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Elim Bible Institute-A Wonderful Place for Christian Growth


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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Elim Bible Institute

Throughout my life, I have faced many challenges over the past 43 years of serving Jesus Christ. More than once, my life was endangered for what God called me to do, as I reached out to serve God and touch the lives of others.

My ministry has included missionary training and work among various peoples, Christian pro-life outreach which resulted in being imprisoned at times for righteousness' sake, working among various ministries including Christian television, caring for the elderly and children, plus radio and writing thousands of articles based on my Christian investigative journalism.

But beneath every successful ministry, there must be that FIRM FOUNDATION IN THE WORD OF GOD. A person must have a viable relationship with God through Jesus Christ His Son. There is NO GENUINE MINISTRY without scriptural sanctification and righteousness. The eternal and everlasting WORD OF GOD must reside in the heart and be evidenced in the life of everyone who wants to touch lives for Jesus Christ.

Many of you know my testimony of how I was saved, and miraculously healed when I faced death in 1971. Jesus Christ came into my life, saved my soul, healed my body, and changed my destiny forever. I "fell in love" with God and His wonderful Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ and was filled with a passion to both serve Him and KNOW HIM!

I prayed, and others prayed as well for God's destiny for my life. God spoke through a wonderful Christian friend of mine, and said by His Holy Spirit that He as going to send me to a school of learning wherein I would receive all the love, the prayer and foundational teachings in the Word of that I would need for my Christian walk. I wondered where that would be.

I then learned about ELIM BIBLE INSTITUTE. Elim is a place with an amazing history, raised up by REVIVAL and the Holy Spirit working mightily through various men and women of God, filled with passion to raise up a holy people trained for God's service. And what's great about Elim is, it is a small and personal school of training, able to devote quality time to each and every student who attends.

I applied and was accepted in 1973, and began my first year of study there. What a wonderful place Elim was for me! A haven and shelter from the terrible persecution in my home from my sinful father. A place of Christians love, sincerity and fellowship. Just what I needed!

I enjoyed classes filled with qualified, sincere and dedicated teachers and instructors who built up my faith, and helped to form a firm foundation in God's Word, that would serve to uphold me against the dark world and the many battles to come in my life. 
Chapel Hour in the Tabernacle
Chapel time was always something to look forward to. Students would join hearts and lift their voices in worship and praise to the Living God. Powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit would be manifested, "in decency and in order" as the Scriptures admonish.

Speakers, often from all over the world, would come to address the students, with powerful messages of God's moving and changing lives. Missionaries, evangelists, pastors and other special guest speakers would challenge us for Christ, and ignite the fire of faith within each one of us with a passion to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR GOD'S GLORY.
Paul Johannson
Elim's former President and Dean of Students at one time, Paul Johannson, became one of my greatest "heroes of the faith." What a sincere and dedicated man of God he was, and remains to this very day. I never told him how I felt, content to listen and learn in his classes he also taught at that time. 

But it was dedicated men and women of God like him at Elim Bible Institute, that served to inspire me and make me want to follow Jesus, and serve Him forever.
Michael Cavanaugh
The present President of Elim, Michael Cavanaugh, is a sincere and dedicated servant of God, who had attended Elim when I did, so many years ago. 

God has used this man mightily to continue the great Christian heritage Elim Bible Institute imparts, that of being known as a special place of Christian growth and maturing, and discovering what God's purpose is for every person who attends there.
America faces an uncertain future, 
as persecution of Christianity increases

With the uncertain times America faces, it is critically important for EVERY Christian to have a FIRM FOUNDATION OF GOD'S WORD built in their hearts and minds, one that never wavers even when the storms of life descend upon them.

Through years of investigative journalism and understanding many things about America's future, I want to emphasize the importance of every Christian's life being built on that strong foundation of faith, integrity and the Word of God.

Then, whenever the storms of life and persecution, tribulation and suffering for His sake may come in the Christian's life, that sure foundation WILL REMAIN and bring you through safely to ETERNAL VICTORY.

Elim Bible Institute
For those seeking direction in their life, young or old alike, and who want to build up their foundation in Christ and the Word of God, I can personally and highly recommend ELIM BIBLE INSTITUTE as a great place for any Christian to go who wants to grow in faith and God's word, or to send their youth to attend as well. 

DO you need love and fellowship, prayer and counseling, Christian growth and listening hearts? Elim is the place for YOU! I found it to be ALL OF THE ABOVE...and SO MUCH MORE.

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-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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