Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Deepest Sorrow...

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

My deepest sorrow throughout these 18 years of investigative journalism, is never for myself and what I might someday suffer for my reporting. Nor for what I have gone through already in this difficult work.

Rather, it is reserved for those who consider themselves "Christians, " yet refuse to listen to those whom God has raised up and sent to them in this urgent hour. Oh, how they will suffer in the times to come, if they are not prepared!

I recently finished addressing thank-you cards to readers who have contacted me, sitting in an local Internet cafe. What makes this cafe unique, is that it is located in the heart of NWO intrigue and darkness that I have investigated and uncovered here in the NW Montana region.

Two young people working in this Internet cafe, have a mother who is aware of my reporting. But her response to my reporting fills my heart with sorrow and shame for those who call themselves "Christians," yet who mock the word of warning God is sending to them through His servants.

At Christmastime,  a friend of mine asked me to join her in coming to this very woman's home for Christmas dinner and fellowship. My friend said she would ask the hostess if she could bring me with her. The phone call was made, and the reply came back to me. "Tell Pam she can come, but I don't want her sharing her reporting with anyone in my home." 

Translated: we are comfortable Christians in our own little world, and we don't want to hear the truth. We don't care how much you have suffered and sacrificed to gather this information to share with us in our region. We simply don't want to hear it....

This same friend I was staying with invited me to also come to her church next door for Thanksgiving dinner in November."I'll ask the pastor if it is okay for me to bring you, " she said. She talked to the pastor. His reply was, "Tell Pam she can come, but I do not want her sharing her reporting with anyone in MY church...."

Oh, really, Pastor? You don't want me sharing in a church that is in the heart of the NWO agenda unfolding in your region? In a church in which a Christian truck driver admitted to me after a service one Sunday, that his trucker buddies were deeply disturbed because the loads they were now hauling into Billings, Montana, were now the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES?

You don't want God's people to hear the truth about the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES that have continually come down the railroad tracks right outside your church??? Pastor, don't you realize that these modern guillotines  and prisoner boxcars with shackles are there to martyr God's children under martial law...and you don't want me to be the faithful witness to warn God's people in this hour of these very real things to come ???

In fact, this very pastor made an elaborate speech to the congregation in my presence one day, stating that he did not want to know what is coming and would never preach on it. And intimated that I was somehow "a false prophet" and to beware of false prophets, etc. 

Being a "Pentecostal" church, I wonder how he could so quickly forget one of the roles of the Holy Spirit: "And He shall show you THINGS TO COME." 

Our God is a omniscient God of FOREKNOWLEDGE and WANTS His people forewarned of things to come!

Pastor, I must ask just who do you REALLY work for...FEMA and the US government, or the God of all truth who wants His people to be forewarned and prepared for what is to come???
Today, as I wrote these thank-you cards to readers, I actually wanted to break down and cry in front of everyone in that cafe. Both of the daughters of the previously mentioned woman worked in that cafe, and they were lovely. They loved Jesus. And they will suffer greatly under the coming persecution of the Christians in America as things come down under martial law. 

How I longed to share with them! How I longed to pray with them, for their strength to stand firm in the times we face.

But no...the mother did not want to hear it, nor did she want her family to hear it. For she is trusting in a false gospel of convenience, one that appeals to the flesh that declares that Christians in North America will somehow "be raptured out" before they can suffer for their faith in North America.

The sad message such people silently communicate to me in this region where in I have performed so much sacrificial labor and research on their behalf is: "...we will ignore you and push you aside, and shun your presence. We will not invite you to our Christian gatherings. We will remain indifferent to your suffering and sacrifice on our behalf, as you live out of your vehicle to continue your work to bring us this information...because we do not want to hear it."

"We will not love you as Jesus commanded us to love one another. We will not be concerned for you or your needs or your safety. We will not pray on your behalf. We will shun you when  you come into our churches. Your message of truth is not welcome here."

You will never know how deeply this hurts me, when I have sacrificed everything to warn God's beloved people of things to come through my research. It hurts to have your sacrifice and your love and compassion trampled upon. 

And it hurts even more to realize that these people are rejecting the very truth they need to hear in this hour, in order to prepare and to protect their families from what is coming to America.

I often wonder what Jesus thinks about this kind of sad response to the truth He wants His people to be aware of??? What does He think of such "pastors"? What does He think of such "Christians"?

Are these the true Biblical Christian fruits of love and compassion, towards fellow Christians on the front lines for His sake?

Truthfully, I must share with my readers that I have suffered more because of those who profess to be "Christians" yet whose fruits deny this, than I ever have from those who are not Christians and who have attacked me throughout the years.

