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America's UNKNOWN MARTYRS:Sacrificed at the Hands of THE ILLUMINATI

Most Americans think there are no real modern day Christian martyrs in America. They are WRONG...

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This article is written in highest  honor of AMERICA'S UNKNOWN MARTYRS, those Christians abducted for their faith and tempted to deny Jesus Christ. And when they refused, they were tortured to death for their faith and testimony.No gravestone marks their burial place. Their bodies were disposed of by their persecutors to conceal their murders.They deserve to be honored by all Americans.

So you THINK there are no real modern day martyrs here in North America?

The truth will shock you...and wake you up. It shocked me into reality, when former satanists made terrifying admissions to me personally as I interviewed them. This is the news that the complicit-by-silence news media refuses to report on and blacks out continually.

Get angry America, get very angry over such truth as this!

I heard directly from former Illuminati and satanists (who have now come to Jesus Christ) the terrible truth that I am now sharing with you. After all, the Illuminati and the satanists/Sabbateans are the "backbone of Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER."  Of course! Doesn't the Bible tell us that the DRAGON gives his throne, power and great autority to this world government in Revelation 13:2?

"And the beast that I saw was like a leopard; its feet were like a bear’s, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And to it the dragon gave his power and his throne and great authority." Revelation 13:2

And what they have done to countless innocent victims by night on their satanic altars, they fully intend to DO TO THE CHRISTIANS (and all OTHER NWO resisters)once they begin to arrest them under martial law in North America...and they have TOLD ME SO.

"Satan was demanding CHRISTIANS FOR SACRIFICE. And we satanists obliged. We targeted the ones satan wanted, we abducted them, and they died like all the rest...We counted every one of them as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to get power from him to bring down his NEW WORLD ORDER."

-From my interview with ELAINE KNOST of the popular Rebecca Brown series of books exposing satanism, including HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE.

This was one of many shocking admissions from Elaine. Elaine shared with me in person in her home in Okeechobee, FL, in 1995, for one month as I stayed with her to interview her. Elaine lived there with her daughter Claudia and son in law Danny, and her friend Brenda. She had previously parted ways with Dr. Rebecca Brown and then moved to Florida.She was under professional Christian counseling at that time, under a Dr.Chuck Lakin of Dunklin Memorial Christian camp then. She still suffered from the ravages of years in satanism, and was physically ill at that time.

Things that she never dared to reveal in her series of books written by Dr. Rebecca Brown, she revealed to me when I challenged her to do so, on behalf of all the Christians that will be targeted by Illuminati/satanists under martial law and their NWO reign of coming terror.

Elaine had been the satanic high priestess over Indiana for 18 bloody years. And when she was, she was hired by the CIA to be an assassin for the CIA. The CIA often hires such people to do their assassinations: these people kill without mercy.I have several friends who formerly were hired by the CIA for such roles, who came from a similar background. They are now CHRISTIANS, set free by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, and who now can tell their stories.

Elaine was hired under Bush Sr, then director of  the CIA. Her revelations of what came out of the CIA to prepare for NWO takeover of America were disturbing. She admitted, "We satanists sat around in the CIA discussing 'how the heck do you get RID of the Christians who stand in the way of our New World Order in America?' We finally came up with the concept of TERMINATION CAMPS. I even helped design them in our discussions." She even admitted that "...we satanists in the CIA considered Bush to be ONE OF OUR OWN..." And he IS.

The Bush Illuminati bloodline is very real. Bush senior has already paved the way for mass Christian genocide in America by his signing of the NOAHIDE LAWS in 1991, ensuring that Christians will be beheaded for their faith in the future. Bush also used false "Patriot" Ollie North to draw the original detention camp plan for America, called REX 84. Bush and all other NWO supporters cannot wait for martial law to be declared and all NWO resisters shipped off to the detention camps at last. (Sigh...)

Thank you, Mr Bush, for paving the way the untimely and tragic murders of millions of my fellow Americans and Christians under YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER. You cannot BEGIN to imagine the eternal torments that hell holds for you at the hands of an angry God. Please repent and obtain God's mercy and forgiveness by turning to Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness...please. Yes, you CAN be forgiven. God's word tells me so. My father, 30 years a prisoner of satanism, repented six months before he died and found forgiveness and peace at last.

