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Reader Asks, "Are YOU 'Anti-Semitic'?"-My Response

"Are You 'Anti-Semitic'?"



Note- I received an email the other day from a blog reader, who read my reports about the Noahide laws and the guillotines. He asked me, however, "...are you anti-Semitic? Don't you know that Jews are 'God's chosen people?'" 

The following is my email reply back to him.-PRS
I have had the joy of working among the Jews to share the wonderful love of Jesus for over thirty years, interacting with them personally and loving their children as my own. It was very eye-opening as well. I encountered wonderful people at times indeed, people that I love to this very day. 

But I also witnessed the depths of sin found in the Jewish communities, and have wept and mourned and prayed about what I uncovered, including while living in Jerusalem.

Always remember: people are only God's chosen people, who BEHAVE as God's chosen people. Jews after the flesh are NOT His chosen people, unless they choose to qualify for that lofty title by repenting of their sins, receiving HIS way of salvation through their Messiah, Yahshua,  as their Savior, and living worthy of the title of "God's chosen." 

As Jesus declared, "Many are called, but FEW ARE CHOSEN." Simply being born physically into a Jewish family does not make anyone automatically "special" with God. It is one's RESPONSE to God that determines whether one is worthy of the title of "chosen," or not.

You can see this clearly throughout Jewish Holy Scriptures. There were those Jews who chose to believe in the God of Israel, and to keep His commandments and to fear Him. And then, there were those Jews who turned aside to worship Moloch and Baal and idols representing satan himself, even sacrificing their children on those altars and murdering the righteous prophets God sent to warn the Jews and call them to REPENT.

Now, you tell me: which group behaved as God's "CHOSEN PEOPLE, " and which group above did not! The answer is obvious. Therefore it is quite clear that simply being born into a Jewish family does not automatically qualify anyone for the title of "God's CHOSEN PEOPLE."

After being rejected and condemned by the religious leaders of His day, Jesus declared to the Pharisees, that the Kingdom of God would be taken away from the Jews and given to the nation(s) that would produce the fruit thereof. He warned of days to wrath to follow His rejection by the people. And in 70 AD, Jerusalem was invaded and destroyed. 

The Jews of that era were scattered abroad, in exile until recent times. And in fact most "Jews" choose to remain in exile out of Israel, because of how hard it is to live there.

I am certainly not "anti-Jewish" and my life has proven this now for several decades. Ask the many Jews I have lovingly interacted with throughout the years if I am somehow "anti-Semitic!"

Rather, I am what every Christian must be, and that is anti-SIN in any people. That includes among those who profess to be Christians as well. There is sin in both camps of those who claim to be "God's chosen," both Jew and Christian alike. And I have written articles exposing both. And to do so does not somehow make me "anti-Semitic" or "anti-Christian." It is rather "anti-sin" instead. Jesus Himself, while loving THE SINNER, had to also confront THE SIN as well.

Why? Because SIN is deadly. It destroys individuals. It destroys nations. It destroys everything it permeates and infects with it's deadly influence. This is WHY Jesus had to come to this world, to SAVE it from sin and to set mankind free from sin. Sin always brings suffering, tragedy, oppression, and destruction ultimately in the end.

Sin as found in unbelieving and apostate Jews (including outright Jewish satanist groups such as the Sabbateans, Jewish elements of the Illuminati such as the Rothschilds and others) created the horrors of MARXISM/COMMUNISM as a way to get rid of the Christians worldwide and push their unScriptural version of "Zionism" and Jewish world domination achieved through brute and cruel force and the eradication of perceived enemies (Christians especially), and not the Biblical way of achieving goals through faith and obedience to God and righteousness.

Always remember how dark the hearts of men can be, when the Jesus the Messiah is not their Savior and sin still controls them, and they therefore remain under satan's power.

