Friday, February 1, 2013

Beware of The Sin That Will Lead TO HELL

Mathew 25:41

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

America has come to a perilous place in her unfolding destiny. Forces of NWO darkness  have been working continually to strip America of her Christians foundations and heritage, her Constitution and Bill of Rights, with the intent of imposing a Communist dictatorship in it's place. 

Great persecution has been deliberately planned against the Christians of this nation by the supporters of a Communist world government (NWO).Christians can know what to anticipate simply by reviewing what tens of millions of Christians have suffered throughout the past 100 years under COMMUNISM in various nations.

Arrest under false charges. Mock trials. False accusations. Cruel and unusual punishment. Churches seized and closed down or destroyed. Sentencing and imprisonment. Torture. Starvation. Persecution of all religious expression. Forced labor. Exile. And ultimately for many,  MURDER AND MARTYRDOM.

There is seemingly no limit when it comes to how many cruel ways barbaric Communists void of God and conscience can oppress THE CHRISTIAN.

Tens of millions of Christians in Communist countries throughout the world have already died as martyrs throughout the past 100 years due to such abuse.

However, Almighty God does not take lightly the abuse and murder of His chosen and elect people, the obedient followers of His Son Jesus Christ, called the Christians. 

The Bible explains that someday Jesus Christ shall return to set up His millennial reign on earth. His Christian people shall rule on this earth with Him. 

And woe unto those wicked who have rejected Jesus Christ and oppressed His chosen people, the Christians!

Jesus Christ solemnly declared that everlasting hellfire and torment was in fact reserved for those who cruelly oppress and mistreat His followers.

Entire nations shall rise or fall, depending upon how they respond to God's Son, Jesus Christ, and upon how they treat or mistreat His holy people, the Christians.

That is how seriously God views the sin of rejecting Jesus Christ, and the crime of oppressing His Christian people who follow and obey His Son, Jesus Christ.

Essentially, persecutors of His people will face ETERNAL DAMNATION. There is simply no "polite" nor "politically correct" way to state the truth. Jesus Christ was only concerned in speaking the words of truth as given to Him by His Father, God. He was never a "man-pleaser" for this reason. And being His disciple, I cannot be a "man-pleaser" either.

Personally, I believe in the veracity of the words of God and his Son Jesus Christ. Throughout my entire life, I have been very careful of how I have treated and taken care of God's people. I have taken the time to love them deeply.

I have spent much time feeding His elect, and showing them hospitality whenever I have had a home. I have prayed with them when they are sick or in crisis. I have provided bags of groceries for their families. I have given away vehicles to Christians in crisis. 

I have donated thousands of dollars to valid Christian outreaches seeking to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. I have given away or purchased clothing for His people in need. I have supported Christian outreach workers or missionaries on the front lines for Him.

All Christians know that we are commanded to LOVE ONE ANOTHER as He has loved us! And for every Christian, this is a COMMAND, not just a nice thought!

I fear God, I believe His Word, and I love His true chosen and elect people, the CHRISTIANS.

Those ethnic groups, totalitarian government systems and religious cults throughout the world who oppress Christianity and who attack or murder the followers of Jesus Christ, will someday know the tragic horrors and grief of eternal damnation and everlasting torment. 

FIRST of all, because they have rejected Jesus Christ as their Savior. But secondly, because they rejected and persecuted His Christian children as well.

They will finally understand for all eternity just how terrible it is in the sight of God to reject His salvation, and oppress and reject His chosen Christian people.

Based on the authority of the infallible Word of God, I can tell you that hell and the regions of the damned will be filled with Communists who attacked, persecuted and murdered Christians. 

Hell will be filled with Muslims who attacked, persecuted and murdered Christians. 

Hell will be filled with Hindu idolaters who attacked, persecuted and murdered Christians.

Hell will be filled with satanists and their kind who attacked, persecuted and murdered Christians. 

Hell will be filled with those JEWS who attacked, persecuted,  and murdered Christians. Tens of MILLIONS of Christians have preciously suffered and died under Jewish Marxist inspired COMMUNISM and it's offshoots throughout the past 100 years. Hell is also reserved for those NWO Jews who plan to participate in beheading Christians under their antichrist NWO reign of terror to come soon. 

They will tempt Christians to deny their faith in Jesus Christ and join their New WOrld Order. And when Christians refuse, they will be beheaded under the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS. Distinctly Jewish Noahide Laws and the guillotines to enforce them especially against Christians  worldwide ARE HERE.

Corrupt and oppressive government minions who reject God's commandments, oppress Christianity and attack and murder Christians will find their way into hell as well.

Mr.Obama and Marxist/NWO agenda company, are you listening? These are not the rantings of some mad person. But rather, every single statement above is based entirely on the eternal and infallible WORD OF GOD as found in THE BIBLE.

I am certainly not ignorant of the heinous NWO agenda in America, to brutally oppress America's Christians and to ultimately murder them in prisoner boxcars and FEMA/Homeland Security Camps, and with the outrageous genocidal modern military guillotines as well. 

SHOULD you decide to follow through on these demented plans against America's Christians, you can be assured that hell and the place of eternal torments is prepared especially for PEOPLE LIKE YOU. You may be able to escape the prosecution of men for your crimes against humanity, BUT you will NEVER be able to escape the righteous WRATH OF THE LIVING GOD. Note that I did NOT say, men's wrath or retaliation! I am speaking of the wrath of God, to be feared above all else.

There is " where to run and no where to hide..." from the eyes of an angry God. And SHOULD the NWO agenda, distinctly designed to oppress and murder Christians, become enforced someday in North America, there will be "all hell to pay," literally, at the hands of an angry God. Marxist NWO tyrants and oppressors in Washington DC and beyond, take careful note of these words.

