America. In Loretta Schwartz Nobel's excellent book, POISONED NATION, Greg is one of the special people interviewed personally by her, who was victimized by deadly PERCHLORATE POISONING.

PERCHLORATE POISONING is now affecting Americans nationwide, as it continue to pollute our nation's waterways and is found in water systems irrigating farms nationwide, being absorbed by crops that are sold in our supermarkets everywhere. Cows who eat the grass watered by perchlorate-polluted waterways, are giving milk containing high levels of perchlorate, which is then passed on to the people purchasing and consuming contaminated milk products.

I decided to perform some followup with some people she interviewed, several years after her book was published.

I was finally successful in obtaining Greg's phone number in Rancho Cordova, California. I am thankful I located him, because Greg still has much more information and experiences to relate to the American people. Here are some links of previous interviews by various news sources and publications from Greg about the horrors of PERCHLORATE POISONING that he and thousands of others in California (and nationwide) are still suffering from.

I am a person hardened to suffering by many years of enduring and overcoming painful and challenging situations throughout my entire life. I do not therefore cry easily. But reading POISONED AMERICA, about Greg (and many others' ) accounts of the tragedy in their lives due to willful and blatant government/military poisoning of our nation, had me in tears, including throughout our telephone conversation.

Greg shared with me how he has lectured extensively about his own personal family crisis due to perchlorate poisoning, in many places. How even the WALL STREET JOURNAL had interviewed him at one time as well.

At one point, Greg paused and told me something that shocked me. He said that it seemed that nobody was listening out there, and that nobody really cares about this crisis. This was his honest impression after years of lecturing on this urgent subject.

DO Americans really understand the seriousness of this kind of environmental crisis? DO they really care?

One of the major reasons behind this seeming attitude of indifference among Americans, is because of the under-reporting on urgent subjects such as this. Americans cannot be concerned about that which they know little or nothing about. And that is why independent investigative reporting is so critically needed in this hour. The major news media outlets have already been bought by the government/military and controlled by censorship from the White House to the Pentagon and the CIA and beyond.

There IS a hidden agenda for our nation and her hapless citizens! And their ability to "get away with it" and pull it off successfully behind the backs of the American people, depends on PUBLIC IGNORANCE OF THEIR TACTICS AND HIDDEN AGENDAS.

Greg, the GOOD news is, that YES, more and more Americans are becoming aware of such dangers to our nation. As as they are becoming educated and informed about the deadly dangers of PERCHLORATE POISONING of our nation's waterways, they are becoming concerned citizens who want to do something about it. And this is the power of independent alternate journalism that by passes government cover-up and censorship, to TELL AMERICA THE TRUTH.

As I continue to contact Greg and others to interview them with followup information, I will publish my findings in future reports on TOXIC AMERICA.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting to the American People

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