Monday, February 16, 2009

Yet Even MORE Blatant CIA COINTELPRO Lies from Barbara Hartwell

-Hartwell Continues on the SLIPPERY SLOPE to PERDITION as a Paid CIA Liar-

"...And ALL LIARS Shall have their part in THE LAKE OF FIRE, which is the Second Death..." Jesus' words from the Book of REVELATION

I was amused today while surfing the net, to discover yet even more links filled with Hartwell's COINTELPRO libel/slander against those the US government loves to hate. And sadly, that includes ME.

One ONE link, Hartwell alleges that "PAM SCHUFFERT IS HARASSING HARTWELL with more emails...."

Oh, REALLY? THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! I have NOT had Hartwell's email address(es) in many years! SHE CHANGES THEM! In fact, I found out that Hartwell is notorious for harassing people she is paid by the CIA to target, with HER emails instead!

IF I HAD her email address, I would be praying about sending CHRISTIAN TESTIMONIES to her, and certainly never harassment.

Harassment if from satan himself.

FALSE ACCUSATION is also from satan himself. Satan is called "THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN" in the Bible

Satan is referred to by several descriptions by Jesus Christ. He is called "A LIAR AND THE FATHER OF IT." He is also called a murder, a deceiver, and more.

People like CIA COINTELPRO Barbara Hartwell only CONFIRM what they are, as she persists in lies against God's people.

"You are of YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL, and HIS WORKS SHALL YOU DO. He was a liar from the beginning and no truth proceeds from him...." declared Jesus to those Jews who falsely accused Him of being of satan.

As Barbara Hartwell continues on her tragic path to hell and the lake of fire, she paves her way with CIA funded lie after lie with no substance or documentation.

I caught Hartwell in another lie posted on her blog recently. She referred to me as being "MORBIDLY OBESE...." I LAUGHED when I read that one!

Since when is a trim size 14, somehow "MORBIDLY OBESE?" I hike and walk often miles a day, sometimes with a weighted backpack. I pursue a vegetarian/organic lifestyle with juicing continually, coupled with the best quality vitamins I can obtain.

I plan to get in excellent shape to pursue rock, wall and eventually mountain climbing to maintain my health.

Hartwell's tragic ongoing lifestyle of making a living with the CIA through LIES is completely evident and confirmed when one witnesses the blatant lies such as the above which she posted on her blog.

But Hartwell refuses to REPENT and come to Jesus Christ for full salvation from her CIA background. NO ONE can be delivered from CIA SATANISM and satanic ritual abuse, which her own sister IRENE ADRIAN told me personally over the phone that BOTH SHE AND HARTWELL had been exposed to in their years of CIA abuse and mind conditioning, apart from fully coming to Jesus Christ for deliverance.

Thank God, Irene Adrian found Jesus Christ in earnest, gave her life over to Him, and has been serving Jesus Christ ever since.Irene admitted many disturbing things about her sister Barbara as I spent hours on the phone with her in prayer and counsel.

She admitted that she grieved for Barbara, because she did NOT fully come to Jesus Christ, and said that she frequently let Irene down when in crisis. Plus much more.

I am only sharing this information with my beloved readers, due to the fact that Hartwell's persistent false accusation on the Internet have brought many to me with questions regarding Hartwell, her background and integrity.

While my Christian background and powerful testimony are known by many across America, Hartwell's libel and slander leaves my supporters and readers troubled. They know that the Pam she is describing and maligning IS NOT THE SAME PAMELA they have known and loved for many years now. And so they have come to me wanting to KNOW MORE about this disturbing person, BARBARA HARTWELL.

You can read other articles exposing her here on my blog.

Please join with her sister and I in praying for Barbara Hartwell, that she will be moved to repentance and come to Jesus Christ in earnest BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

Her lies cannot hurt me: my Christian testimony and walk is solid and ROOTED/GROUNDED ON THE ROCK of JESUS CHRIST.

But with every tragic attempt she makes to lie against and viciously slander others, she is damning her soul eternally and only bringing judgement upon herself, and no one else.

-Pamela Schuffert

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