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The Victorious Overcoming Christian in the 21st Century

"He that OVERCOMES shall inherit all things, 
and he shall be My son, and I will be his God..."


-By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Modern-day Christians are now living in the dark and challenging world of the 21st century. This present world is filled with war and violence, cruelty and heartaches, temptations and corruption. North America is facing martial law and coming persecution of her Christians. We are perched on the brink of WW III. 

Who will be  successful and become a true child of God, with the right to enter into the glorious promises of God and His eternal kingdom??? 


In the book of REVELATION, the final book in the Bible, the wonderful promises of God are made 8 times "...TO HIM THAT OVERCOMES." This indicates that there is a battle yet to be fought and a war to be won in the life of every Christian, in order to fully inherit the PROMISES OF GOD.

Where do we find the guidebook that teaches us HOW to successfully over this world? It can only be found in the timeless and eternal word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ His Son. Jesus was the first overcomer to have total victory over this world. In His own words He proclaims, 

"....But be of good cheer, 

From John 16:33

I don't know about you, but deep within I have the burning passion to be AN OVERCOMER. And I realize that I can only overcome sin and this evil world by following in His footsteps and becoming HIS DISCIPLE completely.

To be "His disciple" means to follow His teachings, commandments and example daily. Especially to keep His commandments. Much has been written in religious literature about the original Ten Commandments (and we should indeed study and keep them.)

But I find few articles or sermons teaching about the important of keeping Jesus' commandments, even though the apostles wrote frequently about them. 

Jesus Christ declared to His disciples that "...the person who keeps my commandments SHALL NEVER SEE DEATH." What a powerful statement this is! He also declares that the person who truly loves Him, will prove this by keeping His commandments.

When I first discovered this verse about keeping His commandments and studied it further, I began to search for His commandments throughout the four Gospels and compiled them.

As I read His commandments about love and forgiveness and showing mercy and compassion, this reinforced more than ever the reality that He IS truly the Savior of mankind and the Prince of peace worldwide, not ONLY spiritually but practically as well.

If everyone in the world studied and kept His commandments, there could BE no more war, no murder, no hatred or cruelty or abortion or organized crime and corruption.
LOVE would flow throughout His churches from the heart of every Christian, and throughout the world as well. 

There could be no more soul-damning cults, idolatry or satan-worship, for Jesus utterly condemns such idolatry and all related abominations.

Every evil we face in America and throughout the world today would end forever, IF mankind would repent and follow Jesus Christ and keep His commandments!


For many years I have studied and written about the deadly coming NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for North America, and the threat of globalism encroachment to the world also. I have published many articles warning God's people of the implications a new world order has for Christians and their cherished religious liberties and the future of the Church.

I have also published many articles discussing the importance of PRACTICAL EMERGENCY PREPARATION to face these coming times of testing and persecution (and even martyrdom for many).

However, after years of research and publishing articles on this subject of the NWO, I find myself compelled directly  back to SQUARE ONE: 

Jesus Christ remains the ONLY HOPE of salvation
for this wicked world and for sinful mankind. 

And the only way to be truly preserved and protected from this evil generation and the dark crowd's planned NWO, is to become fully immersed in Jesus Christ and His teachings and commandments. To put it simply, TO FOLLOW JESUS!

For Jesus Christ has already overcome the wicked one, and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father, reigning in victory triumphantly forevermore. And the Bible promises that we shall someday reign with Him, IF WE OVERCOME BY HIS GRACE and POWER!

This is why I personally spend much time daily in prayer and meditating on His words and commandments. I WANT to be an overcomer! I yearn to emerge victorious from every evil agenda and temptation this world can fling against THE CHRISTIAN.

And I yearn to see my fellow Christians rise up to become victorious overcomers over their circumstances as well. As Christians, we can only influence and impact the world around us for Jesus Christ, IF we are victorious overcomers. We are called to glorify God and Jesus Christ to others around us, to bring them to the light of salvation. 

But how can we do this, unless people see that we are OVERCOMERS and triumphant through our faith in Him??? We must therefore inspire others through our example and behavior in the world today.

Read what Jesus declared regarding this during His final earthly Passover with His disciples: 

"Father...I have glorified You on the earth...I have finished the work You gave me to do..." 

From John 17:4

From this statement it becomes clear that one of the most important goals a Christian can therefore have, is to glorify God and Jesus Christ in the earth today. This is a vital part of being AN OVERCOMER.

