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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

My name is Pamela Rae Schuffert. I was born at the headquarters of the USAF in Washington DC to a known USAF hero. Both of my parents worked for the DOD. My father worked for both the Pentagon and the USAF. My mother worked for the US Army. I lived on many military bases growing up. MILITARY has been ingrained in my soul from the day of my birth. I love and appreciate the proud men and women in our US armed forces and pray for them always.

In recent years I have become very disturbed as I have researched the coming military police state planned for our nation, to transform it into one more slave nation under the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

Of course with such a transition, the US military would naturally assume that there WILL be a civilian uprising of major proportions, as citizens demand a return to the Constitution and previous freedoms guaranteed under it. All of that will be GONE under MARTIAL LAW.

One subject I uncovered I found to be quite ominous, that of the reports of MODERN GUILLOTINES appearing on many military bases. And the reports of our own US military training in how to operate these guillotines.

I then began to hear strange reports from eye-witnesses regarding the guillotine presence in Fort Lewis, Washington. This was completely confirmed to me by a shocking encounter on day with a staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel of Fort Lewis, in full military camo fatigues, traveling home on leave. I was riding the same bus, so we had hours  to talk in the back of the bus. At first I teased him when I saw "Fort Lewis."

"Oh, I know ALL ABOUT the modern guillotines at Fort Lewis..." I said as I smiled at him. You should have seen his response! He almost fell on the floor of the bus! And then, regaining his composure, he replied, "Lady, HOW do you know about this? This is CLASSIFIED INFORMATION!"

I responded, "It is my business to know about these things...."

Incredulous, he asked me to sit with him and asked me more about what I knew. and then, I asked him about all HE knew about these guillotines. He told me about the secret partly underground building at Fort Lewis that is used to trained the men in how to operate these modern guillotines, using practice dummies. Security is tight. No cameras or cell phones are allowed in that building."When I get back from my black ops training in Fort Hood, TX, I am going to train the 64 men in my platoon in how to use the guillotines..."

Finally, I asked him. "Dear, have they told you WHO you and your men will use them on?"

He replied, "No..."

I then explained to him that they will use these modern guillotines to execute millions of his fellow Americans, under martial law, under the authority of the NOAHIDE LAWS LEGISLATION. The primary targets will be CHRISTIANS!

I then asked him, "Are YOU a Christian?" He replied "YES. And my military superiors never TOLD me what these guillotines would be used for!" He was becoming angry by then. I could see it.

I then shared much more with him about the military agenda of martial law for our nation. I pleaded with him to NOT train his men to operate these cruel devices of death against his fellow Americans and fellow Christians.

My friends in the US Army at Fort Lewis, I beseech you: if YOU are one of those people selected for the special platoons training men to operate the guillotines, PLEASE RECONSIDER! The US ARMY has always stood for bravery, courage in the line of fire, and duty to God and country, and to protect and defend the Constitution and the American people.

But WHAT PLACE does killing millions of innocent and Patriotic Americans by guillotine have in the Army's otherwise high standards??? None whatsoever.

I challenge you: does your military career, perks, payraise and promotions they may offer you to tempt you to go along with their heinous guillotine agenda, mean MORE to you than the lives of millions of innocent fellow Americans doomed to die under the blade of YOUR guillotines? Is THIS what it has come to in our US military of today? God forbid!

It doesn't matter if you have never heard of these guillotines in Fort Lewis (or Fort Hood, TX, or Fort Bragg, NC, etc.) If you are not selected to be in a special platoon to train on these guillotines, then you will know nothing. This IS classified information. Such black ops are compartmentalized operations.These modern guillotines are THERE in your base and men are training on them even as you read this article.

I put before you the Patriotic challenge: JUST SAY "NO" when they ask you to train on those guillotines! Just declare to your superiors that it is both unpatriotic and unconstitutional to train our US military to operate these tools of death unjustly against fellow American patriots.

No amount of perks, payraise and promotions could ever be worth the terrible price in guilt and shame you will pay eternally someday for agreeing to slaughtering innocent civilians on American soil under martial law.


And someday you will have to stand before a holy and righteous God in heaven, Who will judge you for every drop of innocent blood on those guillotines. And the sentence from a holy and righteous God will be just: eternal damnation for doing this to God's innocent children.

Friend, is it worth it? No.

Refuse to be part of the traitorous agenda for America that will strip her of her cherished freedoms and Christian heritage. refuse to be a part of the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST. refuse to be a part of the blood bath costing millions of innocent Americans their lives at the hands of the US military operating these guillotines.

ALSO refuse to  operate these guillotines overseas in other countries as well (this too is a part of the NWO plan.)

Tell your friends in Fort Lewis to come to this site and read this article. Before martial law is triggered, and it is too late.

I love you all and am praying for you all. This articles applies to every other US ARMY BASE in which the guillotines are present and our men and being trained to operate them.


Someday, you will be glad you did. And millions of innocent fellow Americans will thank you.

Soldier, you did the right thing!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

(I do not expect civilians to understand the following, but you Army personnel will.

I have placed my life at risk repeatedly going public with this kind of information. Staff Sergeant Boysel even admitted to me, that should he decide to, he could have ordered the bus to stop, and he could have contacted the military to have me arrested on the spot and taken away for interrogation and certain death. SLOW death. You understand. Boysel was trained in the art of interrogation and torture and used it in Iraq.

He even told he he would have been authorized to shoot me on sight outside that bus, because of the nature of my work and the classified information I knew. This is the kind of price I pay regularly to tell my endangered fellow Americans the TRUTH in this desperate hour.

I was born military: I know that no coward has ever won a battle, and that a basic principle of all military service is being willing to lay down your life so that others might live in freedom. This is also a basic Bible principle.

I am a soldier in God's Army. I am laying down my life to tell my fellow endangered Americans the truth they deserve to know in this hour. Can I do any less?

I cannot turn back. And neither can you. Stand up for what is right in the US Army, and what is right in the sight in the Living God. And God be with you.

(Hey! Why don't you requisition some of those guillotines, and have fun using them on those traitors to the American people and traitors to our Constitution instead..heh-heh-heh!)

-Pamela Rae

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  1. Rommel the Desert FoxMarch 14, 2013 at 12:43 PM

    I agree!!

    Any uniformed corpsman, airman, soldier, marine, sailor or any other "rogue elements" of the military that use guillotines on the American people will be harshly punished themselves when they are caught!! There will be no mercy shown rest assured.........!