Saturday, June 22, 2013

Warning and Advice to Fellow Journalists in America

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

As we all know,  Obama (and his various handlers) has declared WAR on the outspoken investigative journalists of America. 

Michael Hastings' tragic and suspicious death has been the most recent in what many of us perceive to be the ongoing genocide of truth-telling journalists.

I was warned many years ago by my Pentagon information source, Al Cuppett, that someday when America was on the threshold of martial law being imposed and the police state taking over, the government would then go after the whistle-blowers and investigative journalists, including radio and television media, and seek to silence them...permanently.

There is overwhelming evidence that this is  happening at this time, with increasing frequency.

For me, this does not come as a surprise. I have already been previously threatened by the FBI. They approached my former webmaster in Tulsa, Ron, several years ago, and threatened me through warnings given to him to pass on to me. 

They told him to inform me through him, that on a scale of one-ten, I rated an "8" in their priority to terminate me for my reporting. "We don't like what she is telling the American people," they told him in his work office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "Tell her we monitor every email she sends and receives," they added.

My response was to think, "So, they monitor every email I send and receive...??? Well, let them read THIS one!" I had fun composing that email, and sending it. I was not afraid. Frankly, I was outraged at their obvious intimidation tactics, and was determined to NOT cave in to this attempt to silence me.

After I rescued a fellow researcher from a death attempt on his life for talking too much on a broadcast in Denver, Colorado, and naming CIA names, I was further threatened by the CIA. A thirty year retired vet of the CIA that I spoke with, informed me one day that my name had been placed on the CIA's top one hundred hit list for rescuing this researcher from their set-up to have him killed in northern Idaho. 

The only effect this warning had on me, was to increase my prayers for personal protection, and to then proceed with my journalism unabated.

I have suffered having my brake line cut deliberately the night before I was to meet with Jason and his Canadian film crew to be interviewed for my research on modern detention camps and the NWO agenda for America. My previous article reveals more details about this. Again, this could not deter me from my mission to warn my fellow Americans of things to come.

At one time, the home I was staying in as a guest was vandalized while we were gone. The intruder stole only my laptop computer and my notebook, and nothing more.  And then he brazenly began sending emails taunting me and my host about his break-in and theft. 

In this case, I even know who the vandal was, and which alphabet-soup agency he worked for. They are known for previously putting him on journalists like myself, who are exposing the NWO agenda for America.

I want to let my fellow journalists know that there is ONLY ONE REASON why I am alive today. And I am not ashamed to publicly declare this. Frankly, I am sick and tired of journalism wanting to edit out "THE GOD FACTOR" continually. As if faith in a God of love and mercy and miracles, and Who helps people,  is somehow a "bad" thing to tie in with journalist reporting.

Well, I refuse to do this. I refuse to be ashamed of a God who has been there for me continually throughout my life. 

When I was sick and dying and two doctors gave up on me (one being a Park Avenue physician and consulting pediatrician for eleven different NYC hospitals)and a THIRD doctor stepped into my life, known in the Bible as "The Great Physician." 

What five years of doctors and drugs and treatments could not do, He performed in one instant of grace and miracles. Subsequent testing by one of these doctors confirmed that I had experienced a medically unexplainable miracle.

"You have had a miracle," my physician in Trenton, NJ, declared to me. "No doctor and no drugs could have done what has happened to you. All your tests have come back negative. You were a human vegetable, brain damaged, with epilepsy...and NOW I SEE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING IN FRONT OF ME! What did you do???"

I simply told him, with all due respect (he was a fine Jewish physician) that Jesus Christ had come into my life, I had prayed, and I had asked God to heal me. That's all. 

And apparently, it worked. And I have been empowered by that amazing miracle now for 42 years. No more doctors, no more drugs, no more seizures or brain damage. 

And no health insurance either for 42 years. The power of the living God to bless one's health is legendary. One can read the historical and factual accounts of divine healing throughout the Bible.

My journalist career has taken me all over the world now, from Jerusalem to Costa Rica to Hawaii to Germany and all across these United States and Canada as well. I have had my own radio broadcasts, several websites and one blog now. I have written several self-published books documenting my research.