Therefore, we all must ask ourselves this question: does my lifestyle glorify God and His Son Jesus Christ? Does my life properly exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ and His commandments? Are my actions and words and examples touching the lives of others and inspiring them to believe in Jesus Christ as well???

Or...are my negative words and actions turning people away from Christianity? Are people thinking as they observe us, "Well, if THAT is what a Christian is, I don't want to be one!"

I have watched throughout the years as many who profess to be Christians, and even evangelists and Christian leaders, have sadly fallen into various sins and temptations. 
Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world.

Thankfully, there is an antidote for sin, and that is the precious blood of Jesus Christ. We can be forgiven because of what He did on the cross for us as Christians. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (I John 1:9)"

But when we choose to fall into sin and temptation, how then does this serve to glorify God to the world around us? People will become aware of that fallen Christian, consider that person a hypocrite, and then conclude that "Christians" are no better than the rest of the world that is living in sin!

Furthermore, we hurt ourselves when we break His commandments and fall into sin. Every Christian must therefore strive to become AN OVERCOMER over those personal temptations and challenges in our lives, both for our own soul's sake, and in order to glorify God in this world around us.

What can we do today, that will inspire others to desire to follow Jesus Christ?
Many people, in studying the truth about the plans to initiate and install a NEW WORLD ORDER, have concluded they are going to fight this with worldly weapons and methods primarily. 
And so, they have their emergency food supplies, their weapons of self- defense, their "bug-out bags," and other emergency preparations all in place (or so they hope.)

But such well-meaning preppers are totally missing out, IF they are not putting their trust in God through faith in Jesus Christ FIRST, for VICTORY over satan's plans.

Jesus Christ declared, "But seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and ALL THESE THINGS will be added unto you."

He also warned, "But what shall it profit a man if he gain the WHOLE WORLD, but lose his soul?"

I know of people who have nuclear fallout bunkers installed in their homes. They have years of emergency food supplies and survival equipment on hand. And none of this is bad of itself. In fact, it is very wise to prepare as we perceive what is coming.

But what does any of this preparation profit in the end, IF that person does not have ETERNAL SALVATION through Jesus Christ??? 

Many well-meaning people plan to stand bravely against the dark intentions of the NWO agenda for America, and the world as well. They may have their survival supplies stored up, even their pre-fab nuclear fallout shelter installed in their back yards. BUT if they do NOT have salvation through Jesus Christ, what does it profit them? 

Some people will die in the coming confrontations as they battle the darkness, in spite of their preparations. The most prudent thing for anyone to do is to make sure they are RIGHT WITH GOD, and have salvation through Jesus Christ FIRST. And then, as the Bible promises, everything else will fall into place.

Satan's deluded followers have repeatedly announced their intentions to force the entire world under the iron yoke of enslavement to Lucifer's reign of terror on earth, enforced by his followers. Every satanist worth their title that I have interviewed in the past, openly admitted that the term "NEW WORLD ORDER" or "GLOBALISM" referred to Satan's kingdom manifested on earth.

The "NEW WORLD ORDER" is the kingdom of darkness referred to in Revelation 13, in fact. It is the final kingdom of unsaved mankind to be manifested on this earth, until Jesus Christ returns to set up His glorious and eternal kingdom on earth and to abolish Satan and his followers from this world forever.

And so, the NWO is Satan's kingdom making war against the Lamb and His followers, THE CHRISTIAN DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST. 

"These shall make war with the Lamb, 
and the Lamb will overcome them, 
for He is Lord of lords and King of kings, 
and they that are with Him are 


And because of this, WE HAVE HOPE! For Jesus Christ has already overcome Satan and the world. And as we follow Him and His teachings and appropriate His eternal promises, WE SHALL COMPLETELY OVERCOME also.

"And they overcame him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony, and because they loved not their lives unto the death."

From Revelation12:11

Remember: the inheritance of the child of God, and the right to reign with Jesus Christ, depend on our OVERCOMING THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and His blood and applying His promises given to every one of us.

As we see so many alarming events approaching in today's world, seek God today for the grace to become a true OVERCOMER in today's world, so that you too may INHERIT ALL THINGS. 

His grace is sufficient.

~Pamela Rae Schuffert~
P. O. Box 724
NC 28757

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