Monday, March 3, 2014

US Suspends Military Cooperation with Russia

The United States has suspended military cooperation with Russia because of its military intervention in Ukraine, the Pentagon says, urging Moscow to “de-escalate the crisis”.
“We have, in light of recent events in Ukraine, put on hold all military-to-military engagements between the United States and Russia,’’ spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a statement.
The suspension covers “exercises, bilateral meetings, port visits and planning conferences”, Kirby said.

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-My comments-
And so, my fellow Americans, what does this mean then for the many Russian foreign military troops planted throughout North America for martial law???
Russian military sniper
I would like to propose that now is the time for the REAL round-ups to begin across our nation, to finally get rid of these deadly Russian foreign troops that are wrongfully here to arrest, shoot and kill the American people under martial law.
If all cooperation militarily between the USA and Russia has been halted, this means that the Russian military forces here in America for martial law have no more support from America.
It is time to round up and remove from this nation's soil all who are threats to the safety of the American people. It is time to send home all Russian troops who are here to murder innocent Americans martial law for a globalist, anti-Constitutional and anti-American agenda.
-Pamela Rae Schuffert, writing on behalf of the endangered American people.

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