Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Special THANKS to a Very Special Couple!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Special thanks to Tim and Gwen of Missouri, for their acts of kindness that have enabled me to move forward in this urgent work!

I had been praying for MANY years, for the grace of God to provide me with A TRUCK for this work, since I travel all over the nation in my investigating and reporting, often encountering severe weather situations and remote locations in wilderness regions of this nation as I research.

I am very worn and weary from 15 years of performing this work on the road continually, with "no home to go home to" BUT the vehicle I perform this work in.

 My prayer had been for God to use His people to provide a truck AND a pick-up CAMPER or RV (5th wheel) so that I can finally have A HOME ON THE ROAD. I must rely heavily on donations from my readers, because there is no money in this work: it is all sacrificial and volunteer.

 I provide my reporting to my fellow Americans free of charge so NO one is denied access to this important information.No one should be denied such important truth in this hour, because they cannot afford to buy my DVD's or books. And so I make all of this reporting available to readers free of charge. (There is occasionally a small charge for extra reporting services to those who request it.)

The truck and RV I previously owned, tragically had to be sold in 2001 after my beloved elderly mother fell off the top  stair of our previous RV, and almost severed her leg. EVERYTHING HAD TO BE SOLD OUT FROM UNDER US to provide funds for her subsequent medical costs.

Instantly, I found myself suffering unexpected homelessness and with no transportation either...GROUND ZERO. It was a very painful and difficult time for me. I now had no home to "go home" to and no finances to fall back on!

But when I prayed, I received the distinct impression for the Holy Spirit that I was to continue in this work. And so Christian friends donated an old van that I resurrected and turned into a home on the road to continue in my research and reporting. Being an  older van, it only lasted several years, finally burning out. A nice couple then donated a used 1986 Buick for my work. Would you believe that I made it my  "home on the road" for two years  until it finally burned out also?

Two more older vehicles followed this one, until finally A GREAT MIRACLE HAPPENED.

My prayers for a truck to be donated FINALLY WERE ANSWERED several months ago!

Tim and Gwen from Missouri were moved by God's Holy Spirit, after reading my blog, to donate Tim's prized Dodge Dakota truck to me for my work. (I had never solicited them for anything.) It was strictly God's hands of mercy and compassion moving on their hearts..and they responded!

I would not have been able to perform the work I am doing now, had this wonderful couple not come through for me! Not only THAT, but they donated several thousands of dollars worth of badly needed  items to the poor family in Appalachia that I had been visiting for several months to help them out.

I have told them, that the mercy they have been faithfully sowing NOW, they will reap in the coming times of crisis we ALL face here in America. "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy, " declared Jesus Christ. God bless you, Tim and Gwen! May you reap abundant mercy and grace in the times to come!

Special thanks as well to the faithful few who have sent in support periodically, like Gordon and Bob and one anonymous elderly person as well. Each gift of support has been applied to vital basics such as gas and food. Such kind people are in my prayers continually. And the people who read this blog but cannot afford to give, they too are in my prayers! I pray for ALL my readers daily.

There is STILL ONE THING I must also have to go with this truck: A CAMPER or RV/5th wheel to provide me with a home on the road. Unless you have lived this way on the road, you can never understand how utterly tiring it becomes to live on the road, sleeping every night in a truck stop or WALMART parking lot, trying to fall asleep in your vehicle.

Street noise plus the glare of harsh parking lot lights assault your senses continually, as you try to relax and fall asleep. Extremely hot summer temperatures and brutally cold  winter temperatures make it difficult to survive throughout each night as well, since it is too expensive to run your vehicle to provide either heat or air conditioning nightly.And your sleep can never really be deep, because you must constantly be on the alert for obvious safety reasons under such circumstances. It is very difficult to live like this, AND to perform the kind of work I am doing.

Please pray with me that God will move hearts of my readers to provide a used slide-in camper or 5th wheel/RV or trailer for my home on the road. many people have either campers or trailer sitting idle in storage lots that they have not used for years, merely gathering dust. In the past, I have given away two cars to people in crisis, and on RV to a couple in need as well. Pray that the mercy I have sown in the past will also be multiplied back to me in my time of homeless crisis now.

Because GOD'S PROMISES CANNOT FAIL. God cannot fail YOU, nor me. Remember that and keep on praying and trusting Him for YOUR miracle for YOUR important needs as well!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from MONTANA

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