Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An OPEN INVITATION To My Critics: Come and Meet with My Church!

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

After much prayer,
I have finally decided to follow the Bible's admonition of how to resolve the situation I find myself confronting with actual libel and slander published maliciously referring to me over the Internet.

I am now openly challenging and encouraging the following to come to an individual arranged meeting with my pastor and members of the Deacon board at my church, Montreat, in NC.

We will discuss each accusation they have presented on the Internet before my pastor and deacon board. My pastor has known me and my quality Christian walk for 20 years now, having witnessed my integrity, my sufferings and sacrifice for Jesus Christ and the Gospel, and my labors for him. Having known me and observed my Christian walk for many years, they know the truth about me.

This is the Biblical way to resolve such disputes and allegations as the following critics have made.

I am encouraging the following parties to contact me and we will set up a date to meet with my church leaders at my church to discuss each statement they have made regarding me, in a Christian and Biblical setting.

-Fred and Katy Sasse of MN
-Linda Newkirk of AR
-Sherry Shriner of OH
-Stew Webb
-Barbara Hartwell of ME

I will then publish the names of those above who respond and the following results from meeting with my church leaders here on my blog for my readers.

However, let me state that none of the above have ever followed proper Bible procedure to spend time in personal contact with me to resolve their libel/slander statements regarding me, after making them public on the Internet. Such slander/libel statements were quite obviously made with the intent of defamation and discrediting my reporting, as COINTELPRO is designed to do to investigative reporting of my nature.

-Pamela Schuffert

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