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Meet Courageous American Pastor JC HALL

Pastor J C Hall

Meet Pastor JC HALL, a courageous Bible-based Pastor, Patriot and Constitutionally based as well. Pastor Hall is one of those genuine "men of God" not afraid to speak the words of truth in America, that will someday undoubtedly lead to his persecution, and potentially his demise as well. 

His attitude is, SO WHAT??? Christians SHOULD be willing to stand up for what is right in the sight of God, and not be afraid to both suffer and die for doing the right thing in the sight of Almighty God. And HE IS CORRECT.

It is evident that Pastor Hall is a true disciple of Jesus Christ, Who was also unafraid to speak the words given to Him by God. Jesus knew that speaking and doing what God told Him to do, would also lead to his arrest and persecution, and death. BUT HE DID IT ANYWAY! (Where would we as Christians BE, if Jesus had not suffered and died according to Scriptures, for US???)

THIS IS THE COST OF TRUE DISCIPLESHIP! It always has BEEN, and it always WILL BE. You cannot follow Jesus Christ faithfully, IF you are unwilling to suffer and die for His sake and calling.
KrisAnne Hall

His wife, KRISANNE HALL, is a committed woman of God, an attorney and former prosecutor, a military retiree, Christian mother and Patriot. She lectures and teaches nationwide on the Constitution and America's Constitutional foundation.

I highly recommend watching their videos. They have a powerful testimony and much truth to share with Americans today.


Once the Constitution is SUSPENDED FULLY under a full state of martial law, it will become meaningless in the sight of the US government and military that will take over "AMERIKA."

America will THEN come under PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS, turning America effectively into something resembling a Communist or Nazi police state.

I REPEAT: the Constitution will become MEANINGLESS under full martial law, and all freedoms guaranteed under it and the Amendments, will be abolished as well. Freedom of SPEECH, the right to peacefully assemble, the right to bear arms...WILL ALL BE GONE. And in many cases, then be made ILLEGAL.

Furthermore, already written ahead of time into PATRIOT ACT ONE AND TWO, is the statement that declares ANYONE FIGHTING TO CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT BY FORCE, WILL BE EXECUTED. 

This means that once MARTIAL LAW IS FULLY BEING ENFORCED AND THE CONSTITUTION SUSPENDED, anyone seeking to CHANGE THIS BACK to what America WAS while under the Constitution, through armed militia confrontations or related activities, will become subject to ARREST AND TERMINATION under these two PATRIOT ACTS.

When MARTIAL LAW is fully in place, the NWO cabalists will finally have what they have always DREAMED of in America: A POLICE STATE WHEREIN CHRISTIANS WILL BE LABELED CRIMINALS, and Christianity will essentially become persecuted and oppressed and made illegal ultimately as well. 

This has been explained to me clearly throughout my years of research on this subject of MARTIAL LAW AND IT'S CONSEQUENCES FOR CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA.

This then is the goal of EVERY NWO COMMUNIST, and every NWO FASCIST and the leftist liberals. Both Nazi fascists and Marxist Communists were originally created and raised up by THE ORDER, or the ILLUMINATI, as tools to control the nations as they create world government, and to DESTROY THE CHRISTIANS who oppose their satanic NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER LUCIFER AND HIS PROPHESIED 666 CASHLESS SOCIETY.

Although Nazi fascists and Zionist Communists were seemingly opponents in the past, they are both heavily infiltrated into the US government, intelligence and military and every public sector of America. Both are happily working together for a common goal now in America: destruction of the nation-state Constitutional Republic, and their worldwide goal of THE DESTRUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY that both groups share. And the Moslems in America today share this same goal as well.

There is no room in Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER for God-fearing, Bible-obeying Christians! And former satanists I have interviewed in the past, who came out to become Christians and blow the whistle on satanism, all told me this to my face during my interviews with them.
Revelation 13 will also be fulfilled in NORTH AMERICA as well
Revelation 13 and other chapters of the final book of the Bible, also make this abundantly clear to every Christian studying end-time Bible prophecy about the manifest kingdom of Satan on earth, "the kingdom of the Beast" or the NEW WORLD ORDER.

I must go beyond what others are writing about Christians and persecution under MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA. It will become MORE than persecution, harassment, etc. My CIA and military insiders told me it would be ultimately TERMINATION for Christians who will not renounce their faith in Jesus Christ under the coming regime of terror.

I am NOT sharing this to terrify out of your Christian faith! God forbid! Rather, I am forewarning you NOW so you can take the time to PREPARE YOUR HEART to STAND FOR CHRIST STEADFASTLY and UNWAVERINGLY when this hour of testing comes to North America. 

Blessed is the person who prepares their heart through prayer and God's word, to stand firm for Christ  to the end. A GREAT REWARD AWAITS beyond the veil of this present suffering and tears. Blessed is that person who endures to the end.

This then is WHY I must ceaselessly warn my fellow Christians in North America to PREPARE FOR COMING PERSECUTION AND MARTYRDOM. 

There is ONE THING WORSE than losing your freedom, your possessions and your physical life! And that is LOSING YOUR SOUL by renouncing your Christian faith and denying Christ as you face an ultimatum under persecution: "DENY CHRIST OR DIE!" I say unto you, that hour of temptation is COMING to every true Christian in North America someday.

The Bible and the Words of Jesus Christ clearly teach this to every Christian and disciple of Christ. "He that loves his life in this world, the same shall lose it but whosoever shall lose his life FOR MY SAKE and the sake of the Gospel, THE SAME SHALL FIND IT," Jesus solemnly declared to His followers.

I am glad that Pastor Hall is encouraging Christians to stand up for their faith in America! But with that, I must also add that CHRISTIANS NEED TO PREPARE THEIR HEARTS FOR WHAT THEY MAY SUFFER IN THE FUTURE IN AMERICA FOR DOING SO.

It is time for every Christan across North America to take the time to STUDY GOD'S WORD about the COST OF TRUE DISCIPLESHIP. 

If you are A CHRISTIAN, realize that YOU may be called upon to both suffer and die for Jesus Christ and your testimony, as we face uncertain times to come in America. Persecution and martyrdom under a tyrannical NWO regime may cause Christians to suffer for doing what is right in His sight.
Suffering for Christ in Syria and Iraq under ISIS

But also realize that persecution and martyrdom is the legacy of the righteous throughout both the Old and New Testament, for thousands of years! The righteous have often been persecuted and martyred for doing what is right in the sight of Almighty God!

This is nothing new...BUT it will be new to thousands of Christians in North America who have never undergone heavy persecution as occurs in communist or Islamic countries all the time. 

This is why it is urgent for every Christian throughout North America to examine their hearts in light of the Scriptures, and make SURE they understand THE COST OF TRUE DISCIPLESHIP.

And someday, as you stand before God's throne in glory, you will be so GLAD YOU DID!

Blessed is that person who 

And may that include YOU!

From Matthew 24:13
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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