The world needs to FEAR GOD, Who can destroy both body and soul in hell!

No nation can ever truly prosper, who rejects God and Jesus Christ and oppresses Christians and  and Christianity. And that includes AMERICA. And that includes ISRAEL. And that includes RUSSIA AND CHINA. And that includes THE MIDDLE EAST. And that includes the EU. And that include the UK. You get the picture.

For reasons given above, this present U. S. administration needs to fear God and REPENT. Other nations oppressing Christians need to REPENT. I know well the hidden plans of mass persecution (and martyrdom) of the Christians of America under martial law and the NWO/Communist agenda.

And I testify, based upon the infallible word of God, that WHEN the NWO elements in this nation begin to arrest and oppress, imprison and torture and murder THE CHRISTIANS throughout this nation under martial law, that IN RESPONSE the WRATH OF GOD shall be poured out upon the sinners in America in an unprecedented manner as this nation has NEVER BEFORE EXPERIENCED!

In fact, it is already evident to many people and other nations that America is already falling in so many ways, and it can only get worse as America's leaders continue to reject God and Biblical values as foundational to her very success and existence, and begins to prepare to implement a godless Communist government, and prepares to persecute and eliminate the Christians under planned martial law NWO agendas.

Through years of intercessory prayer for our nation, God has shown me that the ONLY reason national judgment has been held back for the sins of our nation, is because of the presence of HIS RIGHTEOUS REMNANT of true Christians in America today. Such people are the salt and light of America! Our righteous actions and our prayers have held America up from her beginning.

"FOR THE SAKE OF THE ELECT", God has mercifully NOT given America what she deserves YET for her many sins. Sins of ABORTION. Sins of SATANISM. Sins of ORGANIZED CRIME. Sins of DRUG ABUSE. Sins of SEXUAL IMMORALITY. And more.

So important are "THE ELECT" (or CHOSEN) Christians to Almighty God, that Jesus Christ Himself declared the coming DAYS OF TRIBULATION and suffering prophesied to come upon the earth in the "last days" would be cut short FOR THE SAKE OF THE ELECT, His chosen people. 

And therefore, when you begin to see persecution and tribulation unleashed against God's precious elect, the sincere Christians in America, as the NWO Marxists attempt to destroy the Christians out of this nation (and they will try to), YOU CAN KNOW  THAT GREAT AND CATASTROPHIC JUDGMENTS  UNPARALLELED IN THE HISTORY OF THIS NATION are about to finally commence. At this point, such judgments will become inescapable.

Because the only good and redeeming thing that God sees in our sinful nation, ARE HIS HOLY, OBEDIENT AND ELECT PEOPLE, the CHRISTIANS.

God hates SIN. The only people whose sins are forgiven in His sight are THE CHRISTIANS who have come to Jesus Christ His Son for salvation from their sins. God will judge every nation for their sins. But He can also restrain His judgments upon a nation FOR THE SAKE OF HIS ELECT in that nation as well. 

In the Bible, God once told Abraham His servant, that He would withhold His righteous judgments on sinful Sodom and Gomorrah, if even TEN righteous people were found in their midst. God told his prophet Jonah that He would spare Ninevah instead of overthrow that city, because there was repentance found for their sins following the warnings of Jonah of God's judgment to come.

And in America, God has restrained His national judgments for the sake of the righteous and repentant, the CHRISTIANS' in this nation. It is not His will for the righteous to be harmed by God's just  judgments upon the wicked. 

However, if sinners refuse to repent and come to Jesus Christ and salvation, and begin to oppress and seek to destroy  Christians in America,  the wrath of God will fall in fury upon America in response. 

And I fear that this time is coming very soon in our nation.


I am proud of Jesus Christ, God's Son, and what He did for all mankind when He died on the cross to atone for the sins of the world. And rose again!

I am proud to be a Christian. I am proud of America's great Christian heritage. I am thankful to be a part of God's elect. I am honored to be a vital part of God's answer to the world's problems, and a light in this world as I walk with Jesus Christ in spirit and truth. 

I am proud to be part of the vital Christian backbone of America today.

And WOE unto those who seek to undermine Christianity in AMERICA, and plan to touch the "apple of God's eye" in America, those who are His precious children through faith in Jesus Christ! I pity them. HELL has been reserved for them! God is carefully watching over His elect in America, and payday is coming for those who refuse God's mercy and salvation through Jesus Christ, and then attack His people!

But blessed shall be those who honor the Living God and His Son Jesus Christ, and who lovingly support and bless God's chosen and elect, the sincere Christians! God shall reward those who bless His Christian people, both in this world, and in the world to come, Heaven. For when you love, and honor and support the Christians in the world, you are supporting God's purposes in the earth today through His people. For God can only work THROUGH HIS PEOPLE.

Blessed are those who will protect them in times of persecution, who will feed and house and clothe them in times of tribulation, and stand with God's people!

America's Marxists, satanists, and THE REST of your NWO cabal...ARE YOU LISTENING??? For the day is coming when you will hear from heaven the following, and it will be TOO LATE TO REPENT:


Matthew 25:41-46, Paraphrased

It's payback time
from an angry God...
You were warned
and had your chance
 What losers people are, 
when they foolishly reject 
Jesus, God's Son, 
and dare to oppress 
His Chosen People.
We win.
It's not too late to join the winning side:
REPENT of your sins,
RECEIVE Jesus as you Savior,
and get right with God
before the judgment comes.
Because time is running out! "

It is appointed to every man to die ONCE,
and after that, THE JUDGMENT."

Hebrew 9:27, New Testament

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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