I find it much easier to forgive those who do not know Christ, who do such things against me, because they are sinners. They do not have the word of God or the commandments of Jesus Christ. When they do wrong, they are simply doing what comes natural to the unsaved sinner without Jesus Christ. I can deal with this.

But it is much harder when dealing with professing Christians, who clearly have the word of God and the commandments of Jesus Christ, and yet who fail to live up to them. Jesus Christ designed His Body to be members of one another, to love and support one another as He has loved us.

How important do you think it is for Christians to obey the word of God regarding how to treat fellow Christians suffering persecution and dangers for His name's sake...including when their very lives are at stake?

Don't we realize that good Christians can be hurt and even killed, whenever the Body of Christ FAILS to BEHAVE as the Bible declares His Body should behave towards one another??? Have we forgotten what it means to be "members one of another"?
I have both suffered persecution, and found my life in danger more than once, while performing this investigative journalism on behalf of my endangered fellow Christians and Americans.

I can remember throughout my many years of ministry, how God would send me to minister to Christians whose lives were endangered for various reasons. This was especially true in the mountains of North Carolina, wherein satanists often attack neighboring Christians in various deadly ways.

I would listen to them pour out their hearts to me repeatedly, about what they had suffered from these dark people.

My heart would break, and I would then ask them what I could do to help support them in their times of persecution and attack.

One of the saddest things I would hear inevitably from every family I spoke with, was the following.

When I would ask these people under attack if their pastor or Christian friends were standing in solidarity with them through these difficult times, they would often break into tears. 

One man, Edward, a farmer who suffered all one hundred head of his cattle poisoned by the satanists in in his region, said in reply, "Well, Pam, you should know the answer to this question. As soon as the satanists began to attack me and my family, all our Christian friends abandoned us..."

"Pastor won't come over for chicken dinner after church any more...our friends have all deserted us..."

His daughter looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "When I go to the grocery store and say hello to friends I have known for years, they look at me and turn to walk the other way..." In fact, this woman and her husband and daughter later suffered the loss of their home by these very satanists. It was firebombed while they were gone one weekend. All in retaliation for them daring to stand against the satanists in their region.

A roadblock had even been set up one night for the husband, John Bruce. Three armed satanist gunmen exited from the truck they used to block a lone country road one night, and bullets flew everywhere. Only because of his previous military training in how to evade such attacks, and more importantly because of prayer for the safety of him and his family, did he emerge alive...although his car was thoroughly destroyed.

As a Christian who knows the word of God, I knew immediately what to do after hearing of this great tragedy of both the loss of their home and their car. I contacted my pastor at that time, and organized a special church service in which the family could share their story, and a special offering would be taken up for them, and a car donated as well. The car donated, in fact, was from my beloved mother.

Hundreds of dollars were donated to this precious family, and they left that church comforted by the love of God and the body of Christ, and with a car once again.

LOVE! This is the only true Christian response to other Christians in crisis and suffering danger and persecution.

We are commanded to love one another with the same love Jesus loved US with. That includes putting our lives at risk on behalf of others as well. 

Knowing these truths and having put them into practice throughout my 42 years of being a Christian, it deeply grieves me to see how many Christians do not seem to understand this Biblical kind of love Christ calls us to towards one another.

How sad it was to me, to visit many churches as I traveled across America for this important work, to find many churches loveless towards visitors and strangers. I can count on less than ten fingers how many Christians in these churches even bothered to talk to me after services, or offer hospitality and a fellowship meal after church. 

I would often go into a church seeking love and consolation, after suffering many things living on the road for my ministry, and frequently walk out just as lonely and in need of fellowship as when I went in.

Many Christians have admitted the same thing to me as I discuss this with them, the lack of true Biblically defined love in many of the churches of America today.

I can remember the years when I lived on the grounds of a Christian retreat for 13 years. Our home was open day and night to those in crisis, to the needy, to the homeless and Christians in various crises. Countless bags of groceries went out to families and individuals in crisis who stayed in that home with my mother and I.

Meals were always prepared for them, and I often took them shopping for clothes and other needs as well. Love and compassion was spoken in that home continually. We knew the command of Jesus to LOVE ONE ANOTHER and we practiced this continually. It was my great joy to do so.

We received those whom God had sent to us, and ministered to their needs. None of this is extraordinary. This is simply the normal Christian walk of love and discipleship!

But what I have experienced throughout these 18 years of ministering across America, has sent a warning signal to my heart regarding the actual state of so many "Christians" in America today.

I have personally discovered that many Christians do not want the truth in this hour. And that love is often greatly lacking in many of the churches in America as well.

