Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When Military PSY-OPS Failed in AMERICA

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Many years ago, when I first began to research the NWO agenda for America and starting pouring over many reports and different information submitted to me, I received a particularly interesting report. It was information from a leaked internal U. S. military memo. It discussed military NWO strategies they planned to use against the American people.

One strategy outlined stated that "...we shall deliberately leak out the more terrifying things we plan to do to the American people under martial law..." This was with the intent of frightening the American people from resisting the NWO agenda or fighting back under martial law. Fear tactics (or "fear mongering"), in other words.

However, my many years traveling across America to interview the American people about this subject of America's future and the NWO agenda, has uncovered quite a different response from the American people!

Instead of retreating in craven, cowardly FEAR, the vast majority of knowledgeable  people aware of the NWO agenda told me that IT ONLY MADE THEM ANGRY, and more determined than ever to stand up for their freedoms and their nation. 

People who never before cared about the Constitution, took time to research what it was all about. People who  were formerly never armed, purchased guns and ammunition and decided it was finally  time to prepare for what is to come.

Americans who never had more than a few days worth of extra food supplies on hand, took the time to invest in long term survival food and emergency supplies.

When I interviewed Americans on the subject of prisoner boxcars and shackles and detention camps awaiting all who would resist under martial law and refuse to surrender to the NWO agenda, their responses were impressive.

People from across this nation told me in so many words that " will be out of my cold dead hands they pry my guns, because I am not surrendering to the NWO under martial law..." They also told me they would "never be taken alive" to the FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps or walk willingly to the prisoner boxcars and shackles. People let me know the would rather die standing on their feet fighting for FREEDOM, than to ever surrender their liberties and suffer the horrors of the FEMA camps as slaves of the NWO.

Frankly, I found myself amazed continually at how many people across the U.S.A. actually KNEW about these NWO agendas, and were really preparing to face them head-on. I discovered that Americans were passionate about this subject of their freedom in America, especially religious freedoms and the right to bear arms.

I was fascinated to even encounter people who were quoting portions of my personal investigative reports back to me almost verbatim. This let me know how effective my reporting really was, and the kind of impact it was having on the America people in influencing their outlook regarding America's future, and helping to form their response.

I never forgot the article I read many years ago, about the military tactic of PSY-OPS, deliberately attempting to instill fear and cowardice in the American people through their leaked planned terrors to come to NWO resisters. Yes, this is part of how military PSY-OPS operates in real life, all the time.

Therefore, you cannot imagine my sense of joy and satisfaction when I discovered that their PSY-OPS tactics had MISERABLY FAILED all across America! I was moved to tears by the responses of the many American I interviewed throughout the years during my travels across this nation for my journalism. "Surrender to the NWO Communist plan to enslave me and my nation??? Heck NO!!!" Nada. Zilch. Never!

And so, I have the great honor of reporting to the US military who monitor my reports every single day, that their MILITARY PSY-OPS HAVE FAILED COMPLETELY in this regard. The vast majority of the American people are more courageous and noble and dedicated to God and country and liberty than they apparently ever dreamed!

And reporting such as mine and that of other quality independent investigative journalists exposing the outrageous NWO agendas for America, has only served to intensify the American patriot's determination to battle the forces of Communism and NWO enslavement and tyranny to the end ...even if it costs their very life. And believe me, they plan to emerge FULLY VICTORIOUS!

I recall many years ago how a Major Ralph Peters (now retired) of Pentagon Intelligence, had written an article for the Army's PARAMETERS magazine. He stated how America was filled with NWO resisters. He described them as people who could not be bargained with and whose convictions could not be changed. He stated that this was especially true because of their religious convictions (in other words, they are CHRISTIANS.) He stated in this article that all such NWO resistance must be countered by the US military with IRRESISTIBLE FORCE.

Ralph Peters of Pentagon Intelligence and PARAMETERS, 
here then are your "WARRIOR CLASS PATRIOTS." They number in the tens of millions all across this nation. And their ranks are growing every single day as more and more Americans become informed through journalism such as mine. Americans are becoming more angry every single day, as the TRUTH becomes more apparent. May they become the NWO's worst nightmare in the times to come.

POWER to the American Patriot!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert 

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