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"PRIVILEGED INFORMATION is not for everyone, but only for those BRAVE SOULS willing to graduate from the general ranks of dumbed-down American sheeple, who will begin to think for themselves as they finally comprehend the well-concealed truth...."

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

An exciting event is coming soon to ASHEVILLE, NC, this JULY 2010!

I am sponsoring a FREE introductory evening's lecture outlining my research on THE NEW WORLD ORDER at a hot popular local establishment, FIRESTORM CAFE, in downtown Asheville, NC on Friday, July 30, 2010, from 7-10 PM EST.

This complementary (free of charge) lecture on Friday will be followed by a FULL LECTURE/Q &A SESSION($20 admission charge per person, $30 per couple) on Saturday afternoon, July 31, 2010, from 12 noon to 3 PM at the FIRESTORM CAFE.

The famed DOC MARQUIS will be featured as a guest speaker during my introductory lecture on THE NEW WORLD ORDER and the COMING POLICE STATE IN AMERICA. Doc Marquis is a former member of the Illuminati, who has come out of the darkness to become a Christian and expose the occult and the NEW WORLD ORDER. His organization is called "Christians Exposing the Occult."

Doc has been recently interviewed by DAVID BAY of CUTTING EDGE MINISTRIES regarding his background and information regarding the NEW WORLD ORDER and the Illuminati. His series of DVD's now available from CUTTING EDGE are riveting.

I will be personally presenting, with Doc alongside, a general overview on my research regarding several topics regarding the NWO, including presenting background for my documentation gained from 15 difficult and intense years of performing investigative journalism nationwide and worldwide, on July 30, Friday night, from 7-10 PM at the FIRESTORM Internet Cafe, 48 Commerce Street, Asheville, NC. (FIRESTORM CAFE has another entrance directly on Patton Avenue, near Cox Street intersecting it.) Public parking is available nearby,

Doc can effectively and accurately answer the questions plaguing many people regarding the NWO, including: ARE the modern GUILLOTINES we hear about REALLY IN EXISTENCE? And WHAT are they possibly to be USED FOR? WILL the modern detention camps we hear about REALLY be used for terminating enemies of the NWO in the future, and ARE Christians heavily on the "hit list...and WHY?" And Doc and I will cover much more as well. We are hoping for a series of lectures to follow this special introductory event.

(Hint-My investigative journalism has confirmed the presence of the modern military guillotines and prisoner boxcars containing them already in this city...after all, Asheville considers itself to be a NWO progressive city! )

I will also present a general overview of my years
of working with satanic crime investigators, survivors of SRA, victims families, and former satanic cultists and their shocking revelations about what is constantly happening across America.

Please note: this is NOT a "name names" type lecture regarding regional satanist cult activities. To avoid charges of libel/slander, I will be discussing these subjects in general and avoid using actual names. Some investigations are ongoing regarding some of the people allegedly involved on a local level, therefore it is inappropriate to mention names at this time.

Please attend! Introductory lecture (first night to give an overview of what we will be presenting) is free of charge. Contributions are welcomed, however, to cover the many costs involved. Doc's interviews and related materials will be available to purchase after the lecture.

We will also take questions deemed appropriate for the subject matter at one point.

All lectures following this free introductory lecture will require $20 admission fee per attendee ($30 per couple)to cover the many expenses involved in bringing our guest speaker out, housing, preparations and materials,equipment rentals, etc.

The fabulous gourmet specialists at FIRESTORM CAFE will make available a wonderful variety of their delicious culinary delights (panninis, wraps, soups and desserts) and tantalizing drinks (espressos, lattes, smoothies) that can be purchased throughout the lecture.

Expect a fascinating and informative evening in downtown Asheville NC...JOIN US!

Special group discounts me (Pamela Schuffert) at :

-Pamela Schuffert

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