Saturday, November 2, 2013

Your Prayers and Support Are Needed and WHY

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
First of all, I want to thank you all for your kind support that helped to make this prayer journey possible. 

John is now doing remarkably well in every way, and he is so happy that I I am here with him. We pray together every single day, and his faith is growing daily. 

Thank God through Jesus Christ, and also each and every one of you...because God works through His people as well as divinely.
John in new health care facility,with Dr. Culver, a wonderful Christian doctor.

Let me update you with my situation now: I must find steady employment  in order to both support myself in this transition, and my brother's needs for things the nursing home cannot supply (organic supplements for healing and recovery, a customized wheelchair that MEDICARE will not cover as long as he is a resident in a nursing home, etc.)

Between obtaining health food supplements for my pain and nerve condition previously, plus obtaining things for John, and the cost of daily living (food/gas/phone etc. for me) my finances have been wiped out almost completely. 

Only a few days ago, I had .79 cents left in checking and about $5.00 left in savings, and that's all. 

To add to this, I am still sleeping in my vehicle. It is now the ninth month since I lost my RV in Montana due to tragedy and  the seller demanding it back, and being forced to live in my vehicle as of last March. This can become tiring. No kitchen, no bathroom, no heat at night. And winter is coming, even to these mountains in NC.

Winter in mountains of western North Carolina

And here
in North Carolina, it is very dangerous for me to sleep in my vehicle, due to previous abduction and death attempts on my life for my reporting exposing satanism in this very region I am now in, because of my brother's crisis. See the following links/articles explaining this:

Furthermore, due to health issues, I do not want to go through another winter sleeping in an unheated vehicle night after night. And so I must find a place to live at this time in order to re-locate to be with John.

Only 20 minutes away is the location where some of my greatest dangers occurred in dealing with the satanists of this region, as I stayed in the home of one woman they targeted in the past.

God's faithfulness and mercies cannot fail!

All of this represents great challenge. But it is no match for the living God and His grace and promises to His people. I am standing on his word, overcoming my circumstances on a daily basis, and believing God FOR MIRACLES of  divine grace at this time, both for John and I.

My goal is to be fully self-supporting through finding the right work here. However, my past experiences in this area have taught me that work can be very difficult to find, even for locals. But with God, ALL things are possible.

For these reasons, your prayers and financial support is greatly appreciated at this critical time until I can obtain a paying  job and become established. 

I WANT to be fully self-supporting and to never feel compelled to mention my needs to my readers. In whatever field of ministry I have been in  throughout the years, I have worked hard to be self-supporting whenever possible.

Alternative news journalism presents a challenge however, in that I am working off the grid, wherein the only financial support I will ever receive for my work is from appreciative readers, and that's all. When support comes in, I can survive and continue. But when financial support is sparse from readers, I suffer directly.

At this time, due to John's health issues and my personal needs, I need steady income to support both of us. Please pray for God's mercy to open the doors for full time employment quickly.

And in the mean time, all I have is your support to keep me going.

For this reason, your financial support is greatly appreciated at this time. You can donate through PAYPAL or through the mail. 

Either way, your kindness is the only lifeline through which I must survive at this time, until prayer is answered and employment comes through finally. 

Thank you for your ongoing prayers for John and I, and for our safety and protection here. And thank you for your kind support especially at this difficult time of transition.
God bless you all.

My  mailing address:

PO Box 724,
Montreat, NC

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