Wednesday, November 20, 2013



Hang in there, readers! 
The first batch of thank-you cards
has just gone out!
The next batch will go out soon...
(you should get them in time for Thanksgiving.)

This is the season of THANKSGIVING in North America,
and it is very appropriate that I give thanks to kind readers who have helped to make this work possible,
and whose support literally helped to save my brother's life. 

Only reader support enabled me recently to travel 2,500 miles to visit my brother, to discover he was severely ill and needed to be sent by ambulance to the local hospital for emergency life-saving surgery immediately.

Much thanks and appreciation to you all!
-Thank you are quite a blessing continually.

-Thank you Jeff of Indiana...put some of your postcards in the mail to you today!

-"Cuts N Games" I am praying about your business as you requested...

-Thank you Roni of Minnesota!

-Thank you, unknown reader from TULSA, OKLAHOMA!

-Special thanks to unknown reader from HONG KONG!

-Thank you reader from PITTSBURGH! But I can't read your return address, so can't send you your card yet!

-Thank you Mr. Truck Driver "MM" for your continuing and kind made the difference! (Got my SUV out of the garage recently...)

-Thank you always, R from Maryland! May no tsunami come nigh your dwelling place as well!

Thank you friends from Germany (like Wessellin) and friends from Australia and friends from Canada, friends from the U.K., and all across North America...

And much thanks to you unknown readers and supporters out there! God bless you all!

Thank you Peggy, thank you Margaret, thank you Vernon, thank you Glorietta, thank you Ford, thank you Vernon, thank you Larry, Thank you Jimmy, thank you Pat, and other wonderful people who have helped me through this difficult time of transition.

May God reward you richly according to His eternal promises that cannot fail. Keep Brother John and I in your continuing prayers. We lift up all our readers in prayer every single day.

And above all, we give thanks to the Lord
through Jesus Christ His Son,
Who has made all this possible.
-Pamela Rae Schuffert
Brother John
(who is doing better every single day...
keep up the prayers for him!)

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