Friday, February 27, 2009

When The Pain Just Won't Go Away: POWER OF PRAYER


by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

The satanists/Illuminati love to torture victims before they sacrifice them, as my years of investigative journalism uncovered. Well, they have found an even more effective form of torture than physical, for those of us they love to hate.

I find myself emotionally tortured every single day I investigate their NWO agenda, and report on the horrors they plan to inflict on the innocent, and the outrage of their plans. Tender Christian hearts cannot bear the pain of these insane murderers. I live with it. I sleep with it. Even when I laugh, it is through tears.

I finally asked God one day, "WHEN WILL THE PAIN GO AWAY? When will you heal me?" And He told me, NOT until I die and be with Him in heaven. Only in heaven, will He wipe away every tear. He told me He wanted me to be His weeping intercessor to pray against the horrors these Illuminati have planned against His people. And therefore my heart had to be broken. And it remains to this day. The closer we draw to the heart of God, to understand HIS grief over the sins of this world, the more we also begin to grieve with Him as well.

There is power in PRAYER WITH TEARS. Jesus wept. Who would NOT weep, knowing what I know is to come to my nation and to millions of my fellow Christians and Americans? And honestly, not one tear is for myself. As Jesus said, bearing His cross to be crucified,"Do not weep for Me, but rather for what is coming to you and your nation...."

I say the same thing. It doesn't matter what they do to me. Rather I am burdened day and night for what these NWO people will do to millions of my fellow Americans and Christians under their world globalist antichrist agenda. They plan to CRUCIFY THE CHRISTIANS of America, and the entire world someday.

If you are a Christian, will you please allow God to break your heart also, and weep for this nation and for what is to come upon it? YOUR PRAYERS have the power to CHANGE THE VERY DESTINY OF A NATION. Frankly, I am so weary of weeping and praying alone. SO many Christians in America only want to hear the word of false prophets telling them of GOOD things to come to America. They do not want to hear THE TRUTH. And hence, ignorant of this kind of urgent truth regarding what is planned for America, they are unable to pray with knowledge for our nation.

Don't be like them. RECEIVE the words of warning God is giving for this nation, and begin to FAST AND PRAY as never before. The very future of this nation and fate of millions of Christians in this nation DEPENDS ON THIS, because PRAYER CHANGES THINGS. ONLY GOD is big enough to comprehensively confront on many levels the dark powers of Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for this nation. And God's mighty hands are moved THROUGH PRAYER. Many of us intercessors already realize that God has held back their persecution agenda for many years now, through the POWER OF PRAYER.

Please, purpose to MAKE A DIFFERENCE today.

-Pamela Schuffert

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