Tens of millions of innocent Christians suffered and died under Communism, and are still suffering today because of the satanic doctrines of Jews Moses Hess and Karl Marx and others. And tens of millions of Christians will suffer worldwide under a very Jewish antichrist whom the Jews will celebrate as "their New Messiah" (and Jews have told me so) who will "...lead them to world victory and get rid of you Christians who stand in our way!" (As one Jew informed me.)

This is what the modern guillotines and the Jewish Noahide Laws are all about. Bible prophecy about to be fulfilled regarding the saints beheaded under an antichrist world government, with distinctly apostate Jewish elements involved as well. 

Actually, I prefer to call them pseudo-Jews. No true worshiper of a holy God of Abraham and Jesus the Messiah could ever do what many of these NWO Jews do, and that is to worship Lucifer in secret. Satanism is very prevalent in Jewish communities today. I have investigated, interviewed and written articles about this. I have met such people face to face. Jewish researcher and exposer of the NWO, Henry Makow, has written extensively about Illuminati and Sabbatean satanist Jews and their role in the satanic NWO agenda. Jew Karl Marx was also a satanist.

Christians sometimes stumble over these modern day truths about present day Jews and have a hard time accepting such truths, because they are referring back to a romanticized and idealistic picture often painted by the Jews and of the Jews in the Old Testament, tribal people of 3000 years ago. 

And even as the modern "Christians" of today often do not live up to the lofty standards and pictures painted of them as "holy and elect" or "chosen," written two thousand years ago, so many Jews of today also do not live up to things written thousands of years regarding them. 

Most of those who call themselves "Jews" today are not even true physical descendants of Abraham's seed. The Russian/Eastern European Ashkenazi "Jews" are in fact historically KHAZARS who converted to Judaism hundreds of years ago. In other words, there is no "seed of Abraham" in them! They have hijacked the title of "God's chosen people" and used it as a cloak to hide beneath and then proceed with their agendas.

There is much history written about THE KHAZARS, including in Jewish encyclopedias.

And if they are not Abraham's physical seed, to whom He promised the land of Israel and Jerusalem, then they have no promise to the land they are fighting to seize from the Arabs, who have lived there for centuries and in fact most of whom are the physical seed of Abraham yet, through Abraham and Hagar.

I have worked as an outreach worker among Russian Jews in NYC for years. It was a beautiful thing to witness little Russian Jewish children having visions of Jesus dying on the cross for their sins, and to see them come to their Messiah through our outreach to them with Russian Christians for years. Yet it was many of their grandparents who fully participated in the Bolshevik Revolution, and helped to persecute and murder tens of millions of Christians under Communism. 

But as Christians, we chose to forgive and to love these precious souls as Jesus commands, and to share His love and salvation with these grandchildren of the murderers of countless Christians under many decades of Communism in Russia, begun by Jewish Bolsheviks and their Jewish banker funders, and later spreading to Eastern Europe and beyond.

Christians need to get rid of any idealized and outdated perception of "the JEWS" based on scriptures written several thousands of years ago, and get updated as to who the JEWS OF TODAY and their impact on our world, really are and have become. 

There is a vast difference between ancient Jews idealized in Scripture by their own Jewish writers, and the hard-core reality of Jews in the world today.  I discovered this first hand. And once again, you have the good, the bad, and the you have in any other people group on the earth today.

"No good fruit can ever come from a bad tree." This is the word of God through Jesus Christ. When you have a distinct group of people who choose to reject Jesus as a whole,  in generation after generation, and who  turn instead to occult Jewish writings like THE TALMUD (instead of true Bible Scriptures,) which blaspheme Jesus and declare He is boiling in His own excrement in hell forever, that He is a bastard, that all Christians are worthy of death, etc., I must ask, what good fruit can possibly come forth from this??? 

What good fruit can come from Jews who reject the God of Abraham, to turn instead to the abomination of worshiping a fallen angel called "Lucifer" for money and power? Jew Harold Rosenthal, former aid to former Senator Jacob Javits, was very bold in admitting the satanic elements found in the Jewish community today during an interview he was paid for. 

