Monday, June 7, 2010

The PREPPERS are COMING! Or, America Finally Gets SMART's HAPPENING all over America! The GREAT AWAKENING! Intelligent people are reading alternate news journalism, wising up and taking it seriously, and they have decided to DO SOMETHING about the anticipated "AMERICAN CRISIS." I call it without apology, the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

Such people, wisely preparing for what is coming, refer to themselves proudly as

Across this nation, it is happening. Through the power of quality alternative news radio, websites and blogs and related information sources exposing the hidden agendas for America, Americans are becoming educated on the NEW WORLD ORDER/world globalist/Disaster Capitalist agendas for our nation.

No longer scorned as some "wacko conspiracy theory," people have finally realized the truth behind such information, and are wisely preparing to ACT on what they are finding out. This is the hour that many of us independent investigative journalists have long waited and prayed for, some of us for many years now. The importance of American waking up and understanding the truth is critical in this hour: the lives and futures of millions of people across this nation depend upon their discovering where America is heading, and preparing wisely for the future we face. Various states have formed "official" Prepper websites across this nation.

However, as in any popular movement of the independent American people that
is perceived by the American government to be in opposition to their NWO agendas and plans, there will ALWAYS be government infiltration and spying, etc. There will also be government attempts to gather names of leaders and members in various states. There will also be government attempts at planting misinformation to genuine and concerned PREPPERS.

I am warning you ahead of time: BEWARE. Be discerning. be careful who you trust and accept as a "friend" in such movements. Be careful of whom you choose to confide in. FEMA will infiltrate such groups as well, to discover who is "hoarding food," etc. Such names of PREPPERS storing food supplies against the future will be gathered and stored by such gov/FEMA infiltrators into the PREPPER movement and stored for future reference, when they start coming for the guns and the food, etc.

Check out the PREPPERS NETWORK on the internet and find one in your state and get linked, following the precautions outlined above. Exercise wisdom and caution.

-Pamela Schuffert

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