The information I acquired while working with victims of cult/satanic crime in North Carolina and other parts of America, was actually used by law enforcement to help identify suspects and help make arrests, and to protect victims as well. During this time period of researching satanism in America today, I became a target of numerous covens who resented the information I had uncovered and turned in to law enforcement and investigative agencies.

Again, I realize that it is only my faith in the living God, through Jesus Christ my Savior, that prevented my untimely death at the hands of their cult abductors more than once, when I was targeted for abduction and torture and death (by their own admission after such attempts failed.)

Facing death for my journalism is nothing new for me. I have been threatened and attacked beginning as far back as 1996. Former ONI/CIA information source Michael Maholy was in contact with me personally, as he served his sentence in Leavenworth Federal Prison on trumped up charges in an attempt to to silence him regarding what he knew about CIA drug activities in South America.

He was publishing THE PIPELINE at that time, revealing everything he knew in order to expose the fake "war on drugs" and the Bush/North connection. I began to publish some of his materials. 

I then interviewed him about the subject of detention camps in America, and their purpose. "Oh, all of us in the CIA know about the detention camps in America....we all know they are to TERMINATE the future resisters of the NWO as it comes down in America UNDER MARTIAL LAW..."

The shocker revelations given to me by Michael at that time, were to serve as the catalyst that finally propelled me into the world of investigative journalism. Other former CIA confirmed everything Michael revealed to me. I became aware of the planned NWO police state to emerge some day and started publishing such material, long before alternative journalism became mainstream and popular. 

And so, my personal dangers for performing investigative journalism began then, many years ago.

For some reason, the world of journalism seems to enjoy belittling  religious faith, however subtly or underhandedly they may do so.

Truthfully, I have often wondered why. 

No, I am not talking about popular Hollywood negative stereotypes depicting some glazed eyed fanatic preacher, who has people swinging from chandeliers or barking like dogs as he preaches in some church, raking in the money.

 I am sick and tired of negative stereotypes frequently emerging from journalism that apparently has some hidden motive in belittling the Christian belief system. This to me smacks of classic news media bias and blackout tactics. Such biased journalism ultimately becomes inaccurate reporting, something every honest journalist should seek to avoid if they want to maintain credibility in the eyes of the readers.

I make no apologies for being a born-again Christian. Why should I? Why should I apologize for my faith that has healed my body when dying, or for that which has preserved my life against innumerable attacks throughout the years??? 

Why should I apologize or be ashamed of that which has helped to keep me morally upright, physically healthy, and honest and concerned for my fellow man and my nation's well-being? 

My personal faith in the word of God and His promises has served to keep me from turning back when faced with personal danger and struggling with financial and related issues as well. As many of us know, there is no real money in independent investigative journalism. 

However, I find that there are things more important in life than today's fiat currency that is technically not even worth the paper it is printed on. To me, the fate of my nation and the future of my fellow Americans is far more important than mere money. I use investigative journalism as a means to warn my fellow Americans of things to come, which endanger their future.

Many in the field of investigative journalism now find themselves privately fighting that self-defeating demon called FEAR. 

Fear is normal in every human life. In fact, fear can be used to protect people from doing that which can be dangerous or life-threatening at times. I fear to burn my hand, therefore I avoid placing it near a fire. I fear to have an accident, therefore I take precautions when driving my vehicle. This is a healthy form of fear, that protects life from danger and destruction.

But there are also unhealthy forms of fear. There is the kind of fear that prevents people from doing the right thing, whether in the sight of man or God. People often fear consequences for their actions, even if those actions are right. 

For journalists and whistle blowers, this can translate into fear of reporting the hidden truth, because of threat of retaliation from various sources who do not want the public to know the truth.

However, every journalist should learn from the timeless truths found in the wisdom from the Bible. Jesus declared to His disciples, "You shall KNOW THE TRUTH, and THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE." 

The God of the Bible is called, in fact, THE GOD OF ALL TRUTH. Jesus said one day while praying, "Father, Thy word IS TRUTH."  

