Friday, April 30, 2010

BELTANE IS HERE: PRAY for ALL Innocent Victims May 1st

Once again, it is MAY DAY and time of occultic BELTANE rituals worldwide. HUMAN VICTIMS are ruthlessly tortured and killed in hidden rituals worldwide at this time.

Such victims may be abducted homeless people,
joggers on lone country roads, hikers in wilderness regions, children playing unsupervised in America's parks, a child walking home in the dark at night, alone. Even phony adoption agencies are often used to obtain infants for human sacrifice. Satanists infiltrated into the DSS have been used as well to obtain children for sacrifice or satanic rituals. Baby breeders are also used to provide infants for sacrifice in rituals worldwide.

At this time of the year , our fasting and prayers are desperately needed. There are times when such prayers can make the difference literally LIFE...or DEATH...for such hapless intended victims. Because God indeed answers prayer!

And never forget: Jesus Christ was manifested to DESTROY the works of the devil! HIS BLOOD defeated satan when He died on the cross for us. His word is a sword against the enemy. Purpose to USE THE WEAPONS GOD HAS GIVEN US against satan and his kingdom, especially at times such as this.

God's people united together in the power and truth of Jesus Christ, standing in the power of His eternal Word, can and WILL make a difference in this dark world we live in today.

If YOU were one of those victims facing a most brutal death in this hour, would you not wish that others were praying and concerned for YOU?

Purpose this year therefore to cover YOUR region with fasting and prayer and standing on the word of God against the satanist darkness in YOUR region of America. And God be with you!

-Pamela Schuffert

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