Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Freedom or Tyranny Series:" 2nd Amendment Rights

Guest Article from
New Jersey Tea Party
"The Teeth of Liberty"
By Nicholas Purpura
February 5, 2013

No Amendment is more important than the Second. The recent attack on the Second Amendment has inspired me to set the record straight once and for all. Knowing the truth can make a difference between freedom and servitude. Whether you agree or disagree with this article is of no consequence to me. The magnitude of failure in protecting your rights will not only fall upon you, but your family, and Country. My prayer is that you read very carefully.
Every American citizen must understand the power resides in the people not the government! Supreme Court Case law is legion; “The United States, as a whole, emanates from the people…The people, in their capacity as sovereigns, made and adopted the Constitution…” US Supreme Court in 4 Wheat 402.
In this series we will discuss Executive Orders, Impeachment; Civil War the last thing anyone wants except the Marxist occupying the White House. How prior “Executive Orders” have virtually stripped you of all your civil rights and freedoms as you have come to believe.
An ongoing process that has been taking place for approximately 100-years by Leninist, Fabians, Progressives, Socialist that equate to Marxists are in the home stretch, and tasting victory. If they succeed it won’t be pretty, I can promise you that. I will also put forth your individual and collective responsibility as a citizen, if you expect freedom to exist for posterity you must not knuckle under the boot of tyranny.
The choice is yours, this battle must first be fought with “due process” not violence. The safety of the Republic depends upon the people to defend themselves from an overly aggressive tyrannical government here at home or from any outside forces. And, by the grace of God, we the people will prevail. The world watches. At all time, keep in mind the Second Amendment is the only weapon standing in the way of absolute tyranny
23 Executive Orders
The 23 “Executive Orders”  signed by the Marxist that would be King are as useless as teats on a Boar Hog! Not a single “Executive Order” signed would have stopped the tragedy that took place in Sandy Hook, Colorado or anywhere else. For anyone to believe otherwise has to be a complete moron. In short, these Executor Orders are insult to our intelligence. 
The Bible tells me the wicked are snared by the transgression of their own lips, but the just shall come out of trouble; the fool-hearted attempt by the government to disarm the American people only solidifies why the founders insisted on the Second Amendment and the necessity for being a well-armed society, that is to remain free. 
Interesting the firestorm, caused by the announcement of Executive Orders, backfired. There’s no turning back now that Americans are angry, God forbid we get mad.
That being said, to his credit, once again, the Marxist is well aware that society has been dumbed down and a majority of Americans are gullible and perceive Obama as a concerned leader trying to do something for the children. Democrats are masters or I should say pimps at using children in every crisis, election, legislation, and regulation. So there’s misunderstanding, the establishment Republicans and are no better than their counterparts.
Never forget for a moment, Obama is a Islamic Communist, like his father, mentors, and 40-odd Communists/socialist Czars. Do you recall the words of his Communist Manufacturing: ‘“We; “All know political power comes from the barrel of a gun.” To finish the phase; “The Communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” These are not my words....
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