Thursday, June 20, 2013

Important Prayer Request for Pastor Mark of Bozeman

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Bozeman, Montana

Please continue to pray for Pastor Mark and his precious wife Mindy of ARK MISSIONS Christian church and outreach in Bozeman, Montana.

Pastor Mark shared with me during this previous week spent at their home and church, about how a "youth outreach worker" infiltrated their church a while ago, pretending to be "a Christian," but secretly was teaching false doctrine and rebellion when alone among the youth.

Outwardly, he spoke a great message and had much charisma. He initially SEEMED to be a Christian, but as time progressed, the truth finally was revealed.

This wolf in sheep's clothing finally went so far as to attack the pastor's children, and two of them actually left his family to follow this deadly infiltrator. Pastor Mark's wife Mindy was personally devastated by this terrible event, as she shared with me.

As Pastor Mark shared more and more details, I pointed out from my years of investigating phenomena such as this, that both the government and the satanists train people to infiltrate valid Christian ministries in order to bring division and destruction. 

The more he revealed to me about this man's behavior, the more clear it became that this infiltrator was indeed a satanist infiltrator, albeit well disguised. Potentially also a CIA linked satanist as well, for the purposes of CIA infiltration of Pastor Mark's ministry. Both the CIA and satanists in America infiltrate churches all the time, bringing division and destruction and heartache with them.

As one former CIA operative of 30 years admitted to me with a brazen laugh, there is absolutely NO ministry or church across America that is not CIA-infiltrated to a greater or lesser degree. And the massive CIA computer system I recently exposed, keeps a tight watch on every single church and it's members across this nation.

Pastor Mark also revealed that the government has attacked him for his anti-NWO message and his assistance to homeless and those in crisis. He has lost many things in this battle to serve Christ on the front lines, including homes and possessions. But he and his wife refuse to turn back.

There is much oppression in Bozeman directed towards those who refuse to tow the "official party line" of full cooperation with FEMA and the NWO agenda for churches under martial law. And of course, this is also happening in various locations across this nation as well.

And because his message is not popular with so many Christians of today, who demand a "health and wealth and feel-good only" message, he does not draw the huge numbers that other churches who refuse to warn God's people of things to come, are able to draw.

Continue to pray therefore for Pastor Mark and Mindy of ARK MISSIONS in Bozeman, Montana. They deeply appreciate your concern and your intercession for them.

Below is one YOUTUBE video with Pastor Mark ministering in Bozeman.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
I will be traveling next week  to another city to record another exciting television broadcast, this time with a special member of Pastor Mark's congregation, Brother Ernie. 

Brother Ernie is a brilliant man of God. I spent several hours with him while in Bozeman, in order to hear what he had to say to America.

He is going to share with viewers how he performed years of legal and historical research, to discover how to successfully go "off the grid" and to legally renounce his SSN, not have to pay taxes, and to be free of US government tyranny and control.

Brother Ernie is going to share with viewers how they can also do this LEGALLY, just as he did. We are planning to get this recorded on DVD next week, and to make it available on YOUTUBE,  and hopefully on my blog as well for my readers and many others who are interested in discovering how to do this.

He and his family has stood successfully against the NWO agenda for America, even with attacks on his life as well. 

Your support is critical, because it is expensive to travel several hundred miles away  for broadcasts such as this, due to high gas costs. In just my recent visit to Pastor Mark's fellowship, I exhausted all my finances ministering to his family's and ministry's needs. Thank you for your prayers and your support to help get this important information out ASAP.-Pamela

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