The Bible teaches that God is POWER. That God is TRUTH. Therefore, there is power in both knowing and speaking the truth. The truth makes people free. Truth and liberty are inseparable. And that is WHY every tyrannical government and dictatorship hate the truth and does not want the public to know the truth.

Tyrannies control their people through deception. They use lies to cover up their corrupt activities. For example, Communist dictatorships frequently use the power of the press to hold people captive through lies and deception. I witnessed this frequently while working with Russian people during the 1970's and early 1980's. 

Their major Communist  newspapers, PRAVDA and IZVESTIA, were known for publishing government and KGB propaganda intended as a tool of mind control over the Russian people, to deceive the people and cover up government corruption.

Russians would sigh and tell me, "We have a joke in Russian about our newspapers. There is no PRAVDA in IZVESTIA, and no IZVESTIA in PRAVDA." Translated, "there is no TRUTH in the NEWS, and no NEWS in the TRUTH." They all recognized the state controlled newspapers as propaganda and lies, and nothing more.

This is why the role of the investigative journalist in any nation is critically important.

A nation does not primarily consist of the people in government. A nation primarily consists of her people. And people who know the truth about their government and it's corrupt activities, becomes a people empowered by the truth, who then have the power to demand change and to stop such activities.

But today in America, journalists are increasingly finding themselves threatened by the emerging and increasingly evident dictatorship. Dictatorships traditionally hate and target journalists who expose their agendas and activities.

For me, having studied the pattern in Communist Russia and Eastern Europe through my studies in the Institute of Slavic Studies beginning in 1979 (formerly in Wheaton, Illinois,) and through interacting with many Russians and other Slavic peoples throughout the years, none of this activity under the communist-patterned Obama regime comes as any real surprise.

I have read of recent murders of investigative journalists in Russia, in fact. One journalist literally had his head torn off by his assassin. Another, a woman named Anna Politkovskaya, was murdered by bullet in 2006. Russia is considered to be one of the most dangerous nations for investigative journalists to perform their reporting in.

But now, we see America rapidly emerging as a nation presenting danger to whistle blowers and investigative journalists. 

I therefore have some practical advice for my fellow journalists at this time.

Because of my faith in a very real God who interacts with His creation continually, and in Whose promises I trust, I remain able to enjoy every day of life I have on this earth. 

I refuse to live in craven and cowardly fear due to the subject matter I report on. I refuse to crawl under a rock or curl up in a fetal position muttering, "we are all going to die!"

I am able to sleep well at night, and don't need prescription drugs for struggles with night-time restlessness based on fear.

Through spending quality time in prayer for protection over my life, I do not live in fear or apprehension. And because of the promises of God as found in the Bible regarding forgiveness of my sins and eternal salvation, I have no fear of death or what lies beyond the grave.

God has given me the grace to recover fully from every attack on my life, and to continue in my important journalism on behalf of my endangered fellow Americans.

Every day I enjoy life to it's fullest, as I interact with many people across America. And in eternity, I will enjoy even greater life to it's maximum potential. All because of faith in a genuine and Living God and His answer to the problems of mankind and this troubled world, Jesus and His timeless teachings filled with love, mercy, compassion and help for all life's problems.

If people simply followed the simple teachings of Jesus Christ, the problems destroying this world would cease to exist. More wars are fought out of greed and revenge than for any other reasons. God's Word forbids seeking revenge against enemies and condemns covetousness and greed.

Oppression from tyrannical regimes and depots could never exist, if everyone in leadership were followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Murder, rape, wrongful imprisonment and torture can never occur, when the words of Jesus regarding how to treat our fellow man are observed.

The Bible teaches that "the greatest of these is love." Where there is genuine love,  compassion rules in the affairs of men, and subsequently crimes against humanity can never occur.

Although my life remains in danger for my brand of journalism, and I have many enemies, I refuse to carry a weapon of self defense to this day.  Many wonder why.

The reason is that Jesus died to save and forgive my enemies, as well as for me. Instead, I pray for my enemies, that God may not only stop them from attacking me or others, but also that their lives may be changed through the power of God's love and mercy reaching into their lives as well.