Rosenthal boasted in this interview that, "...while most Jews don't like to admit this, Lucifer is the god of the Jews, and we are HIS 'CHOSEN PEOPLE.' He is very much alive...." One Jew I questioned about this while working in New York City, explained, "Well, if Jesus is not the Messiah, then what else do you have...?" How very sad and how very true. If Jews reject the only Messiah God will ever send to them, what else do you have to substitute for the truth, BUT A LIE!

(And the "messiah" that Jews have boasted to me that is coming to "lead them to world victory and get rid of the Christians" is certainly not sent by the God of Abraham, but by the wicked one, to deceive them INTO HELL and PERDITION. Even as the Bible warns about "the man of perdition" in II Thessalonians. Having no love for the truth, they will instead embrace the lie, and perish as a result.)

It is precisely from such Jewish teachings and writings that such intense hatred for Jesus Christ and His followers erupted, to help inspire Communism and the Bolshevik Revolution and the horrors countless tens of millions of Christians experienced under it.

The major issue I am concerned about today is not "anti-Semitism" but rather the far greater and more deadly threat of  worldwide "ANTI-CHRISTIAN" genocide under a satanic NWO, and the distinct threat  that such people full of hatred and religious bigotry and spiritual darkness represent to millions of Christians worldwide. And sadly, that includes in America today as well. 

American politics is filled with Jewish politicians who stand for Marxism and Communism and support the NWO globalist agenda for America...and secretly approve of the already planned termination of millions of American Christians in the detention camps. Or their beheading under their Noahide Laws  by the military guillotines.

How do you possibly think that the legislation for the NOAHIDE LAWS could ever have been passed, and the modern guillotines and clandestine training operations in many America bases taking place even as you read this, without the presence and support of Jewish NWO communists secretly enabling such programs and their funding with OUR tax dollars? 

How else do you think that millions of our tax dollars could be clandestinely hijacked and used to build prisoner boxcars and shackles through Jewish-owned GUNDERSON INC, a steel fabrication company in Portland, Oregon, that received the secret contract to manufacture thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles to be used to haul all "NWO RESISTERS" to the detention camps across America under martial law someday?

Somehow I recall something like this happening before...could it be the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the subsequent arrests of all resisters (Christians especially), to be taken by prisoner trains to the gulags to be horrifically tortured and destroyed??? 

Hmmm...I guess history does repeat itself...but only if good people let it happen.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus, founded by a U.S. socialist group, the Democratic Socialists of America, is headed by Senator Bernie Sanders (a Jew and avowed socialist) and Senator Barney Frank, also a Jewish socialist. 

The Noahide Laws/guillotines agenda is distinctly Jewish in origin and nature. It can be attributed to no other people or culture. How can it be otherwise? Do you think somehow CHRISTIANS would ever be so foolish to such a program for the beheading of Christians who refuse to deny Christ, under martial law???

The modern guillotines, now found in military installations worldwide, and the NOAHIDE LAWS to facilitate their use against "THE CHRISTIANS WHO STAND IN THEIR WAY," as one Jew told me, are a plan for worldwide genocide of the Christians.  And it remains a distinctly modern-day Jewish plan as well, ready to be implemented someday in America. 

In fact, the Jewish Sanhedrin in Jerusalem already preside over "B'nei Noach" or Gentiles under the Noahide laws, and plan to act as a court someday to enforce the Noahide laws on non-Jews worldwide...and that will mean sentencing followers of Jesus Christ to execution by beheading. Thus they intend to bar all Christians from entering into their New World Order world reign of the Zionist Jews someday.

One email I received from a Jewish reader stated, "...yeah, lady, your reporting is correct! And the antichrist you Christians fear, will be our new Messiah who will lead us to world victory, and GET RID OF YOU CHRISTIANS WHO STAND IN OUR WAY!" I wonder how many Christians truly realize what the actual hidden sentiments against Christians really are, in closed Jewish circles..???

