Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If I Should "DISAPPEAR......." What I WANT YOU to KNOW

If I Should "DISAPPEAR....." WHY This Ministry Shall Continue

-By Pamela Schuffert presenting journalism with a Christian perspective

In the world of often covert and undercover investigative journalism to uncover and expose corruption, the researcher is often dealing with death. There are people out there who do NOT want the world to know THE TRUTH. And because they do NOT want people to know the truth, there are many courageous journalists once intent on TELLING the world the truth, who are dead today.

I live with this reality every single day. NONE of this is a joke or a game. It is deadly serious investigative reporting that I perform on behalf of millions of my fellow Americans and Christians who DESERVE to KNOW THE TRUTH in this urgent hour of America's uncertain destiny.

Without going into detail, I have suffered several death attempts on my life for my ministry and my work. It is ONLY THE GRACE OF GOD and His mercy that I remain alive today, and I am convinced it is for YOUR benefit that I am still able to report to this day. God Himself is "THE GOD OF ALL TRUTH" Who sent us His Son, Who declared, "YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH and the TRUTH shall make you FREE."

My fellow Christians and Americans stand gravely endangered by the secret agenda of the NWO for our nation. I KNOW what they have planned for America, and the terrible persecution and frankly murder of tens of millions of my fellow citizens in their insane quest for a NEW WORLD ORDER regime to be imposed on us.

TO SAVE MY LIFE, I cannot remain quiet in this desperate hour. God help me if I somehow prefer my OWN life and safety, to that of millions of others who stand endangered by their NWO agenda.

So pray for me, will you please?

Every day I live with the reality that when I walk out that door, they may have decided it is TIME to "take me out" or arrest me and interrogate/torture me for all my contacts and information sources, and THEN kill me. The FBI threatened me through my webmaster a few years ago, in fact, letting me know I was on their hit list. A year ago, a CIA source told me the same thing. And now I am on the USAF OSI computer list, red-flagged for arrest and interrogation and labeled a "threat to national security" for my reporting. ALL for simply TELLING AMERICA THE TRUTH!

The only thing that keeps me going, and actually wanting to LIVE every day, is the fact that I KNOW God has called me to this assignment. For above and beyond all, I AM A CHRISTIAN. I am called to lay down my life for God's will to be done through me, even as Jesus did. And I am called to lay my life down on BEHALF OF OTHERS. This is a vital part of the message of THE GOSPEL. And I only want to live out TRUE CHRISTIANITY in it's fullest in my life. I want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

And I KNOW that telling millions of American the TRUTH will in fact MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this battle we find ourslves in today. Not ONLY through my brand of truth-telling, but also with the salvation message that I minister with every radio broadcast I go on, and through my reporting constantly. None of what I do is WITHOUT GOD'S GRACE and power.

So, if they should succeed in "taking me out, " I have this one satisfaction: "they can TAKE OUT the messenger, but they CANNOT TAKE OUT THE MESSAGE!" The TRUTH keeps marching relentlessly ON. And should I die in the quest to tell America the truth, I have the eternal satisfaction of knowing I laid down my life as God instructed me to, to touch the lives of others and to make a difference, HIS way. And because of Jesus Christ and what He did in my life, I know where I will in fact spend ETERNITY.

Furthermore, my reports continue to be posted and reposted all over the Internet, worldwide. They can be easily GOOGLED up. My radio broadcasts are also archived as well. IF I SHOULD DIE in this work, my truth telling shall GO ON for this reason. And also because, we serve the Living God of ALL TRUTH.

Praise God.
"In all these things we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him Who loved us."

-Pamela Schuffert reporting to the American people, whom I love and for whom I have laid down my life

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  1. God be with you,and all that beielve in Jesus as Lord of Lords and King of kings.