A person lying dead at my feet, even in an act of self defense, is no victory for me nor for God's kingdom. But a person who is alive and changed by the power of God's love, truth and grace, is the greatest victory of all. This is why Jesus taught His followers to forgive and love their enemies and to pray for them to be apprehended and changed.

This same wonderful and mighty God Who has blessed my life throughout the years with both healing and miracles of protection, and Who has given me the reassurance of eternal life beyond the grave through acceptance of His Son, sent to be Savior of the world, is available to you as well.

All I know is, from the moment I prayed for Jesus to take over in my life, and to heal my dying body, my life has been transformed from death unto life, and I have never been the same. And whenever the enemy decreed DEATH for me, my Almighty God instead decreed LIFE and cancelled the death sentence instead.

If you choose to remain in the field of honest investigative journalism, you will need the very same mercy and protection from Almighty God that I have experienced these 18 years of journalism. Obviously, as we watch the bodies pile up, it will take more than what normal flesh and blood can do to protect one's self from such destructive attacks from this administration.

And of course here will always be those skeptics who will say with traditional journalistic sarcasm,"Yeah, lady, but what IF they finally get you? Where was your God then???"

The answer is very simple. I belong to God through faith in His wonderful Son, Jesus Christ. I will only exit this world in HIS perfect timing, and not theirs. There is a reason for why God allows everything to happen to His beloved children. And often those divine reasons are unknowable in this present world. They can only be understood beyond the veil, in the hidden realms of eternity called "the will of God.".

And the day that this physical body finally dies, becomes the day of the entrance of my eternal soul into His wondrous eternal Kingdom of heaven, far beyond this world filled with heartache and tragedy. Home at last, safe in His arms forever.

Somehow I do not find this a bad thing...not with the direction my nation and this world is precariously going in. For the true Christian, there is victory even in DEATH.

What God does for one person, He is able to do for all who come to Him in faith, believing. I am certainly not special, and no different from any other person on the face of the earth. It was on the merit of His goodness and mercy that I received what I did from God, and not due to any merit of self worthiness. His love is there for ALL.

And so, my fellow journalists, I encourage you to turn to God Almighty during this time of increasing oppression and danger in America. Discover (or re-discover) the timeless truths contained in His wonderful Word. Apply His promises to your life. The Bible is filled with promises for personal safety and protection, with promises for provision and help in every area of your life and your family as well.

I have safely lived by those promises for many years (I am 61, and have been a follower of Jesus Christ for 42 years now.) I can honestly admit that He has never failed me, and has protected me from many attacks as well.

And if I should die in my journalistic endeavors, death holds no fears for me. I know in Whom I have believed, I know His word is true, and death has therefore lost it's power over me. Jesus Christ declared, "I AM the resurrection and the life. He that believes in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live...and whosoever lives and believes in ME shall NEVER DIE."

This is why Christian martyrs throughout the centuries, were not afraid to die. When despots and tyrants attempted to force them to renounce their faith in God, to worship a Caesar instead, they steadfastly maintained their faith in God and their Savior Jesus Christ to the end.

We all have choices to make. I have learned that I cannot be controlled by both FEAR and FAITH at the same time. Where fear shrinks back to retreat and be defeated, FAITH rises up to conquer and overcome. Therefore, by God's grace, I am choosing to  overcome fear and to continue in this work God has called me to.

But I am no fool. I realize that the dark forces of this administration have the power to kill innocent people they consider a threat. And they have already murdered many innocent victims thus far. That is why I am glad I have "eternal fire insurance." My future is protected, whether in life or in death.

And I encourage you to consider doing the same thing. It is a decision you will never regret. Come to the source of all life and hope and a promise of glorious life for all eternity, Jesus Christ. 

Someday, and even right now,  you will be glad you did.

I am praying for all my fellow journalists across America at this time. I don't even need to know all your names: God already knows who you are and He cares about you and your future. That is why God sent Jesus Christ to this tragic world we  live in.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but so that through Him, THE WORLD MIGHT BE SAVED." 

~JOHN 3:16-17~

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