This is my prayer for you, sir...and your entire Illuminati family as well. Look...you know I am a descendant of Levi Redfield, carrier of the BUSH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE. Consider me the WHITE SHEEP of the family. To HELL with Lucifer, father of the NWO! God has sent me to ALL of you with His final call to repent and come out of this darkness and COME TO THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST INSTEAD. I never stop praying for the BUSH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE to come to Jesus Christ. Never.

Elaine further admitted to me,"I was flown to the FEMA deathcamp of the Mojave desert in California and shown all around it. It has a crematory oven and gassing chambers. I even remember standing next to the crematory oven and leaning my hand against it.  This is one place they planned to get rid of Christians under martial law..."

(The picture below is symbolic of the  many FEMA camps to be used in the future. It is not the one in the Mojave however.)

I commented, "Well, if it is the satanists behind the New World Order, then it will not be an easy death for the Christians arrested under martial law, will it?"

She paused and then declared to me, her eyes riveting on mine with a deep intensity that I can never forget: "I tell you...it will be brutal rape, torture and death once they get their hands on the Christians under martial law." Christians, do you comprehend what you just read? DO YOU COMPREHEND?

I knew from years of investigating satanism in America, writing a book about what I uncovered, that these people brutally rape and torture their abducted victims in the process of sacrificing them.


Here are just a few of the true life testimonies of eye-witnesses who watched  as Christians were martyred for their faith...right here in America.


Diane and her children Sean and Katy were victims of a CIA mind control program at Dearborn Hills Elementary School in Indiana. That elementary school has since been closed. But horror took place there. I interviewed them personally in Ohio. The guilty were never prosecuted, because the CIA was also involved.

Sean was one of many children secretly taken out of his classroom by day, unknown to parents, and taken to nearby homes with satanic altars. However, he admitted all of this to his mother later. He was forced to participate in rituals and watch as victims were sacrificed. At one point, he was forced into a ritual in which the school principal presided as the high priestess (Chris Utter-Heller) and a middle school coach presided as the high priest. The principal's husband was Jan Heller, a CIA operative. Sean talked with a young man, only 8 1/2 years old, who was abducted for sacrifice that night.This abducted young man  admitted he was the son of a minister.

The young abducted Christian child was brought before the high priestess and priest and forced to watch as satan appeared in a "golden throne" that night. The brave little Christian pointed his finger at satan and cried, "In the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST I rebuke you!" Immediately they were ordered to CUT OUT HIS TONGUE for those words. And immediately it was done so and he was sacrificed...one more martyr for Jesus Christ at the hands of the Illuminati/satanists.His body will never be found.

Sean can never forget that night. And neither should we.


Paula was a young woman forced into the darkness by her parents, both involved themselves. But finally she came out to become a Christian. She was undergoing Christian counseling and therapy when I met her and her counselor, Sharon Syputa. Her account of one Christian woman's martyrdom I can never forget.

Her father was a HUNTER, trained in the art of abduction of victims for sacrifice. She was forced to ride in his van to make him and the van appear quite innocent. But inside this van, were trained abduction team members, concealed in the back behind the driver and passenger seats. All rear windows were blacked out.

He was prowling for victims one evening near dusk. As they drove down the country road, he noticed a woman walking home from work. He recognized it to be the very Christian woman they all hated, because of her spiritual warfare against them continually. What a target!

He pulled the van up quickly, and the men jumped out and seized her. Throwing her into the back of the van, they quickly duct taped her mouth shut, and her hands and feet together, injected her with a knockout drug, and they sped to the place of sacrifice.

It was the dread satanist caverns of the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee! The poor victim was taken out and chained naked to their altar. When she came out from the drug's effect, she realized where she was.

My friend Paula recounted, "They tempted her to deny Jesus Christ and to join them. She could PRETEND to be a Christian and infiltrate churches and spy on them and work for them. But IF she refused to deny Jesus and join them, SHE WOULD BE KILLED."

Paula, an eyewitness, told me, "I watched as she told them simply,

'I AM A  CHRISTIAN and I cannot deny Jesus Christ...'"

Furious, they then began to torture her horrifically. I will spare you the details. Paula concluded by stating, "Finally, they took a handgun, shoved it up her vagina, and pulled the trigger. It exited out of the top of her head, and by that time she was dead..."

