Friday, November 29, 2013

UPDATE on My Brother John's Health


I visit my dear brother John frequently at his new nursing home, to give him healthy organic fruit smoothies and potent vitamins to boost his health. I have wonderful news to report to all my readers. John is doing so much better now, and wants to thank you ALL for your faithful prayers and encouragement at this time.

His strength has increased to the point where he was able to sit up on the side of his bed unassisted. However, his feet and legs remain crippled and in much pain due to degenerative problems. His caregivers say that they are ready to bring him to the therapy facility in the nursing home for exercises to help rebuild his strength. But the pain is still an issue.

John tells me every time I visit how much my presence and love and support means to him. And it's true. Family support when someone is going through crisis is so very important. I am glad I am here to be with him and to help encourage him in his recovery.

John's new nursing home is wonderful. They staff is supportive and loving, and his caregivers really like John and his sense of humor also. Many of them are Christians in fact, and this makes a distinct difference. I thank God daily for this great facility and the excellent care he is now receiving.

Thank you all for your prayers of support for John. Personally, I believe that "...with God, ALL things are possible." I am believing God for a miracle of healing that the doctors simply cannot do for John's twisted feet and crippled legs, and so is John.

AS we wait for miracles to manifest, I am praying for the grace to obtain a customized electric wheelchair and lift or ramp van so I can get him out from being confined within the four walls of an institution and help him reclaim his liberty and life once again.


John has a very powerful Christian testimony of how Jesus saved him from decades of living in the world or drugs and alcohol and sin, and how he is now completely set free by God's grace. 

John has a message for the youth of today: do NOT go down the deadly path of "sex, drugs, rock n' roll" and living by the world's standards. It will only end in heartache and tragedy, and for many, death. And most certainly eternal damnation.

So many of John's former friends are now dead from also living this lifestyle of the world, the flesh and the devil. Or severely handicapped in various ways by such a destructive lifestyle.

John and I often discuss the reality of how his praying mother and sister are the only reason he is still alive today. When he would come home late at night and stumble down the stairs to his bedroom following all night of drugs, alcohol and partying, his mother would follow him and lay hands on him as he passed out on his bed, commanding the devil to depart and praying for Jesus to get a hold of his life at last. Big Sis was always praying for him as well. Mom and I just refused to give him up to satan's plans for him.

My saintly mother died in 2006, believing that God would save her son John at last. She never saw the fulfillment of her prayers for him here on earth...but only in heaven.

John is now a truly sorry, broken and repentant person at last. More than once his sinful lifestyle brought him to the point of death, only to be revived by prayer and medical means. 

He is thankful to be alive, and to finally know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. And he knows fully now that THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH...but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ God's Son.

Christian parents reading this, if you have children who are not living for Jesus Christ and are following the same deadly path of perdition as they live for the world, the flesh and the devil, please print this testimony of John's and pass it on to them.

John and I are praying that his true life testimony will touch the hearts of many young people today...and even the not-so-young who are also entangled in the sinful world of drugs and alcohol and related darkness. 

He has but one message for them: no matter how "cool" and "in-crowd" it may seem, the end of disobeying God and living in sin will always be tragic and filled with heartache and sorrow and remorse.

Once a tall and strong, handsome young man, John's sinful lifestyle has taken a deadly toll on his health and now he cannot even walk today. Was it worth it? No.

So pass this testimony on to your wayward children, Christian parents! Hopefully they may learn from what happened to John and come to Jesus now for salvation and deliverance from this world's darkness NOW...before it is too late.


I spent time with John today, and was troubled when I arrived to find him very depressed and sad, even crying. A nurse had spoken unpleasantly to him the previous evening, and he also discovered that in the process of transferring from his previous nursing home, his musical instrument's guitar picks and slides he needs to play Christian music on them were now missing. (I told him I would replace them.)

John is very sensitive following this past close call with death, and still struggles with deep pain in his legs.

What complicates my work with John is my now spending three days a week performing free babysitting for a young Christian single mother, who suffered violent abuse from her former husband and had to flee with her two young children I am now taking care of periodically.

I used to be her babysitter many years ago, and she loves me and remembers our years together as she was growing up. Now she is struggling to make it with her two young children. And so I told her I would babysit for free at this time, while I can, until she can get on her feet financially.

 But this has taken time from visiting John. John's nursing home is 35 miles from where I babysit for her. The cost of gas to go back and forth to help both is approximately $200 monthly. Pray for God to come through in this, so I can provide assistance for both John and my struggling young friend as well.

Pray for John to be lifted up from all discouragement at this time, and for A COMPLETE HEALING MIRACLE as well.

Thank you and God bless you ALL!

-Pamela Rae and Brother John

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