They want to live in their safety-comfort-denial zones and under the delusion of a "rapture" conveniently timed to take them away from Biblically prophesied persecution to come worldwide in this age. And because their flesh does not want to hear the truth, they push aside those whom God has raised up and sent to them.

The messenger is often treated as an outcast or made to feel unwelcome in their circles. They forget the word of God about LOVE commanded from His people towards one another. They forget the words of Jesus that He spoke to His followers, "He that receives you, receives Me, and he that receives Me, receives Him that sent Me." They have forgotten the command of Jesus, to love one another as He has loved us.

They forget that Jesus declared, "By THIS shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another." A tree is known by it's fruits, and a Christian is to be known especially by his LOVE.

For reasons stated above, I remain in doubt of many who call themselves "Christians" in America today. When Christians refuse to stand with other Christians whose lives are in danger, are they REALLY Biblical Christians??? When Christians refuse to love one another as Christ loved us, are they truly Christians by the definition of Jesus Christ???

When Christians refuse to receive one another as the Bible commands, and to love and show His compassion to His children and to those He sends, can they really be called "Christians" by the Bible's definition???

Is it possible to call oneself "a Christian, " and yet be in fact a "pseudo-Christian" instead?

My big question remains, will such people remain faithful unto death, when the real persecution begins across America under martial law and everything I have reported is coming to our nation??? I fear that many will fall away in America under the coming persecution. This has even been prophesied by more than one ministry.

How deeply it hurts, when people professing to be Christians reject the words and the truth God sends you to proclaim in love to them. And by rejecting the truth in this hour, they are going to suffer deeply in the times to come. They will not be prepared to face the coming times of testing and persecution, and many in fact will fall away as a result ultimately.

This is exactly what happened in China when the Communists finally took over. Most pastors refused to realistically prepare God's people for coming persecution. And besides, most comfortable Christians did not not want to hear such a message anyhow. The pastors in China were reportedly telling the people what their flesh wanted to hear.

"Oh, you don't need to worry about the Communists in China! Jesus will rapture you out before the Communists can take over!" 

And as result, when the Communists took over at last, most Christians in China were NOT prepared for the subsequent persecution to come against them under Communism.

And true reports filtered out of Communist China of Christians being arrested and sent to prison. And there, many of them fell away, cursing both God and their pastors, saying, "Pastor, WHY didn't you warn us of these things to come? WHY did you tell us we would be raptured out??? WHY...??????"

And truthfully, how many pastors did not warn God's people, simply because the people let them know they didn't want to hear it???

However, regardless of whether God's people want to hear the truth or not, the truth must be spoken. Regardless of how I have been treated, I have never compromised the truth to God's people in North America. God has not called me to compromise!

It is for the reasons outlined above, that this has been a sad and lonely walk at times.

But sadder still, will be the future of the Christians of North America, who refuse to heed the warning of God regarding things to come, and who refuse to prepare WHILE THERE IS YET TIME.

This remains my deepest sorrow.

Please, don't be like them. These are the Christians who will truly be "LEFT BEHIND" when the great persecution of the Church descends upon this nation like a flood, and they have not prepared.

God has given you the warning through His servants like myself and many others. The evidence confirming my reporting is clearly to be found all across America. Do not be caught unprepared. Fast and pray and seek God while you can, and let Him prepare your heart so you may stand victorious in the times to come.

May God bring you through the coming times of testing and persecution safely. May you be accounted worthy to overcome all these things, and to stand before the Son of Man in His glorious Kingdom. And may Jesus Christ be glorified through your walk and your love continually, as you shine His light to a lost and perishing world around you. God bless you all. 

And remember to pray for me, as I am praying for you. 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. "Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me....." Just remember.... Those "Christians" also walk through the same valley. If they choose not to walk in the light, stand firm and KNOW that you did your part..... and GOD does see. I don't know you and you don't know me, but you are in my thoughts and prayers my SISTER IN CHRIST.

    God Bless and MANY THANKS for all you open strangers eyes to!!! Speak it! And wear the full
    armor of God.

    San Pedro CA

  2. Pamela you did what you could. Sorry to say this but if these so called Christians won't listen to you then it's their own fault. I don't think there is much time left. People better wake up and fast. Next time someone says that to you say it with bark, "Fine you don't want to listen, when things go south, don't be groveling to me."

  3. It seems strange to me that so many people in your area are wanting to wear blinders to what is going on around them, which doesn't change a thing other than making them more vulnerable when something does come down.
    I'll have you know, however, that we have come across a few people (out of the blue) lately who are aware of your warnings and are highly appreciative of them! God bless!