Monday, April 19, 2010

My Interesting Encounter with AN AGENT PROVOCATEUR

(Only THIS guy was such a GEEK! Can't the Feds train them to do better than THIS, with all our BILLIONS of tax dollars being spent on "the war on terror"...?)

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

He was the classic definition of THE AGENT PROVOCATEUR.

Straight out of the text book. I had never seen him before in our small town. With a New York accent, even. He came up riding a bike, all buff. He looked at me. I said, "Good morning..." He replied. And somehow, almost immediately, the subject came up of the NWO and what is coming to AMERICA. Somehow, the very subjects I am known to research and talk about!

Immediately, he launched into this diatribe about "the government, the Rothschilds and the New World Order." Building up steam, he finally stated, "We should take 'em all out, from the White House down!" I gasped when I heard that.

He then pauses, waiting with baited breath to see what kind of response he would elicit from from. (Bud, is that a hidden mic bulging out from beneath your otherwise nifty bike rider's shirt?)

Really, just how stupid does the federal government think some of us are?

Gathering my thoughts quickly, I put him in his place.

"Really, you should never state those kinds of words in a public setting, " I began. I then told him that I do NOT believe in using violence to accomplish my goals of informing America through my journalism. I informed him that I remain unarmed and non-violent by CHOICE, preferring to believe that the PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD. And that God's Word and truth is certainly mightier as well.

I continued as he stared at me. "I also believe that Jesus Christ died for ALL men to be saved, including OBAMA and all the NWO supporters. God changes the hearts of men from within, and not through violence and assassination tactics," I said. "When the hearts of those behind the NWO are changed by the power and the love of God, you will then have victory, God's way."

He then backed off in his rhetoric, which was obviously designed to inflame me and spur me into stating things that the FEDS would love to have on record as coming from me!

He continued to talk to me, much more subdued when he realized that I was not about to fall into the AGENT PROVOCATEUR trap that morning. His steam slowly went out with a fizzle. He tried to continue the conversation half-heartedly, mentioning how he was riding his bike to the library in downtown Asheville, somehow amazingly right across the street from the office of the company I now work for part time! Funny...with dozens of libraries in Asheville and beyond, he just "happened" to be heading to that particular one! obviously "agent provocateur" can you get?

But in real life, all across America,this kind of thing happens all the time. Just be aware. Such agent provocateurs are EVERYWHERE, and infiltrating everything from coffee houses to churches. And be careful who you talk to about such subjects, and what you say.

For example, people in Montana warned me repeatedly of "da Feds being EVERYWHERE" as they infiltrated into their communities, looking for pockets of militias and NWO resisters, and dressing exactly like the locals. Except in ONE funny case, locals told me about the hilarious visit by "a genuine FED" at Jerry's Bar in NW Montana near Eureka (a popular militia hangout.)

The good people of Montana are not used to seeing professionally dressed, 3-piece business suit Feds in their good ol' boy Western saloon type bars. "Yeah, "said one man to me as I interviewed him, his eyes open wide with interest," THIS guy was A REAL FED...three piece business suit and ALL!" Though this man was visibly impressed, I was not. I grew up surrounded by Feds in the Washington DC area. I worked for them, taking care of their kids as a nanny. Both my parents worked for the Federal government and the DoD.

My mother would come home from the office, filled with incredible tales of bungling Federal bureaucracy, secretaries being forced to sleep with their bosses for that coveted raise in pay they hoped for, scandals, and much MUCH more. God used my precious mother in a mighty way, in fact, to bring prayer meetings to her office and many employees (and their bosses) to salvation through her testimony of Jesus Christ. My prayers for the Feds began many years ago for this reason. HATE the sin, but love and pray for the sinners!

And what I have previously stated about being opposed to using violence to accomplish certain ends is truth from a Biblical perspective. No, I do NOT believe in assassinations and related acts to accomplish certain goals. Who has appointed ME to be judge, jury and executioner over another person? There is but ONE JUDGE before whom every person, from the White House down, has to stand before someday in eternity to give an account of their lives.

Much of my time is spent, in fact, gathering names of those most vigorously supporting the NWO agenda in various government agencies, and praying for them in earnest for their salvation trough Jesus Christ, including for their spouses and children. God's tools of changing the hearts and minds of men, do not consist of guns and bullets and bombs and violence.

(Note that I am not referring to justifiable use of force to protect innocent victims from attack from violent offenders, etc. There is a time and a place for proper use of justifiable force to subdue dangerous people when under direct attack.)

"I AM come that they MIGHT HAVE LIFE and have it more abundantly," said Jesus Christ.

Am I angry over what my research has uncovered throughout the years? Yes, angry, and grieved continually. But I have learned also to convert that anger and grief into practical application of the Word of God, into that which indeed can productively change hearts and lives and the destiny of our nation. Jesus died for ALL people to be saved...that means OBAMA, that mean all in HOMELAND SECURITY, the PENTAGON, the CIA and the intelligence community, the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, the US military, and far beyond.

Jesus saved my life and changed my destiny, when I was dying at the age of 18, and truly on the path to hell by being a new age pagan for five years as well, searching for truth. God's mercy for lost souls stepped in, when my father lay dying of bone cancer, a true sinner entrapped in 30 years of NWO satanism in Washington DC. He repented, and asked God's forgiveness through turning to JESUS CHRIST, and found salvation, mercy and peace at last.

For those of you who are genuinely concerned over the kind of information I report on, who have the discernment to realize that it is all true and understand where our nation is heading, I invite you to translate YOUR anger, fears and concerns into PRAYER and practical application of the Word of God for our lives and our nation. Standing together in faith and Biblical principles that are tried and true, together we can see God's answers to the darkness we must ALL face in the times to come. And we can become part of God's ANSWERS to this darkness as well, to the glory of God and His wonderful Son Jesus Christ.

POSTSCRIPT-April 20, 2010- FINALLY I understand WHY the AGENT PROVOCATEUR was sent in on me a few days ago. When I laughed about this geeky encounter later with a police officer friend, he pointed out, "...well, ya gotta understand: OBAMA IS COMING TO ASHEVILLE NC THIS WEEKEND!"

Oh, DUH! Hit me in the face with the obvious! Now it makes perfect sense. They always do this prior to a President visiting any region. My friend, a police officer in Asheville, told me that they had indeed sent in the President's men to scope out the region prior to his later anticipated arrival. Uh-huh. Gotcha.

(Well, Mr. Obama, you can rest assured, this woman is dutifully praying for you, your dear wife and two children, as I have always been, for your protection and for God to touch your heart with the power of His truth through His glorious Son, Jesus Christ my Savior. You will have lots of Christians from the "BIBLE BELT" praying for you during your visit. In fact, sir, I would be honored to take your hand and pray with you while you are here! And of course, since "Freddy da Fed" seems to know exactly where I am at any given time, finding me would not be a problem, apparently....(sigh)

-Pamela Schuffert

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