I can tell you of many more eyewitness accounts of this kind of horror...

Little children chained to altars and chained sawed into pieces even as they screamed out for mercy...

Pregnant women abducted and chained to altars, their unborn ripped out and sacrificed, and then the poor mother....

Christians nailed to crosses for their faith and refusal to deny Jesus Christ...

Body of Christ, most of you have NO IDEA what goes on in secret at the hands of these wicked and murderous satanists and Illuminati and Sabbateans. NOT A CLUE!

And these are the very people working furiously to establish their NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER LUCIFER right here in America! Do you therefore WONDER why they hate the Christians so much? And why they have prepared boxcars and shackles and detention camps to get RID of us Christians in???

HOW then can so many of you remain in such apathetic indifference and willful ignorance in this critical hour of America's destiny...and YOUR planned persecution by these NWO murderers???

I must stress, that what these NWO Illuminati/satanists/Sabbateans do by night, they will be freely released to do to Christians by day under martial law and the dark advent of the DAWNING OF THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER in North America.

They believe that every victim sacrificed will bring them power from THE DRAGON to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER. Revelation 13:4  fully confirms this.

"They worshiped the dragon for giving the beast such power, and they also worshiped the beast. "Who is as great as the beast?" they exclaimed. "Who is able to fight against him?" The BEAST WITH TEN HEADS AND CROWNS represents the world government under Lucifer and his ten leaders over ten world regions already secretly established by the Illuminati. Canada/America/Mexico form REGION NUMBER ONE of the ten world regions of the NEW WORLD ORDER, according to one military source, a former security guard at Cheyenne Mountain NORAD in Colorado Springs.

The DRAGON is Satan/Lucifer. WHO worships him? Satanists/Luciferians/Illuminati/Sabbateans. (Different names, same thing.) And HOW is he worshipped? Primarily by HUMAN SACRIFICE!

Elaine, mentioned previously, admitted to me, "We satanists were taught to believe that EVERY HUMAN SACRIFICE VICTIM we offered to satan would give us MORE POWER to bring forth his NWO. It was my consuming passion to bring forth the NEW WORLD ORDER..." And, she admitted that every Christian arrested under martial law and terminated would count as ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO Satan to bring forth his NEW WORLD ORDER!

There is so much more I could share with you. But this article must come to an end for now.

The Church in America must be willing to be awakened to sobering truths such as the above, or suffer the sad consequences of becoming the tragic VICTIMS of these murderers and their NWO agenda for our nation.

It is far past time for SPIRITUAL WARFARE to fill our nation and for God's children to cry out against such abominations! we have been given the Blood of the Lamb! We have been given the Word of God. We have been given authority in Christ Jesus to defeat these forces of hell.

WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR GOD-GIVEN AUTHORITY! WHY have the Illuminati gotten so far..and away with murder literally? And what have we as Christians done to stand steadfastly against their wickedness???

The fact that they have gotten away with murder and gone so far with their NWO agenda for our nation  speaks volumes regarding Christian apathy and ignorance and indifference in this matter.

WE CHRISTIANS are the only ones Jesus Christ has commissioned and empowered to come against satan and his kingdom and servants! And if WE fail to stand against him successfully, what will the results be???

Think about it... and then purpose to DO something about it, using the weapons Jesus Christ has given us already.

And please take precautions so that YOU do not become one more victim on their altars. DO NOT wilderness hike/camp or jog alone, especially in remote areas. Their trained abduction teams prey on such victims. NEVER hitch hike! Never let your children play alone unsupervised in parks or malls, etc. Watch your babies at ALL times in public places, including playing in your unfenced front or back yards. Never let your young child walk home alone in the dark or in remote areas. Take every precaution possible for you and your family members. Up to ONE MILLION VICTIMS die on their satanic altars annually, by the estimations of former investigators and former participants alike. And the news will never tell you. Pray against these brazen murderers continually, that God will expose them and STOP them. If we DON'T, God will have to judge this nation for THEIR abominations!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from Montana

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  1. I knew it was happening, I just didn't really know how. I live in the Murray, Ky. area which for some reason seems to be a Mecca for satanists.