I am frankly not unduly concerned about what many refer to today in Jewish circles as "anti-Semitism." Much of what I read that is called by Jews "anti-semitic," is in fact true and honest journalism exposing many things that need to be exposed among the Jews and modern Israel today. Such as: Russian Jewish mafia and organized crime in America. Hollywood Jews and pornography and pedophilia.  Satanism and the Illuminati in Jewish circles. Rabbis and pedophilia. Jewish communist/Marxist  agendas for America (NWO). Israel and MOSSAD's hidden role in 9/11 for Israeli purposes. Israeli genocide agendas and human rights abuses in Palestine. And more.

Too many Jews involved in the above try to hide under the cloak of "God's chosen," using it somehow as a carte blanche excuse to justify anything they do, excusing themselves under that title. One rabbinical writer even stated that Jews, when they sin, have not sinned, because they are "God's chosen people" and therefore God cannot see it as sin. (!)

While Jewish Hollywood produces films that magnify the Jews and the Holocaust and serve to perpetuate guilt among non-Jews, they are strangely silent about a much greater and ongoing holocaust against Christians under Jewish originated Marxism/Communism. 

Where are the Hollywood epic movies depicting the horrific sufferings of Christians in the Communist labor camps and gulags for decades under Communism? Where are the documentaries outlining the destruction of thousands of churches in Russian under the Jewish Bolsheviks, such as Lazar Kaganovich (Kogan), who personally oversaw the demolishing of the largest and best known Christian cathedral in Moscow? And later boasted about it!

And of course you have the Jewish Communist/Marxist agenda embodied in the ACLU and it's Communist history, laboring to destroy Christian freedoms in America today. Jews and Marxist/Communist/NWO hatred for the Christians are inseparable, due to the origins of Marxism and Communism. 

But Karl Marx was a true sinner in the sight of God: he was a satanist! He followed satan's inspirations and rebellion. This makes every follower of Karl Marx a satanist and a sinner also. For who are they imitating and following??? A man who by self-admission was influenced by the dark powers of satan.

And all of this is called SIN by Bible standards.

Therefore none of my writings are "anti-Jewish" but rather anti-SIN in the Jewish circles and communities today. I love the Jews and will always love the Jews, and have proven it through years of personal work and contact with them. Including outreach  that Jewish children, now grown, thank me for to this day.

But SIN is a destroyer of any people. And there are times when people must be rebuked and their sins exposed. Would you call Jesus Christ an "anti-Semite," because of what He was compelled to say to them due to their sins? Would you call the ancient Hebrew prophets called by God to warn them, "anti-Semitic" because of the harsh words they had to use to call them to repentance and address their sins?

No. Of course not.

And due to all I know now through years of research and interaction with these people, I am compelled at last to speak the truth in my articles.

Hope this helps you to understand what it's really about. If I were to remain silent about what I know, the very rocks would have to cry out. Massive genocide is planned for Christians throughout America and worldwide by such NWO/ Zionist/Marxist agenda Jews and their Gentile NWO counterparts. 

And the truth about the people behind such plans must be told, if genocide is to be prevented, the innocent protected, and the guilty held accountable.

I will do whatever it takes to prevent AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. In the days of Hitler, I would have done whatever it required to help save even one Jewish life from a holocaust. 

And now in today's America, I will do whatever it takes to save even one CHRISTIAN life from a modern holocaust of the innocents planned under martial law.

Regardless of the people who are targeted, whether Jew or Christian or any other, mass genocide through detention camps remains a terrible CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and a SIN AGAINST ALMIGHTY GOD. 

And in every generation, such plans must be exposed and ultimately stopped. And for this reason, no matter how unpleasant such truth may be to the reader, I CANNOT REMAIN SILENT.

Let me remind Jews of the words of their own spokesman, Elie Wiesel:

"I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

Elie Wiesel

God bless you, Pamela

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